How to Seamlessly Change Your Dishes Out for Each Season

Using a rotation of dishes throughout the year is one of our most-used tricks for elevating any gathering or everyday table setting. Setting out Easter plates for a family brunch or your Christmas dish set for a holiday dinner party enhances the atmosphere in your home and welcomes in each new season. Don’t let your curated collection of dinnerware go unused; celebrate the little moments as seasons change, and switch your dinnerware throughout the year to give your home a refresh.



Find the Right Dishes for Every Season 

As you curate your collection, we recommend finding different dinnerware sets that suit each season for endless creative pairings. Think about which seasons you’d enjoy celebrating in your home, and carefully select seasonal dishes, like Easter dinnerware or Thanksgiving plates, that will help transition your home to suit each one. Keep in mind what kind of gatherings you host, how many of each dish you’d need, and what styles and designs you’re drawn to, and then choose what seasonal dishes should be in your rotation. 

There are countless reasons to collect different dishes for each season. If you enjoy hosting a traditional dinner with family during the holiday season, choose Christmas dinnerware and Thanksgiving dishes to elevate each celebration. If you prefer to welcome in summer with backyard parties and a fresh look in your kitchen, find bright and bold dishes to complement the sunny weather.  


Which Dishes Should Be Switched Out Seasonally? 

Seasonal dishes are not limited to just Christmas dinnerware or spring-inspired Easter dinnerware. Switching out your dishes for each season includes anything from serveware to holiday-themed platters to the staple dinnerware your family uses every day. Any Easter plate, Thanksgiving dish, or everyday bowl in your collection can be switched out to transform your space. 
Creating a cohesive collection means that any dinnerware stored away can be mixed and matched with everyday dishes and fundamental patterns. For example, when the holidays arrive, you can switch out your daily serving platters with one from your Thanksgiving dishes for a seamless pairing. Likewise, any dish in your collection can be one you switch from season to season. 


When Should You Switch Dishes for a New Season? 

When you switch your seasonal dishes is up to you, so whether you plan to switch out your dinnerware collection for Christmas or to celebrate autumn, you should rotate your dinnerware whenever you’re feeling ready for a refresh. You could set up a calendar for yourself, highlighting when holiday seasons begin and timeframes you want for each season, and plan your dish rotation around those dates. That way, you’ll stay on top of when and which Easter plates or Thanksgiving dishes to prepare to transition your home into the oncoming festivities.  


3 Reasons to Change Your Dishes for a New Season 

Rotating dishes out with every changing season, whether that’s Thanksgiving plates or Christmas dish sets, brings a level of excitement and anticipation for the gatherings to come. So, whether you’re welcoming in spring with Easter plates or celebrating the oyster season, elevate your everyday moments and get-togethers with a rotation of your favorite dinnerware. Three reasons you should do this include: 

  1. Cycles through the collection

  2. Creative storage

  3. Refreshes your surroundings


1. Cycle Through Your Entire Dinnerware Collection 

Rather than repeatedly using the same dinner plates and serveware, switching out your dishes seasonally will help you cycle through your entire collection and ensure you’re using all of your favorite designs. Why select unique serveware and special Easter dinnerware and Thanksgiving dishes if they’re going to sit in storage collecting dust? After taking the time to select every dish in your collection, you’ll want to see and use them all! 

We’re strong believers in getting use out of every dish in your collection. If you look at your own dinnerware sets, there’s a reason you chose to collect those items, so it’s important to be as purposeful in using the dishes as you were in selecting them. Every Christmas dinner plate, serving dish, and Easter plate should be a part of your gatherings, get-togethers, and everyday moments. 


2. Use Your Dishes as Creative Storage 

Switching out your dishes for different seasons ensures you don’t have to store as many at a time. If you have one place in your home for storage, the Thanksgiving dishes and Easter dinnerware can stay there until you need to switch them out. We’ve found creative spots in our home that can double as storage and simplify hosting and everyday dining. 

You may be wondering what to do with your curated dinnerware collection. Besides the obvious uses in everyday dining and entertaining, there are endless ways to include your favorite Easter dinnerware and Christmas dish sets in your home décor. How you display, store, and organize your dinnerware may depend on the size of your personal collection, and switching out dishes every season will help you use each one throughout the year. 


3. Switching Out Dishes Seasonally Refreshes Your Home 

Be purposeful with your surroundings and rotate your dishes with every season to help refresh the atmosphere of your home. Switching out your everyday dishes for Christmas dinnerware and Thanksgiving dishes when the season comes ensures the little moments, like simply being at home, will feel more special with only a little extra effort. Ensure these small celebrations don’t pass you by, and elevate every changing season with beautiful Easter dinnerware and Thanksgiving plates from your collection. 
When you decide to put in the effort, switching out the dishes every season elevates the anticipation of what’s to come. A new season means a refreshed appreciation of everything that comes with it—new recipes, flavors, holidays, weather, wardrobe, and more. As different holidays arrive, hone in on the festive feelings with specific Christmas dish sets and Easter dinnerware. 


