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Article: Mood Board: Monster Mash

Mood Board: Monster Mash

Mood Board: Monster Mash

Let’s plan a gathering! 

Come one, come all and join the season of hosting spooktacular soirées and celebrate Halloween with a Monster Mash gathering. 
While we love a good spooky theme {as seen in a few gatherings like Sit for Spell hosted by Sara Kate and our more recent Char-BOO-terie by Laura that she's planned to celebrate Halloween Eve this year} we're also big fans of turning tradition upside down and going with a completely different décor look. Enter this oh-so-vibrant vibe we simply insist you see: Monster Mash! 
Who says you must celebrate Halloween with a scary night of fearful tropes? We instead will be filling our home with a splash of neon décor and grinning skulls as we welcome the spirits with a brighter hue.  
So, take a cue from our spell book and get inspired to host a Monster Mash gathering this Halloween. 


The Inspiration 

As you envision your Monster Mash celebration, first plan the overall vibe and layout of your ghostly gathering. When we imagine a mash, we immediately picture punchy hues layered with grinning ghosts, dancing skeletons, and brightly hung pumpkin string lights to tie the look together.  


The Mood  

Make your Monster Mash a true graveyard smash by first setting the overall mood for the night. Dive into the punchy neon theme headfirst and bring out your brightest hues of pinks and orange and hang the webs and ghosts. This is your Halloween gathering after all, make it unique and fun!  
Once you land on the desired look, now is the time to start planning the flow of the party. Are you seating guests at this evening of terror? A more relaxed style with food and drink stations? Whichever you choose, ensure your table is set with the essentials you need to serve along with the creepy tropes sprinkled in of course. 


A few descriptors that come to mind: 

  • High Energy 

  • Glowing 

  • Lively  


The Colors  

When we imagine a Monster Mash evening, neon hues come to mind as the perfect backdrop for this extravagant event. Think of the brightest pinks that can be seen from miles away paired with a complementary, yet a bit frightening, burst of orange. 

The Hues 
  • Fearless Fuchsia 

  • Punchy Purple  

  • Pumpkin Orange  

  • Ghostly White 

  • Haunting Black 


The Textures  

After you pick the overall mood and style of your gathering, now it’s time to layer in the details (one of our favorite parts).  

Some ideas to get you started:  

  • Drape a few gauzy webs from the ceiling or light fixtures 

  • Greet your guests with a larger-than-life skeleton by the front door  

  • Place a few grinning pumpkins next to place cards for each guest 


We've cast our spell to inspire you to host this curated gathering - the hard part is done! With grinning skulls, punchy hues, and ghostly figures, everything you need to create a graveyard smash is here. Have no fear and host your Monster Mash evening to scare your guests with the best Halloween celebration they’ve ever attended. 

Not into hosting this year? All of these pieces make for a festive and bold STATEMENT Halloween décor that is simply irresistible!  
Visit our stores {if you dare} and experience the Monster Mash takeover for yourself - for now here’s an inside look.   


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