The Golden Egg: Your New Favorite Easter Tradition

In our family and countless others, the egg hunt is one of the most anticipated events of the Easter holiday. Watching the mayhem and hearing the giggles from the kids running to fill their baskets with colorful eggs and goodies is a wonderful Easter tradition to welcome spring. We strive to make every holiday special, whether that’s by throwing themed dinner parties, coordinating the Easter decorations with seasonal hues, or hiding a special prize amongst the traditional Easter eggs.  
This year, elevate your egg hunt and Easter décor with our spectacular Speckled Golden Egg for unforgettable memories. We’re sharing a few tips on one of our oldest family traditions. Ready to hop to it? 


History of the Easter Egg Hunt 

If you ask almost anyone what they’re planning to do for Easter, they’ll mention something about an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. But do you know why egg hunts are an Easter tradition? Or why eggs and bunnies are common symbols of this holiday?  
The famous Easter tradition came out of Germany when immigrants in the 17th century brought the idea of a mythical egg-laying hare to the United States. As this springtime tradition of hiding eggs grew, the Easter Bunny became the face of the whole operation, with parents soon hiding little treats in each egg. Flash forward to our modern Easter traditions, and not much has changed.


History of the Golden Egg 

Do you recall the Mother Goose fable about the valuable golden eggs a special goose could lay? Golden eggs are used as a symbol for something valuable, like money. So, it makes perfect sense for a special golden egg to be hidden along with the others in a fun Easter tradition. Some families put treats inside; others put money and goodies. The Golden Egg will soon be your favorite Easter tradition, holding the most valuable prize year after year.  


Johnson Family Easter Traditions

With nature springing into bloom all around us, Easter has always been one of our favorite times of the year. It’s one of our favorite seasons to host, whether we’re figuring out how to plan our gathering, decorating with Easter décor, or planning egg hunts for the kids. Our time-honored tradition of hiding the Golden Egg is all thanks to our Founding Artist and CEO Laura Johnson and her family. 
Every Easter Sunday, after church, the parents would hide the Easter eggs while the kids anxiously waited inside (no peeking!). The Golden Egg, with the biggest and best prize inside, was hidden in the most obscure place possible. After the kids were released and the hunt commenced, a mad dash would ensue to see who could gather the most eggs. When you’re a kid, quantity matters most—until you introduce the spectacular Golden Egg into the mix.  
The first person to spot it got to keep the egg, and whatever glorious prize, typically a hundred-dollar bill, was encased in its speckled shell. Once they found it, their name and year of victory were written on the Golden Egg to commemorate their win for years to come. As this Easter tradition continued every year, more and more names were written on the egg. 
As we got older, the Golden Egg became the most sought-after prize, and after a few years, it was the only egg hidden! Now, we continue this precious tradition with the next generations of kids in our family. 


Our Golden Egg 

Our Speckled Golden Egg is an updated staple from years past and holds a special spot in this collection and our Easter traditions. The Golden Egg shines bright amongst the pastels and the timeless sage greens of the rest of our Easter Collection, with a creamy white base and metallic golden flecks to resemble the pattern of a robin’s egg. 
The Golden Egg is a generous size, perfect for making a statement in your Easter décor amongst our Speckled Rabbit Ruffle Plates or to stand out in your Easter egg hunt. With a hole at the bottom and a secure stopper, this egg can be filled with any special surprise of your choosing for the luckiest kid to find. Our Golden Egg will be the star of the show in all of your anticipated Easter celebrations.  


5 Things to Hide in Your Golden Egg 

With its beautiful gold-speckled pattern and attention-grabbing font, the Speckled Golden Egg is perfect for hiding the most coveted prize of all. When you begin your Easter tradition, place the Golden Egg in the hardest spot after filling it with prizes like: 

  • Money

  • Candy 

  • Gift card 

  • Toys 

  • Jewelry


Decorate for Easter with the Golden Egg 

Setting the table for any occasion, especially Easter, is a treasured tradition in our home. We enjoy it all, from planning a one-of-a-kind tablespace featuring our favorite Easter décor and serveware to finding spring-inspired items to suit the home all season long. Celebrate the small moments in your life with Speckled Rabbit Towels in your kitchen or Speckled Rabbit Ruffle Mugs for your morning coffee, and feel festive for the entire holiday. 
Don’t forget to nestle the Golden Egg into your Easter centerpiece. When it’s finally time for that anticipated egg hunt, grab the egg, hide it in that hard-to-find spot, and let the games begin. Unlock your inner designer with table linens, themed plates, and seasonal items to design a centerpiece for a touch of Easter décor.  


7 Places for Easter Décor in Your Home 

Every area in your home deserves a special touch of festive cheer, whether that’s our Golden Egg or our new set of Sage Speckled Eggs. Try transforming these seven accessible places around your home with Easter décor this year:  

  • Entryway 

  • Coffee table 

  • China cabinet 

  • Dining table

  • Bookshelves 

  • Kid’s Easter baskets 

  • Kitchen


Save the Golden Egg as a Seasonal Keepsake 

Some of the most meaningful parts of any holiday are the traditions we create and bring back year after year. They leave us with nostalgia and that warm, fuzzy feeling, and time and time again; our family has something to look forward to every season. We consider our Speckled Golden Egg to be a seasonal keepsake, and whether the victor gets to keep it until next year or it’s kept in a prized spot until the egg hunt, it will be in your family for many, many years.  
Elevate your Easter décor with the Golden Egg for a festive touch your family will never forget. Hide it in your Easter decorations around the house for the season, and then fill it with the most valuable prize during the egg hunt. Celebrate your Easter traditions with friends and family this year!

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