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Article: A "Something Blue" Bridal Shower

A "Something Blue" Bridal Shower

A "Something Blue" Bridal Shower

For those of you that haven’t heard, our family is gearing up for a year full of many amazing milestones. 

First up – wedding bells! 

On February 3 our cousin and niece, Logan, got married in a beautiful coastal setting surrounded by family and friends. Before the wedding festivities officially commenced, we gathered to shower her with A “Something Blue” Bridal Shower full of blooming florals and loving company.  

We're thrilled to share the finished look with you as one of our featured curated gatherings in hopes that it inspires you with an entertaining idea, too! 

The Gathering

The bridal shower took place in a private dining room at Frederica Golf Club at St. Simon’s Island. The relaxing coastal town provided a bright and airy setting that was perfect for this celebratory event.

A few months prior to the shower, we mailed out invitations to a group of Logan’s closest and invited them to join us for this celebratory luncheon hosted on the day before Logan’s wedding.  

The Inspiration 

We knew we wanted guests to experience a totally different visual experience than the other pre-wedding festivities, so after a little brainstorming and planning, we landed on all blue and white with a full impact of fresh springtime florals.  

The blue and white theme sparked inspiration for the rest of the planning to unfold seamlessly.

The Mood  

As Logan was the guest of honor, we wanted her to feel lifted up and oh-so-special with a celebratory luncheon that was the perfect way to commence her wedding weekend. Being at St. Simons Island, the relaxing atmosphere was the quintessential setting for this beautiful celebration.  

The mood for this bridal shower: 

  • Excited  

  • Inspired 

  • Special  

The Prep 

As we set out to plan this gorgeous luncheon, we each lent our skills to contribute to the design and execution of a successful event. Once we landed on blue and white as the main source of inspiration the rest of the gathering came together beautifully.  

Our usual method is to delegate set tasks to each individual in order to make execution and set up even smoother.  

  • Laura - Inspiration and Lead Coordinator. She was the person that discovered the inspiration for the shower theme, coordinated with the Frederica Crew and rentals to ensure all needs were there, and was also the main dishwasher/prepper prior to the event! She does it all! 
  • Kyle – Designated Florist. Kyle has an eye for design and does an incredible job at seeing a vision through to the end. Her attention to detail went a long way for this gathering and the design came together effortlessly. Kyle’s talent with floral arranging is truly unbelievablewe even joke that it should be her second occupation!  
  • Sara Kate – Creative Extraordinaire. Sara Kate has the ability to curate just about anything and make it amazing. She found pressed flowers on Etsy and arranged them on the table cards for a one-of-a-kind detail. And of course, she came in with the camera and shot the whole thing! 
  • Mary Parker – The Coordinator. Mary Parker flawlessly executed the coordination with the floral company and selected each type of flower to be featured at the shower. She also assisted with ordering the place cards and even had the idea to coordinate the name card with the menu all on one card to reduce clutter – clever girl! 

The Menu 

As we were hosting at the club located on property, we knew we would be working with their chef to curate the menu {and lucky for us because he's incredibly talented!}. He provided a list of tempting options for each course for us to choose our final selections. 

To ensure our selections weren't too similar to what would be served at the Bachelorette Party the night prior or the Rehearsal Dinner later that evening, we took care to choose unique proteins and flavors to stand apart.  

Among the options the chef offered were a few flavors that were seasonally appropriate and one of the options for dessert was Key Lime pie, which we thought was a fun nod to Logan's roots in Florida, so that had to make the final cut. 

The Final Menu:  

  • Soup - Vidalia Onion-Potato Leek Soup, Rosemary, Bacon  

  • Salad - Gathered Greens, Poached Pears, Thomasville Blue Cheese, Candied Pecans, Red Wine Vinaigrette  

  • Entrée -Pimento Stuffed Free-Range Chicken Breast, Grits Cake, Asparagus, Pesto Jus  

  • Dessert - Key Lime Pie 

The Bar

We arranged a set table as the “bar” at the entrance for guests to be greeted with a refreshment from the assortment of white wine, Champagne, water, iced tea or even a curated drink known as the “Sparkling Blueberry”.

This delicious concoction featured sparkling water, blueberry syrup, with edible flower garnishes on top. The best part of this refreshing drink was that it could easily become a yummy cocktail with the simple swap of Champagne instead of sparkling water.  

The Table  

Due to the number of guests, we arranged two long tables mirroring each other set around the roaring fireplace. We had a center table welcoming guests to the lunch with floral cocktails and a large floral arrangement. 

The tables were set with a white tablecloth first and we began arranging florals building from the center of the table out. We began with laying out the vases and jars and making sure to stagger the shapes and sizes to balance each place setting.  

From there, we started setting the table {our favorite part!}. First, the Iris Blue Drop Ruffle Dinner Plate topped with the Iris Blue Burst Ruffle Salad Plate. We then added the bread and butter plate from Logan’s mom, Marcie's wedding China to the left to complement the light blue water glasses and to add a personal touch as well as a mix of old and new. To finish each setting, we set the napkins to the right of the place settings with the pressed floral table card placed on top.  

The Décor 

We incorporated other touches of blue and white spread throughout the details found in glassware and even edible florals for the refreshing cocktails.

Using an abundance of florals as the base, we used a variety of milk glass vases and Chinoiserie Ginger Jars to create varying levels of arrangements and complement the blue and white theme.  

The Final Look 

After months of preparation and planning, the lush bridal shower came together beautifully, and Logan was thrilled. 

Lunch was a lovely, immersive experience sitting among overflowing blooms of hyacinths and delphiniums, dinnerware designs of subtle blue hues and ruffled edges, and a personalized place card of pressed florals.  

Celebrating Logan at her bridal shower was one of our favorite gatherings to host to date and we hope you feel inspired to host a shower with a little “something blue”, too! 

Bonus tip: We even think this would make for the perfect done-for-you idea for a baby shower!  

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Would you please share a source for the blue goblets? They are the perfect shade to go with those Iris dishes!


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