Setting Your Thanksgiving Table with a Modern Twist

The holidays are upon us, and if you're anything like our family, you're already busy planning away for the occasion. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, thoughts of decorating Thanksgiving tables and setting out the ideal Thanksgiving plates are whirling around in your heads. 
Whether this is your first year hosting or your 21st, allow us to share some of our favorite table ideas for Thanksgiving to help you create memories that will last a lifetime.  

Setting a Perfect Tablescape for Thanksgiving 

It’s the time of year when we gather around the table and celebrate the blessings of the season with our loved ones. So, as you plan for your Thanksgiving feast, consider adding the warm hues and sophisticated silhouettes of our Thanksgiving Dinnerware Collection to your table. 
Set the tone with the festive feel of our Thanksgiving plates and coordinating pieces, featuring metallic gold detailing and traditional harvest colors. These elegant designs will elevate any tablescape for Thanksgiving. From our stylish, embroidered cocktail napkins to our God is Great serving platter, you’ll find all the essentials you need for setting your table for Thanksgiving and serving your guests in style. 


Why is Setting the Thanksgiving Table Important?

Our handcrafted Thanksgiving plates and everyday dinner and serveware pieces are designed with you in mind. We want to inspire you to create beautiful tablescapes that bring you and your loved ones together. Just as we love to gather as a family and enjoy good food and conversation while we make new memories, we wish the same for you and yours. 
When you take the time to style a tablescape for your gatherings, it shows your friends and family you care enough to go the extra mile to make them feel welcome. And this effort never needs to be a daunting task. Little touches go a long way. Each tiny detail catches their eye and warms their heart, knowing you went through the effort to make the gathering special. 


How Do You Begin Preparing an Appealing Thanksgiving Table? 

We like to begin our Thanksgiving table preparations by creating a master list of needs, wants, and important guest and meal details. By preparing in advance, we ensure our food preparation is timed correctly, our guests are accounted for, and we have ample Thanksgiving plates, coordinating dinnerware, and serveware ready for the big gathering. 

While Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, part of what creates lasting memories is the atmosphere you create, right down to the color of your Thanksgiving linens. As the host, you can evoke emotion through the curated look of your Thanksgiving table. From a modern or traditional Thanksgiving centerpiece down to the inspirational Give Thanks Dipping Bowls, the warm tones of fall used in our designs always create a cozy feel. 
Our hope is to provide your Thanksgiving table with the essentials that offer traditional appeal with a modern twist. So we've paired the festive colors of the season with our signature ruffle shape and simple silhouettes to bring you a Thanksgiving dinnerware collection with limitless possibilities. 


What Should You Put on a Thanksgiving Table? 

A beautifully set Thanksgiving table adds charm and sophistication to your meal. While there are 15 basic essentials for any table setting, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to add a bit more style and dimension to your table. The pieces you select for your Thanksgiving table will ultimately help set the tone for your entire event. As you plan your gathering, there are various essentials to consider for your table. 

Items to consider putting on your Thanksgiving table may include: 

  • Thanksgiving centerpiece 

  • An array of Thanksgiving linens 

  • Thanksgiving plates 

  • Matching or complementary Thanksgiving bowls 

  • Utensils 

  • Drinkware 

  • Serveware 


Why Should You Start By Selecting Your Thanksgiving Dinnerware? 

The place settings you choose for your Thanksgiving table will set the tone for your entire event. When you select your Thanksgiving plates, you elevate your holiday gathering with dinnerware that fills the atmosphere with the joys of the holiday. Our Thanksgiving patterns and designs are created to make entertaining and serving your meal effortless. 
Whether you choose an entire Thanksgiving plate set or plan your settings with individual pieces, we have the perfect collection for you to select from. From our Turkey Stripes Ruffle Thanksgiving plates  to our Dusk God is Great Thanksgiving Bowls for dipping, the warm fall hues will send an inviting vibe to your guests the moment they walk through the doorway. 

Deciding on your Thanksgiving plates and coordinating Thanksgiving bowls will guide the overall direction of your tablescape. From selecting utensils and Thanksgiving linens to your festive Thanksgiving Platters and serveware accessories, your dinnerware is the staple that holds everything together. 


Our Signature White Collection for an Ideal Thanksgiving Table 

We enjoy collecting dinnerware sets in a variety of colors and patterns year-round. Not only does it express one’s personal style, but it also allows you the opportunity to mix and match to your heart's content. In addition, it enhances every gathering with festive tablescapes that are perfectly and uniquely designed by you. 

We recommend starting your dinnerware collection with a classic, neutral set. Our Signature White Dinnerware Collection is the perfect example of a timeless design that pairs well with any style or color you have or may add in the future. 
From a bold and vibrant Emerald design to our Thanksgiving Collection and holiday plates, you can never go wrong when you’re pairing with white. The crisp white dinnerware displays beautifully when paired with the carefully curated fall color palette of our custom illustrated Thanksgiving platter. It’s an ideal choice that allows you the option of taking your dishes from everyday dining to formal dinnerware. 


Why is Our Fundamentals Collection Ideal for Your Thanksgiving Table? 

If you prefer to create a rich, natural look in the tone and texture of fall itself, we urge you to take a peek at our Fundamentals Collection. Our latest addition to the Coton Colors line includes gorgeous dinnerware and serveware handcrafted from durable acacia wood. Designed with our signature ruffle, this collection will add to the ambiance and your Thanksgiving table. At the same time, the entire collection can be easily coordinated with anything in our dining and home décor lines. 

Layer your gold-detailed Thanksgiving plates with these beauties, or choose to use a Fundamental Wood Ruffle dish as your main course’s Thanksgiving plate. As you mix and match, you’ll add depth and beauty to your tablescape and create each guest a place setting they’ll fall in love with. 


How Many Place Settings Do You Need for Your Thanksgiving Table? 

While the ideal number of dish sets to start any collection with is 12, your Thanksgiving plate count will all depend on your guest list and the number of courses you plan to serve. This is one reason we prefer to start all of our planning early. The prepared host will create a guest list, extend invitations, and then confirm before the gathering. This will help you plan for the number of Thanksgiving plates that will be served so you can set your table and plan your menu accordingly. 
Think about the look you'd like to create as you envision your place settings. Then, if you plan to utilize a versatile collection like our Signature White, you’ll have the freedom to coordinate endless colors and patterns to complete your Thanksgiving table look. 
Explore your options with a themed Thanksgiving plate layered with a Signature White salad plate and topped with our Ruffle Flare Small Bowl. As you envision placing each setting for your guests, imagine adding to the fall color palette by accessorizing with complementary colors that pair well with Thanksgiving linens and placemats. From our delicate Turkey Silhouette Thanksgiving Linen Towels to our colorful Turkey Stripes, we have the perfect Thanksgiving linens to complement your holiday home décor. 


What Serveware Do I Need for My Thanksgiving Table? 

Regardless of how intimate or large your holiday gathering may be this year, it's always wise to be prepared with serveware for any event you may host. From Thanksgiving platters to serving bowls, preparing with the essentials will ensure your meals are served in style while your tablescape has a cohesive look and feel. 


Why Invest in Multifunctional Serving Platters? 

From our Dusk God is Great Thanksgiving Platter to our festive Feathered Turkey Platter, a multifunctional serving platter is ideal for serving food, displaying utensils or gifts, and as part of your home décor. 

Our multifunctional serving platters are perfect for: 

  • serving your main course 

  • presenting your appetizers 

  • creating a beautifully edible charcuterie board 

  • serving your desserts 

  • displaying Thanksgiving linens, cocktail napkins, and appetizer utensils 

  • placed in your guest bath to display hand towels or soaps 

  • displaying as part of your home décor 

  • utilizing by the front door as a decorative key or main dish 

  • placed on your dining table as a centerpiece, either alone or decorated 

  • to hold place setting cards by the entryway for guests to take as they enter 

  • for small gifts during a shower, birthday party, or other special events 

We designed our serving platters with the hope they would become one of your most used and beloved pieces. With incredible versatility and style, each of our platters is perfect for helping you celebrate all of life’s moments. So whether you utilize a Thanksgiving platter for your turkey or to display your Thanksgiving centerpiece, our goal is to create the items you need that merge beauty with functionality. 

Our Feathered Turkey Platter pairs perfectly with our Thanksgiving linens and boasts our signature ruffle you know and love. This hand-drawn Turkey platter blends a casual style with flair and sophistication. So, if you've chosen to mix and match your Thanksgiving plates with one of our signature ruffle collections, this is the ideal Thanksgiving platter for your table. 


How Many Serving Bowls Do I Need? 

There’s no such thing as too many serving bowls. When it comes to entertaining effortlessly, being prepared is always crucial. Think of all the uses you may have for serving bowls for your upcoming Thanksgiving meal. If your family is anything like ours, you’ll find a use for all your bowls, in any shape or size. 

Serving bowls are ideal for your Thanksgiving table for: 

  • dinner salad 

  • pasta salad 

  • pasta dishes 

  • bread rolls 

  • mashed potatoes 

  • stuffing 

  • vegetable side dishes 

One of our favorite Thanksgiving bowls for serving bread is the Feathered Dusk Wooden Dough Bowl. Its elongated shape and deep design allow you plenty of room for all your homemade Thanksgiving bread rolls. When you’re not using this gorgeous wooden piece as your Thanksgiving bowl serveware, it makes an incredible home décor addition, centerpiece, or fruit basket for your kitchen island! 


Accessorizing with Serving Utensils 

We encourage you to explore your creativity with your utensil selection. It may not seem like much, but those tiny details will make a lasting impression! Our serveware line offers essential utensils in an array of designs that add a touch of color to your tablescape. From serving your favorite Thai Garlic Shrimp Recipe to complementing your appetizers, our serving utensils are a fantastic way to serve your guests in style. 
Our Fundamentals utensils in olive are ideal for your Thanksgiving needs, as the rich wood hues pair perfectly with the colors of our Thanksgiving plates, serveware, and Thanksgiving linens. These adorable wooden appetizer utensils come in various colors and offer a unique way to add color and texture to any of your dinnerware sets. 


Why Do You Need a Thanksgiving Centerpiece? 

Your Thanksgiving centerpiece enhances the atmosphere and ties the whole tablescape together while representing your creative style. But a stunning Thanksgiving centerpiece doesn’t need to be expensive or hard to create yourself. 
While some hosts decorate the table with the traditional fall pumpkins, others put together floral arrangements that tie in the colors of the Thanksgiving plates. From scented candles to wicker baskets filled with homemade pumpkin spice potpourri, your Thanksgiving centerpiece options are endless.   

As Thanksgiving grows nearer and you begin to plan your gathering, just remember to take time to enjoy yourself. Cherish this precious time with your loved ones, giving thanks for another year together. As you glance around your dining room table at the faces smiling back, we hope you’ll savor the memory, just as they’ll cherish the warm and stylish Thanksgiving gathering you created for all of them. 


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