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Article: How to Host a Couple's Baby Shower

How to Host a Couple's Baby Shower

How to Host a Couple's Baby Shower

Baby shower season is in full swing! We ourselves are still buzzing with excitement from recent couple's showers for our very own Kyle and Warren, as well as for Logan and Ernest. Because one of our favorite things to do is gathering and celebrating, we spared no effort in organizing two different couple's baby showers for our family - all in the last year! 

With the season of baby showers upon us, we’re excited to share a step-by-step guide to help you host a memorable gathering of your own, drawing inspiration from two of our own family celebrations! 

How To Host a Couples’ Baby Shower 

1. Choose your baby shower theme – We love drawing inspiration from baby traditions and the season when organizing baby showers. For Kyle and Warren’s couple's baby shower, we let Kyle’s love for bright hues and florals shine through and opted to have an indoor-outdoor, evening, casual but elevated couple’s baby shower.  

2. Send out shower invitations – Try to send out invitations to the shower 2 months in advance to ensure all the couples' friends and family members have enough time to arrange attending. Remember to include the dress code, how to access the baby registry, the address for the venue, and RSVP information.  

3. Curate a menu – The options are endless when it comes to curating the perfect couple’s baby shower menu. We love to draw from the parents-to-be and their favorite foods and cuisines when we curate a menu for a shower. For Logan and Ernest’s shower, we enlisted the help of a local Cuban cuisine caterer since she grew up in Tampa and adores Cuban food. Whether you choose a homemade menu or go the catering route, curating the perfect menu can make the shower memorable. 

    Pro tip: Make sure you have options for those who might have allergies or dietary restrictions!  

    1. Choose a serving style – Choosing a serving style is an important part of planning the couple’s baby shower. To select one that works best for your party, consider these elements: 
    • Number of guests 
    • Whether the party is indoors or outdoors 
    • What you’re serving 
    • Whether you’re catering the event or not 
    • The weather / season  

    Once you answer those questions, you can nail down whether you want to have a buffet serving style, a plated dinner serving style, or a more casual family serving style. For both Kyle and Warren’s and Logan and Ernest’s showers, we opted for a buffet serving style for the casual but elevated party since there were many guests and we utilized the whole house to entertain.   

    1. Design the tablescape - Design a tablescape that you {and the parents-to-be!} will love by reflecting their style and preferences. If the pair likes vibrant patterns, consider integrating them into the linens, like on tablecloths, placemats, napkins, or cocktail napkins. For the parents-to-be who prefer a minimalist aesthetic, opt for neutral hues and sleek table accents. Incorporate floral arrangements in decorative vases, candles, or potted plants to compeltely customize the tablescape. There's a multitude of possibilities!  

    2. Put up decorations – If you decided to incorporate décor, putting the decorations up can be done ahead of time in many cases. Hang garlands, prop up signs, arrange games or other baby shower activities, blow up balloons, and stage the space. For Kyle and Warren’s shower, we opted to have a “Display Shower” where guests put unwrapped gifts on a large table, center stage. This added texture and color to the gathering.  

    3. Set the table – As the couple's baby shower day approaches, the final task is to prepare the table, following your party preparation schedule. