Easter In Bloom Curated Gathering

March is quickly approaching, and soon Easter will be in bloom! While I’m usually apt to host a spontaneous weeknight dinner with my whole family, I'm always up for taking my turn to host a more elevated and formal party - especially for a big holiday - and this year, I'm hosting Easter Sunday lunch! To plan this elevated but easygoing fête, I know I want to lean into seasonal hues, greenery, and complementary neutrals to host this lunchtime Easter gathering. 

Take a cue from my Easter in Bloom Gathering and use the prettier-than-life florals and the Springtime season as inspiration to host your nearest and dearest this Easter. 

The Gathering 

Traditionally, our family holds a potluck-style lunch every Easter, and I want to stick with this tradition {traditions are so very important, after all!}. Having a lowkey, laidback Sunday is essential to our family, so I want to find the right balance between a little extra festivity for the special occasion while not overcomplicating the menu. I will opt to use fresh florals and Easter-themed dinnerware and serveware to set the scene.  

The Prep 

Prepping for any holiday get-together can mean a wide scope of work. In the spirit of keeping things as easy as possible, a one-day-ahead-prep is more than doable in my book, so that's what I'm striving for. In order to make the day-of list light, I plan to set the table and arrange the centerpiece the day before. Over the years, I’ve learned that you never have as much time as you think you do, so plan out little things and big things - they add up quickly!  

As for me, I always try to plan ahead as much as possible. From selecting the correct salt and pepper shakers to putting the ham in the oven at the right time – I recommend trying to plan ahead! When your guests arrive, especially when you’re hosting yourself and it’s family, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Delegation is the key. 

The Décor 

When decorating, I want to lean into the colors of the season and traditional icons of Easter. I used this tablecloth that I had in my personal collection to inspire the entire look for this lunch. I’ll lay it down as the base of my tablescape and build on top of it – starting with the centerpiece! I am going with a full floral look to make it seem like the flowers are growing up and out of the tablecloth. To keep costs down, I’ll select a few statement flowers and fill the emptier spots with lots of store-bought and from-the-yard greenery for a more natural look. 

I’ve learned that you can change up a space by changing up chairs – even swapping out chairs from one room to another totally revamps a space, and that’s what I plan to do for my Easter lunch. My dining room is painted a bold solid black {I love!}, but it doesn’t quite set the scene for the light and airy Easter table I have in mind. Instead, I’ll shift my dining room table into a more suitable spot in my living room right next to my French doors – cue all the light possible! 
As a finishing decorative touch for the buffet, I’ve found some of my favorite glassware from around the house and plan to repurpose the pieces as flower vases. Sticking with that idea, I've also gathered various decanters to use as floral vases at the bar.  

The Table 

I already touched on the tablecloth I plan to use to lay the foundation of my table, and I plan to layer a dinner plate and salad plate from the Signature White Collection on it to let the pattern of the tablecloth be the main statement. To complete the look, I’ll add a Color Block Ecru Linen Napkin to the setting to create the perfect neutral table setting design. I want the focus to be on the florals in the tablecloth and centerpiece, and the bright whites, ivory, and creams of the table setting details will really let it be the star of the show.   

For the utensils, I am planning to use the silver that my grandmother Dee Dee gave me. These pieces are very special to me and will add an elevated feel {and a nod to tradition} to the space. They’ll also add an accent of metallic color to the otherwise neutral and natural-feeling place setting, a welcome detail.  

The Serving Spread 

Because our Easter lunch is always potluck-style, I’m opting to have a coordinating buffet serving style. This way, my guests can grab their plate and serve themselves to get exactly what they want. Rabbit-themed serveware from our Easter Collection is a must-use for the gathering to stick with the theme, and our new additions to the collection are perfect to add to the serving spread.  

The Menu 

The family always sticks to a tried-and-true Easter lunch menu, with something for everyone. Serving the same menu each Easter also makes menu planning and doling out dish responsibilities much easier! The potluck-style lunch menu will be full of traditional family favorites {as always!} 


  • Honeybaked ham 


  • Seven Layer Salad 
  • Deviled “Golden” Eggs 


  • Copper Carrot Pennies 
  • G-Daddy's Favorite Baked Beans 
  • Potato Salad 
  • Dee’s Coleslaw 
  • Yeast Rolls 
  • Pineapple Casserole 


  • Coconut Cake 


  • Rosé 
  • Sweet and unsweetened tea 
  • Water 

The Bar 

I want to keep the bar menu simple and traditional, but also light so it will complement the meal. Rosé is always the wine of choice to color match with the overall theme of the lunch, and I will set out sweet and unsweetened iced tea and ice-cold water. I found the prettiest pink tonal cocktail glasses from Anthropologie that fit perfectly with the theme. I’ll garnish the drinks with aesthetic edible flowers as an extra special detail. 

The Traditions 

After lunch, we’ll kick off the annual Johnson family Easter egg hunt, one of the most anticipated events of the day due to the hidden Golden Egg, another one of our family’s nearest and dearest Easter traditions. Each year, we’re always excited to watch the kids compete to find the special egg. This year will be Emma’s, my second cousin and Kyle’s daughter, first Easter, and we can’t wait to have her join!  

The Final Look 

I am oh-so-excited to host this year’s Easter lunch and can’t wait to lean into everything Spring has to offer to decorate my home and entertain. I hope you feel inspired to host your family’ Easter lunch this year using this Curated Gathering as inspiration. Oh...and Happy Easter!   


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