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Article: How to Host the Perfect Easter Gathering

How to Host the Perfect Easter Gathering
How-To Guide

How to Host the Perfect Easter Gathering

Every spring, as flowers begin to bloom and the weather starts to warm, our family looks forward to putting together an Easter celebration for all of our loved ones. Whether you're in charge of creating an elaborate egg hunt or hosting a formal dinner party, there are plenty of ways to plan an unforgettable Easter gathering.

From putting together a spectacular spread to planning a spring-inspired tablescape filled with Easter plates, linens, and more, we've gathered our best insider tips and inspo so you can host Easter without a hitch. Learn how to welcome spring and celebrate one of our favorite holidays with our step-by-step guide to hosting Easter.

Easter: A Holiday for Spending Time With Loved Ones

Whether you're inviting your closest friends over for a flower-filled brunch or family members from near and far for a potluck, one thing is for sure — Easter is a holiday best spent with those you love. 

Between basking in the sun on the first warm days of the year and planning menus based on a brand-new bounty of ingredients at the peak of their freshness, it’s easy to see why springtime is one of our favorite seasons for hosting. We're always looking for an excuse to enjoy quality time with friends and family, and introducing each new generation to our Easter traditions and menu is part of the fun. Not to mention that we can show off some of our favorite seasonal dishes and color schemes, using Easter dinner plates and decorations to create an unforgettable Easter table setting

Where Should You Host an Easter Gathering?

The best way to celebrate the arrival of spring is by hosting outdoors. If you're lucky {weather permitting}, you'll be able to plan an al fresco Easter party. Because we live in Florida, it's usually warm enough to set the table outside. 

If you choose to host indoors, try bringing the outside in by opening the windows for a fresh breeze or featuring freshly picked flowers in the centerpiece. In this case, we can always count on at least hosting the egg hunt outside and wrangling everyone back in afterward for the meal. 

Get Inspired By Our Easter Collection

Welcome spring into your home by swapping out your everyday plates and linens for our charming Speckled Rabbit Easter Collection. This collection is complete with versatile pieces designed for all occasions, whether setting a spectacular tablescape for dinner with Easter dinner plates or enjoying a cup of tea in an Easter mug. With pastel sage hues and hand-drawn illustrations, our Easter dinnerware and table linens perfectly pair with the season.

The main pattern in our Easter dinnerware is inspired by the natural speckled pattern found on robin's eggs. And, of course, we had to include a whimsical rendition of the Easter bunny in our Easter dinnerware designs. The combination of the two creates a festive pattern in every design. 

This collection is filled with versatile and stylish items, so whether you're interested in using the entire dish set for each meal or various pieces as accent dinnerware, we've designed everything to pair beautifully with other dinnerware collections. The casual elegance of the sage color in each Easter bowl or Easter napkin pairs beautifully with other staple designs, such as our Signature White or Fundamentals collections.

How to Create an Easter Menu

When it comes to hosting Easter, the menu is essential. From pulling out family favorite recipes to finding seasonal inspiration for fresh dishes, we have a few tips for you to use as you choose your recipes: 

1. Find Inspiration

    There's no "right" Easter menu — it can be made up of whatever delicious recipes you love. If your family is anything like ours, you have a few favorites that need to make it every year. Similar to our Thanksgiving Menu, we have a pretty established annual menu that we dare not stray away from… or else! But the most important thing is finding ingredients and dishes that inspire you. 

    Many holiday meals are known for specific dishes, but just because something is traditional doesn't mean it has to be boring. Try including your variations on timeless classics. Give a nod to one of the classic Easter motifs by including a carrot dish, such as our Copper Carrot Pennies, or go with a traditional honey-baked ham. 

    Our favorite way to find inspiration for unique recipes is by featuring springtime seasonal ingredients. Since Easter typically falls within either March or April, there are plenty of ripe springtime fruits and vegetables available for your menu. We typically refer to our trusted Brightland's Seasonal Produce Calendar as we search for those at the peak of their season for inspiration. 

    Springtime Seasonal Ingredients:

    • Asparagus
    • Arugula
    • Artichokes
    • Avocados
    • Broccoli
    • Grapefruit
    • Beets
    • Peas
    • Cauliflower
    • Rhubarb
    2. Decide Between Brunch or Dinner

      Before solidifying your menu, decide which meal of the day you’re hosting. Brunch and an early dinner are the two most popular options for an Easter gathering but this year, we’re gathering for lunch! If you’re inviting people over for an after-church daytime event, create a brunch menu. If you are planning for people to come later, in the afternoon or early evening, plan a dinner menu. Of course, both tablescapes can feature beautiful Easter dinner plates, Easter napkins, and festive colors; it's just a matter of determining what types of recipes you need. 

      3. Make a Timeline

        If you're in charge of cooking all or most of your menu, it's important to make a timeline in advance. Writing out baking times, oven temperatures, and what recipe needs which cookware will help you create a day-of cooking plan. To lighten your load, consider finding a few dishes that can be made ahead of time and stored at room temperature or in the fridge. 

