Mood Board: Spring Awakening

Let’s Plan a Gathering

Set the scene with a Spring Awakening gathering that celebrates the arrival of a new season with a nod to traditional springtime hues and subtle textures. 
The setting for this spring-inspired gathering is centered around the revival of a new season. Warmer days are near, or for some have arrived, and we welcome this fresh start with a gathering that reminds us of the beauty in spring. 


The Inspiration

The season surrounding Easter brings soft hues of sage and blush paired with natural textures found in sprigs of greenery. We found the setting for this gathering came together rather naturally as we used the tropes of spring as our main source of inspiration. 


The Mood

Gather and welcome the warmer days with a celebration set in a season reminiscent of fresh and new. As you plan your Spring Awakening gathering, use your surroundings and set the gathering in a unique location. Get inspired to create the mood you want your guests to feel based on the theme and setting. 


A few descriptors of the gathering: 

  • Serene 

  • Bright  

  • Fresh

The Colors

The color palette that reminds us of springtime celebrations includes soft blush, dusty sage, and ecru. Having a theme in mind always eases the pressure of choosing a color palette for a gathering and this celebration features all the classic colors and textures found in spring. 


Featured hues:  

  • Dusty Sage  

  • Peony Pink 

  • Soft Blush  

  • Ecru


So, what’s left to plan this gathering?

Now that the mood and overall theme is set, the next steps to planning this dreamy springtime gathering include scheming the décor pieces and serving spread. We’re picturing a laid-back setting with a light menu and subtle nods to Easter and spring. 


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