Hop into Spring with a Table Setting for Easter

Welcome spring with an Easter table setting to be remembered for years to come. Easter is a time to be surrounded by your loved ones, and whether you’re planning an extravagant egg hunt for the kids or a decadent menu for your celebration, a thoughtful, themed table setting is the perfect way to usher in the season. We’re here to pass down our sage wisdom with a helpful checklist of what Easter dinnerware you need, ways to get creative with tabletop décor, and more so you can feel inspired to go all out this year! 

Setting the Perfect Tablescape for Easter 

Every spring, we gather around the table with friends and family to celebrate the cold months melting away and the Easter holiday. Planning a tablescape for an Easter gathering is the perfect way to set a welcoming table for your guests. This holiday, consider adding our Easter Collection to your table design for graceful silhouettes, subtle tones, and a touch of cool sophistication. 

Our collection was inspired by the unique textures and hues found in blooming springtime nature, full of best-selling seasonal shapes that will keep your Easter table looking modern and beautiful. The Speckled Rabbit Collection decorates Easter dinnerware and Easter dishes with illustrative silhouettes and subtle hues. 

The speckle pattern you’ll see is naturally occurring on robin’s eggs and makes a solid contrast to the other imagery in the collection. The rabbit is a hand-drawn homage to the famous Easter Bunny, giving a rustic texture and look to your table. Our newest Easter plates and dishes have timeless and fresh sage colors in their patterns to elevate your table. 

Why Is Setting the Easter Table Important? 

Designing and styling a unique tablescape for your gathering shows your friends and family that you put in the effort to make them feel welcome. It may sound daunting to create a stylish tabletop design, but don’t worry—a little touch can go a long way. Even the smallest of details won’t go unnoticed by your guests, and you’ll love seeing them celebrate your festive work.  
Our Easter dinnerware is designed to inspire you to get creative with meaningful and personal tablescapes. We love to gather and enjoy our family recipes any chance we get, and purposefully designing an aesthetically pleasing tabletop is a wonderful accessory to our special moments together. We wish the same to you and your loved ones, so get ready to start planning festive table settings to create memories around. 

Easter Traditions to Include at Your Gathering 

If you’re looking to pull off an elevated Easter egg hunt, look no further than our family's Golden Egg tradition. Our Founding Artist and CEO, Laura Johnson, and her family have been hiding a Golden Egg for years, and you can do the same with the newly updated Easter staple, the Speckled Golden Egg. Fill the egg with the most valuable prize inside the hollow shell so it will be the most coveted egg in the batch! 

Whether your kids are expecting the Easter bunny to hop in with a basket of candy or you have a blast dying eggs every year, celebrate your Easter traditions with your whole family. Store your goodies in one of our Easter serving dishes for all to see. 

How to Prepare for Hosting Easter 

It can feel intimidating hosting one of the most special holidays of the year, especially if you’re new at this, and whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned host, we can help you prepare with ease. You deserve to enjoy your Easter celebration, so let’s talk about what you can do in preparation so the actual event goes off without a hitch. 
While Easter is all about celebrating new beginnings and the budding nature around you, part of creating lasting memories comes from the atmosphere you create. With simple touches, like carefully choosing the color of your table linens to place with each Easter dinner plate, you can make your design warm, welcoming, and on theme. Before the big day, explore different color schemes, centerpiece ideas, and Easter dinnerware that will tie the entire event together.  
We always love to create a master list of needs, wants, guests, and meal details long before the event start so we have everything we need to accomplish in one place. You can try writing out a physical timeline to keep yourself on track, or assign different tasks to friends and family members who want to help. Note when to put parts of the meal in the oven so the meal comes out at the perfect time, and keep track of who has RSVP’d so you can plan how many place settings and Easter plates you’ll need for the occasion.  

7 Tips for Hosting Easter with Ease 

With our years of experience, we have simple tips to make hosting a breeze. Apply all of these for your special Easter gathering, and enjoy! 

  • Make a no-fail party prep timeline  

  • Write a master to-do list 

  • Assign tasks to helpers and family members 

  • Plan every course of your meal with dietary restrictions in mind 

  • Do as much food prep as possible before the meal 

  • Set the table the day before 

  • Plan fun and festive activities  

What Should Go on An Easter Table? 

Whether you’re serving an intimate brunch or a grand dinner, a beautifully set Easter table will elevate your celebration. Easter is an opportunity to add style and flair to every layer of your table, and while there are 15 basic entertaining essentials for hosting events, selecting specific Easter dinnerware will set the tone for your gathering. Use our easy-to-follow checklist to make sure you don’t miss a step in planning your luxurious table.  

Checklist for Designing the Perfect Easter Table 

  1. Easter dinnerware

  2. Easter serving dishes

  3. Easter serveware and drinkware

  4. Table linens 

  5. Easter centerpiece 

  6. Festive additions

  7. Finalize recipes 

1. Start by Selecting Easter Dinner Plates and Dinnerware 

Choosing Easter dinnerware first will set the tone, color scheme, and theme for the rest of your table. Switching your everyday dinnerware collections for seasonal items elevates your table and the atmosphere of your gathering. Lucky for you, our Easter collections are carefully created to inspire you to create gorgeous tablescapes for your special gatherings with festive patterns and hues to mix and match with. 