How to Change Out Dishes Every Season  

When the time comes to switch your dishes for a new season, choose a day and time when you’re energized and feel like accomplishing a small project. Put your favorite show or playlist on in the background to enhance the experience and find joy. If it’s nice out, you could even open up the windows and doors to welcome in the spirit of the season alongside your Christmas dish set or Easter dinnerware! 
Gather every dish from your cabinets and decorative spaces and lay them on your dining room table. Group the dinnerware into groups by shape, color pattern, and design. Then, go into your storage area and pull out as many dishes as you think you’d like to use. Unpack and move all those Easter plates and Thanksgiving dishes elsewhere until the storage area is clear.  
Before you place each dish in its designated spot, wash and dry each one, or load the dishwasher and run a quick cycle. When they’re clean and ready to go, style each dish in the space to your liking and make tweaks as you go until you’re satisfied with the new look in your home. Once you’re done, neatly pack all the unused items and store them away until it’s time to repeat the process next season—or the next time you feel you need a refresh! 


Seasons to Switch Out Your Dishes 

You should switch out your dishes for any upcoming season or holiday or whenever you feel the need to rejuvenate your home décor! Exchange your everyday dinner plates for Christmas dinner plates in the winter, or bring out bunny-themed Easter plates for spring. Dishes in your kitchen cabinets and home décor can be switched for any of these seasons, and more:    


5 Spaces to Change for a New Season 

While refreshing dinnerware is a wonderful way to celebrate new seasons with gatherings or everyday affairs, it’s also perfect for elevating your home décor. Your curated collection is likely filled with Thanksgiving plates, Easter dinnerware, and more that can enhance these five spaces around your home:    

  • Kitchen cabinets 

  • Coffee bar 

  • Bar area 

  • China cabinets 

  • Common areas 


Switch Your Everyday Dishes in the Kitchen Cabinets  

First and foremost, the most obvious place to change out your dishes is where you store your everyday dinnerware! Assuming you have stacks of plates and bowls conveniently located to pull out for every meal or set the table with, this is the perfect place to start refreshing with Christmas dinnerware or Thanksgiving plates. 
With a simple switch, you can bring in the holiday spirit with festive Christmas dinner plates for your everyday meals. Exchanging the everyday plates and bowls for Easter plates or Thanksgiving dishes when the seasons change is an easy way to bring anticipation for the gatherings to come.   


Change the Dishes on Your Coffee Bar 

Whether you have a designated space to hold your preferred beverage tools and other coffee and tea necessities or a coffee maker with a stack of mugs next to it, this is a very simple space to refresh each season. Find new mugs or small-scale Thanksgiving dishes to elevate the simple joy of preparing your favorite cup of coffee or tea. 

Pro tip: we suggest keeping a Signature White Ruffle Spoon Rest out on the counter to collect any stirring spoons to keep the counters clean! 


Enhance Your Bar Cart with New Dishes 

Bar areas and bar carts are exciting areas to decorate with dishes, from different Thanksgiving plates to Christmas dish sets. Incorporate our newly launched Deco Gold Scallop Ice Bucket to add a touch of glam and make a statement. Large serving bowls or even a planter can double as stylish ice buckets, and smaller-scale bowls are perfect for housing garnishes and corks. Switch out your everyday platters to Easter plates as the season comes up to corral bar cart accessories like bottle openers, wine openers, and cocktail napkins. 

When refreshing your bar area, don’t forget to update your cocktail napkins! With over a dozen designs, your drink will always be dressed for the season.   


Display Decorative Platters in China Cabinets 

Displaying decorative plates in our China cabinets is one of our favorite ways to enhance any room in the house! Show off your favorite platters year-round and feature different colors and patterns for simple décor. When the seasons switch, replace the platter with Christmas dinner plates during the holidays for an instantly festive look that can tie your décor together from the tabletop to the tree skirt and beyond. 
Keep a collection of assorted plate stands handy to place more than one dinner plate on a shelf. Stack them in a row for a timeless look or feature one large platter with other Thanksgiving dishes or Easter plates behind it.  


Elevate Your Common Rooms with Seasonal Dishes 

We enjoy featuring serving dishes as decorative statements in the various common spaces in our homes. The living room, entryway, and bedroom are all easy places to switch out and show off your favorite Christmas dish sets. Simply swap out plates every season for a fresh look throughout your home.  
Place a large bowl on a coffee table or side table in the living room to collect TV remotes and other odds and ends. Use a large Easter plate in the spring to corral keys by the entryway. Small Thanksgiving dishes, bowls, and trinket trays sit perfectly on a nightstand in your bedroom to house daily jewelry and other items.  


Do Seasonal Dishes Have to Have Icons on Them? 

While we encourage you to change out your dishes for the season, it doesn’t mean you have to feature seasonal icons on all of your items. If you prefer Christmas dinner plates with images of Santa, like our Christmas in the Village Collection, or Easter plates with a springtime bunny design, that’s great! But you can also curate your collection to include dishes with colors and bold patterns that reflect each season. We enjoy having seasonal dishes for non-holiday times, too, so whenever your everyday dinnerware needs a change, you should have alternative dinner plates on hand.  


You’ve spent time and energy carefully selecting every dish in your curated collection, and each one deserves to be seen and used. So, whether you’re ringing in the holiday spirit with a Christmas dish set or crave a change with your everyday dinner plates, feel inspired to switch up your dinnerware as the seasons change. 

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