        We always plan a potluck-style lunch for Easter, so planning our menu preparation is easy. But decorating, cleaning, and setting the table takes time, so we have to stick to a party prep timeline to ensure we're prepared. 

        What's The Best Serving Style for an Easter Gathering?

        Your Easter meal can be served in a few different ways, but we suggest buffet-style, as it can accommodate a large guest list and invites guests to serve themselves. If you're hosting a more intimate event, you could opt for family-style serving by placing your Easter serveware in the center for guests to pass around.

        Our Favorite Easter Recipes

        We'll let you in on a secret: we actually serve the same exact menu at Easter lunch every year. Since potluck style is our tradition, this ensures that everyone knows what they're expected to bring and that there's something to cater to everyone's palates. As you look for inspiration for your own menu, take a look at these tasty options that make it to our table each year: 


        • Honey-baked ham – a go-to option in many families



        • Coconut Cake 


        • Rosé – the perfect springtime wine, in our opinion
        • Sweet and unsweetened tea 
        • Water 

        5 Steps for Setting the Easter Table

        Anyone can set an unforgettable table with the right Easter dinnerware and table linens — and a little springtime inspiration, of course. Follow these five steps as you design your table setting and wow your guests: 

        Step 1: Color Scheme

        When it comes to designing tablescapes, the color scheme is everything. Every Easter bowl, napkin, or serving platter on the table should fit into a predetermined color scheme to give your event a cohesive look. We love to lean toward light and bright colors to dust off the winter blues and lean into the fresh feel of spring.  

        For punchy florals and tonal greens, get inspired by our Spring Awakening Gathering Mood Board, which paints a pretty picture using the hues of dyed Easter eggs. With the pops of sage found in our Easter dinnerware and beautiful eucalyptus branches, this tablescape pulls inspiration right from the holiday. For something more colorful, our Easter in Bloom Gathering Mood Board adds bold oranges and yellows on top of the typical pastels expected from Easter. 

        Step 2: Table Linens

        Table linens are the foundation for your Easter dinnerware and serveware. We love the billowing look of a tablecloth for events like these, but there are two ways you can go. For a bright statement, add either a boldly patterned tablecloth or a solid color, such as blue, yellow, lilac, or pink, to make your gathering colorful. For a more toned-down look, consider using a neutral tablecloth as a base, with spring-hued Easter napkins, placemats, and cocktail napkins as accent colors. 

        Step 3: Dinnerware and Serveware

        Now that spring has sprung, it's finally time to pull out your seasonal Easter dinnerware. While we recommend using them throughout the season, they should definitely be featured in your Easter tablescape. Set the table with an all-matching set, using Easter dinner plates, bowls, and napkins to complete each place setting, or mix and match with other designs for a completely curated style. 

        Step 4: Glassware and Flatware

        Lean into colorful springtime by setting out bright glassware and vibrant flatware. We love Estelle Colored Glass for almost any event, and with a rainbow variety to choose from, you can mix and match endless combinations with your Easter dinnerwareSabre designs beautiful forks, spoons, and knives with high-quality metals that we adore. Browse through different gold sets and colorful handles to find the perfect fit for your Easter table.

        Step 5: Centerpieces

        No themed table is complete without a striking centerpiece. With all the bright and joyous inspiration from nature and the holiday around you, there are endless ways to spruce up the table décor. We love to lean into the season when considering items to include in our centerpieces, preferring hand-arranged florals, greenery, and charming Easter table accessories.

        If all else fails, remember that the goal is to bring the outside in. All it takes is a quick trip around your yard with a pair of sharp clippers to gather interesting textural greenery. To kick things up a notch, grab your favorite blooms from your local grocery store or farmers’ market. Once you have the flowers chosen, you can fill in the gaps with cute speckled eggs and adorable rabbit salt and pepper shakers.

        Decorating the Home with Easter Dinnerware and Linens

        Continuing your Easter décor throughout the home can be simple and easy—a few little touches can go a long way. Focus on adding your favorite Easter decorations in these other areas of the home for a cohesive spring-inspired style:

        Our 3 Favorite Easter Traditions

        Gorgeous Easter dinnerware and table décor isn't the only thing that matters during this holiday — it's also about the traditions. As you plan your event, don't forget to include a few tried and true activities that are fun for all ages. We have a few that we love every year:

        1. Going to church in the morning to celebrate with our community and hear the important story of Jesus's return.
        2. Dying Easter eggs as a pre-meal activity for kids — or whoever else wants to try their hand at this colorful craft.
        3. Participating in a Golden Egg Hunt. Our family takes the normal egg hunt one step further by hiding one extra special golden egg that holds the most valuable prize {normally a hundred-dollar bill} within.   
        From elevating your Easter egg hunt with a one-of-a-kind golden egg to serving family favorite recipes that never fail, the key to hosting Easter is to focus on making every moment special. Setting the table with whimsical and beautiful Easter dinnerware is one way to make your guests feel welcome, giving you a lovely backdrop as you celebrate this special day. And anyone can do it!

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