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Article: Logan On: Creating Her Wedding Registry

Logan On: Creating Her Wedding Registry

Logan On: Creating Her Wedding Registry

For those of you who haven’t heard the happy news, we recently celebrated the wedding of Logan (Marcie’s daughter, niece to Laura, cousin to Kyle, Sara Kate, and Mary Parker, and sister to Courtney and Taylor. Phew!) and her now husband, Ernest! The ceremony took place at St. Simon’s Island on a gorgeous February evening. We gathered a few days before to commence the festivities with a whimsical Bachelorette evening and a lush Bridal Shower. It was a whirlwind weekend to celebrate the beginning of an exciting new chapter.  

Creating a wedding registry is a tradition for newly engaged couples to begin curating their collections of entertaining essentials, home décor, and keepsakes. From there, as they live, entertain, and gather, they’ll continue to curate based on what their lifestyle unfolds to be.   

Now that the festivities have come to a close, and Logan & Ernest are settling in, we asked Logan to share a bit about her overall process of creating her wedding registry as well as some tips for soon-to-be brides while it’s fresh in her mind. We asked her everything from favorite parts of creating the wedding registry to where she registered and why! Take a look at her insight below on creating her very own wedding registry.


Tell us About the Process of Creating Your Wedding Registry

What was your favorite part of the wedding registry process?

“Ernest, my fiancé at the time – now husband! - was involved in the entire process so I enjoyed us working together on choosing what we needed for our home. We recently bought a house so we were excited to start fresh and get things that we would use together.” 


What were some deciding factors for what made it on your registry and what did not? 

“There were many things I loved, but I would consider myself a minimalist, so we thoroughly thought through each item to vet what we needed and loved, and what we just loved, but maybe didn't need. We did not add things just to add to the list even though we felt pressured to so we could have a wide range of options for our guests.” 


A Closer Look at What You Registered For  

Where did you register? 

“We registered at Williams-Sonoma to stock our kitchen, Fête (a registry & gift store in Atlanta) to complete our China and to add some specialty items like Sterling Silverware, Steak Knives, Glassware and Linens, and Home Depot for our outdoor wish list like Firepit, Outdoor Chairs and planters. Lastly, we registered at Anthropologie for our “fun” pieces – colorful glassware, linens, barware, and planters. We are set with our everyday dishes thanks to my personal ties to Coton Colors.” 


What tabletop pieces did you register for? 

“Fine China - We did a mix of colors and designs, which was originally Ernest’s idea. It took me some time to agree but once I did, I was all in and loved it! Our dinner plates and serving pieces were a mix of Princess Victoria in Green and Chinese Bouquet in Blue and Green then we added an accent salad plate in Imari Accent Plate Kyoto Garden. I am most excited to use the accent plate! 

Everyday Dishes - We use the Signature White Collection as our everyday dishes and serveware. I like keeping my everyday dishes neutral then add some fun pops through linens and glassware.  

Table Linens - We did not have any table linens, so this is something I knew we needed to put on our registry. Linens can really transform a table, so I kept that in mind when picking out the right ones. We decided on napkins and tablecloths that were solid vs prints, but we did choose ones that had edge details to add a little something to it.” 


How will your new pieces work with what you already have? 

“I love to incorporate different textures around my table which I will be able to do with the mix of my new pieces and the old. The new pieces I am adding to my collection will help elevate what I already have and, in a way, make it feel new since I will use them differently than before.” 


Brand Loyalty? 

Let’s talk about your favorite brand you included on your wedding registry! 



“We used Herend for our fine China. I love the classic and traditional feel of fine China dinnerware, especially the designs from Herend.” 


Le Creuset

“We currently have a few items and love them! I also love the fun color options they offer with each cookware piece.” 


If you did not have personal ties to Coton Colors by Laura Johnson brand, what pieces would you choose to add to your registry during the process and why?

Fundamental Wood Ruffle Dinner Plate – My sisters threw an amazing Bachelorette Dinner the Wednesday night before my wedding weekend with my closest friends and family. They mixed the Fundamental Wood Ruffle Dinner Plates with some of their Herend Fine China pieces, and I loved how it all came together. I will be using this idea for future celebrations.” 

Blush Collection - I love the different designs and color palettes in this collection. They stand out but are also subtle at the same time so I can use them for everyday but also for special occasions. I would start out with the plates, salad plates and small bowls, also the trays for serving then can add in other pieces of the collection later. I have these in my personal collection but will add more to enhance my new additions.” 


Share Your Tips for Future Brides  

If you were to start from the beginning, what would you do differently? 

“I would first begin with research, then I would narrow down what we really need versus what we really want. I didn’t do the best job planning it out ahead of time, so now we are in the process of returning some items we do not necessarily need. I would also suggest going into each store to see all the items in person. I personally think it helps make decisions easier.” 


Creating a wedding registry is one of the many {and sometimes nerve-wracking} steps a bride completes before saying “I do. Whether you're registering for a wedding or another celebratory occasion, you might find these tips and tricks helpful when choosing new additions to bring into your home.  

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