Entertaining Guide: From A-Z

Whether your friends have coined you the “Master of Entertaining” or you’re brand new to the hosting scene, here’s an A to Z guide to help you get the party started {smoothly and effortlessly.} 

A - The first letter of the alphabet also represents the first addition to a fantastic party, the Appetizers. Set the tone for your night by having food set out when your guests walk through the door. Make the spread more approachable by digging in and nibbling on it yourself. 




B - Don’t feel pressure to make everything from scratch. It is perfectly okay to cut yourself some slack and Buy an accompaniment to go along with the rest of your menu. 



C - As guests chit chat and update each other on the latest goings-on in their lives, you’ll find there is always something to celebrate, so having Champagne chilled and ready to pop is a must! {If you aren’t a fan of champagne, we promise you will be after one sip of our favorite champagne signature cocktails, a French 75!}



D - It is always better to make too much food than too little, so feel free to send guests home with their favorite dish in a Doggie bag! Our favorite containers are these reusable must-haves.  

E - Make sure your entertaining is Eco-friendly. Not only do “real” dishes elevate your tablescape, but by using less paper, you’re helping the environment. It’s a win-win! 


F - Adding fresh Flowers to any soirée creates an atmosphere that makes your guests feel right at home. If you don’t have time to stop by the market, grab an assortment of greenery from your yard and craft together an impromptu and custom arrangement. Plus, after the party is over, you can enjoy the beautiful arrangement for days to come. 

G - By using your Grill, you are saving precious space in your oven and creating a less hectic cooking experience for yourself by not having to time everything perfectly. A good trick is to have your menu consist of something that can be made ahead of time (usually works great for a dessert), something that can be made in the oven and already cooking when your guests arrive, something that can be grilled, and something that can be served at room temperature. 

H – Hosting a Happy Hour? Make sure to kick off the celebrations with a festive cocktail in-hand. We have a few delicious concoctions in mind.  


I - Ice, Ice, Baby! Okay, now that that’s out of our system, just remember to ALWAYS, ALWAYS have ice on hand. 

J - Jenga! Fun games can be a good icebreaker for your friends who may not know each other before your party. Keep your guests entertained while you finish perfecting your tablescape. You may want to continue the party even after dinner is finished, and a quick game can make that happen. No matter your game choice, it is always a great addition.  

K - Keep moving. If your home allows, start your party on the porch for drinks and appetizers, then move into the dining room for the main meal. After, make your way into the living room to serve and enjoy dessert and coffee or an after-dinner drink. It breaks up the party and lets people relax a bit to thoroughly enjoy the experience. 

L - "Don’t feel the need to rush into doing the dishes right after you’ve finished eating. Simply clear the table and return to the conversation. I always love to Linger after a meal is done to chat with my friends and family.” 
- Laura Johnson, 
CEO & Founding Artist 

M - “When I start getting ready for a party, the first thing I do is set the mood by putting on my favorite Music playlist – whether it be the soft sounds of Italian music to accompany my pasta or the lively tunes that match my fresh, beachy spread. Plus, it never hurts to make sure you have enough room for an impromptu dance party.” 
-Sara Kate Johnson, Photographer 
We have a great dinnertime playlist to use at your next soirée. Find us on Spotify. 

N - Pull out a pile of Napkins from your linen drawer to add some texture and elevate your event. If they don’t match or they are not ironed, don’t stress. It doesn’t always have to be picture perfect. Another option is to collect festive cocktail napkins for all occasions so that you will always have something to accompany your guests’ drink of choice! 



O - Don’t Over-complicate! A simple, delicious meal is much more enjoyable than an overly complicated menu that takes your attention away from your evening with friends and family. 

p - Prep and get as much done before your party so you can spend more time enjoying your friends. Chop ingredients ahead of time, clean up as you go, and set the table so it is ready for your guests before they arrive. 


Q - Often, you feel like you are in a blur while hosting a party. Take a step back from host mode and make sure to spend Quality time with your guests. After all, they are the reason you wanted to throw a party in the first place. 


R - Fill out some Recipe cards for your guests to take with them at the end of the night. It’s the perfect way to give them a memorable keepsake from your gathering.



S - Adding designated Stations for drinks, dessert, or even the main course allows you to get more creative with décor and your tablescape while still keeping a smooth-flowing party.  



  T - Start each meal with a Toast to something or someone! There's always something to celebrate. Cheers!  


U - Utilize seating and turn any space into a warm and inviting area where all of your guests can mingle and enjoy each other’s company comfortably. It’s okay if all the seats don’t match. In your friends’ eyes, they’ll all be sitting pretty by being able to come together in one space.  

V - Variety is the spice of life. By mixing different colors, shapes, heights, and materials of serving dishes, your personality and celebratory style shine through. What is even better is knowing there is no pressure to serve in a formal way. I think I might just know a place where you can snag a few dishes!” 
-Kyle Johnson Smith, Lead Designer 

W - Write out the menu for your guests to see what is being served. This will add to the overall feel you are trying to create when you are planning your party and allow your friends to anticipate the flow of the evening. 


X - XOXO! When your guests are headed out the door, be sure to wish them goodnight and thank them for coming. This is such an important personal touch that leaves your guests with a happy feeling and memory from the occasion. 



Y - Say Yes to help! If friends offer to bring something, say yes! Even if it’s extra wine or crackers. If they offer to help in the kitchen or setting up, say yes. When everyone works together to set up the party, it’s always a good time. 


Z - Catch some Zzzzzzs. You just hosted an amazing party filled with delicious food and wonderful friends. Now you deserve some quality rest and relaxation. 

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