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Article: Featured Favorite: Iris Blue Pasta Bowls

Featured Favorite: Iris Blue Pasta Bowls
Featured Favorite

Featured Favorite: Iris Blue Pasta Bowls

Our Featured Favorite: Iris Blue Pasta Bowls

Cheers to Friday! This week we are diving into a new series where we will discuss some of our favorite products as our Featured Favorite, share with you why we love these designs, and introduce unique ways to use them. 
For our first Featured Favorite, we are excited to spotlight our oh-so-popular Iris Blue Burst Pip Mix Pasta Bowls. This set of two bowls will quickly become your go-to serving essentials. Each bowl features a unique design in a subtle palette of blue hues with a sophisticated pattern that complements any home. The best part of these stunning designs is that they can be used in a multitude of functions not just limited to serving foods. Ready to discover more? 


Where Classic Meets Modern

Our Iris Blue Collection features beautifully designed patterns, loosely inspired by the stages of a plant’s life from seedling to sprout. A color palette with ranging tonal blue layers perfectly together to create a cool and complete look. Each design was inspired by the beauty behind traditional blue and white dinnerware and crafted to bring you everything you need to serve and entertain. Our Iris Blue Burst Pip Mix Pasta Bowls are no exception and were carefully crafted with your needs in mind.

Serving Made Stylish 

As you prepare for your next gathering or dinner party, designate your featured dish to be served in a set of Iris Blue Pasta Bowls for the perfect solution to family-style or buffet serving 

Some of our favorite details of these must-have bowls include that they have a wider structure with space to hold a large portion of food with raised sides to form a shallow bowl. This style allows for serving dishes such as pasta or salad, where a flat plate would cause spills and a deep bowl would cause ingredients to settle to the bottom. The Iris Blue Burst Pip Mix Pasta Bowls bring you the best of both for a serving solution like no other. 


3 Ways to Use 

Whether you are a seasoned host or just looking to enhance your serving repertoire, the Iris Blue Burst Pip Mix Pasta Bowls are simply put: an essential. Featuring two sizes in coordinating hues, each design not only provides stylish serving but can also introduce a unique décor element to your home.  

Here are three unique ways to use these bowls: 

  • Serving  

  • Centerpiece 

  • Catchall 


This may seem obvious, but these bowls are an ideal choice for serving crowds. Their unique shapes bring more opportunities to serve different dishes while remaining a comfortable size for passing around the table.  
Another bonus, these bowls are also sold separately to use for any style of serving or even as a slightly oversized individual serving bowl. The smaller 11inch pasta bowl is the perfect pasta, curry, or braised entrée bowl since the taller sides makes for no mess with juicier recipes.  

Plus, when preparing your next gathering, you can easily coordinate with other dinnerware essentials from the same collection – talk about a win-win. 


A Stunning Centerpiece  

Turns heads and curate your custom centerpiece using the Iris Blue Burst Large Pasta Bowl as the main attraction. With its shallow sides and tonal blues, this sophisticated piece is the perfect design for a uniquely coordinating centerpiece display.  

By itself, it makes for a statement décor piece simply standing empty in the center of a table. You can also add a bundle of greenery and nestle a few colorful eggs for the perfect Easter tablescape, or fill with ornaments for your next holiday soirée, the choices are truly endless.  


Custom Catchall

Bring style to your entryway with the Iris Blue Pip Small Pasta Bowl as the perfect catchall for your everyday needs. Toss your keys, phone, wallet, you name it and keep your grab-and-go essentials close at hand.  


Whether on the search for new serveware or simply looking for a springtime home décor spruce, each design in our Iris Blue Collection brings you the classic yet modern styles every home needs. Discover why we adore the Iris Blue Burst Pip Mix Pasta Bowls and introduce these must-haves to your everyday entertaining essentials.  


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