If you’re looking for a modern and sophisticated table setting, set the table with our Sage Speckled Rabbit Rimmed Salad Plate on top of our Signature White Rimmed Dinner Plate for a simple and stunning Easter dinnerware setting. Or celebrate our iconic ruffle edge with the Speckled Rabbit Ruffle Plate nestled into the Signature White Ruffled Dinner Plate. The ruffles will give depth and a pop of texture to your table, and your guests can enjoy the festive bunny design.  
If you’re looking for a little more color, try mixing in the classic Iris Blue Drop Dinner Plate. Tie the table together by finding the same color palette in your floral centerpiece. Iris blue can be found in the blossoming springtime flowers, so it shouldn’t be too hard to create a flowing theme throughout your Easter dinnerware.  

2. Find Easter Serving Dishes for Your Table 

Serving dishes and platters are a necessity with their ability to carry food to the table and present your courses before guests dig in. So, whether you’re going the traditional route of ham or with a more modern twist, Easter serving platters and dishes will be handy in the kitchen and on the tablescape. If you’re using your everyday collection, integrate our Easter serving dishes like our Easter mugs for a touch of festive cheer. 

Try using the Speckled Rabbit Ruffle Oval Platter as a charcuterie board so your guests can graze before the big meal. For sides, desserts, and even the main course, consider our spectacular Speckled Rabbit Ruffle Best Bowl to present your prize meals to your table.

3. Choose Matching Serveware for the Easter Table  

If you don’t have Easter serveware like bowls, glasses, or serving utensils, don’t worry; our Easter collection pairs beautifully with our everyday items. Feel inspired to mix and match your festive Easter dinnerware with the staple items from your own kitchen and our collections. Go for a rustic look by placing your Easter plates and Easter serving dishes on the wooden Fundamental Collection, or go timeless with the perfect neutral Signature White Collection. 

4. Selecting Table Linens for Your Easter Tablescape 

Table linens include table clothes, cloth napkins, and cocktail napkins, and we have a wide array of mix-and-match napkins for you to personalize your tablescape. Unlock your inner designer with table linens and find hues of napkins that complement your color scheme, whether you’re going for a classic pastel springtime look or a modern, bright, and colorful vibe. Make sure to use our favorite Easter hand towel, the Speckled Rabbit Towels in the kitchen and powder room to tie the whole look together! 

One of our favorite ways to elevate an Easter table is to bring out the sage of the Speckled Rabbit Collection with our Color Block Sage and Brass Napkins for a cohesive look. If you’re going for glam or using one of your everyday collections, check out the Deco Gold Napkin for gold accents that will bring sophistication to the table. Experiment with your color scheme at home and find the perfect linens for your Easter table setting.  
The way you fold and set your napkins at the table can make all the difference when planning your Easter celebration. Experiment with laying them over the Easter plates or find unique ways to fold cloth napkins for a bonus.  

5. Designing an Easter Centerpiece 

We love nothing more than creating a fun and festive centerpiece for all our large gatherings, and Easter is one of our favorites. Whether you’re celebrating the beginning of spring, hosting an Easter Bunny brunch, or serving dinner after service, the centerpiece is a way to show off your style and welcome your guests to the table. We love to place the Golden Egg in the centerpiece to stir up excitement for the upcoming egg hunt. Once the meal is over and the hiding begins, make sure to hide this coveted egg in the hardest spot. 

Items to Include in Your Easter Centerpiece 

Complement the springtime colors of your Easter dishes with creative ideas that mimic the budding nature around you. Complete your tablescape with table accessories like these: 

  • Garlands 

  • Vines 

  • Flower bouquets 

  • Easter eggs 

  • Bunny décor 

  • Candles 

6. Festive Easter Additions 

Name cards are always a special touch for grand occasions that will make your guests feel like they belong, and Easter is no different. Use our new Sage Speckled Eggs as place cards above each Easter dinnerware place setting. Write each guest’s name with a paint pen, or even dry-erase marker and set it above their place setting to identify their spot; the egg makes a cute keepsake they can take home to remember your successful party!  

7. Finalize Your Easter Recipes 

What kind of hosts would we be if we didn’t share our favorite family recipes with you? If you need the inspiration to mix up your Easter meal this year, look no further.  
Planning a more casual lunch? For an untraditional but delicious choice, try our Wild Rice and Chicken Salad Recipe. It’s fresh and delectable and hearty enough to fill your guests up. Serve one of our Easter platters right to the table for your festivities. If you’re after a new appetizer or side dish for your Easter celebration, try our Grilled Seasoned Artichokes with Lemon Sauce. Serve these fresh, seasonal ingredients with a tasty sauce, and use our Speckled Rabbit Ruffle Best Bowl for the leftover leaves. 

As the flowers bloom and the snow melts away, it’s the perfect time to come together for a memorable gathering. Taking the time to show your loved ones you care is one of the many reasons we love to celebrate the holidays together. Creating the atmosphere for your Easter celebration all comes down to your tablescape, and with our helpful tips and tricks, we hope you’re inspired to get out there and create beautiful memories with your friends and family this spring. 


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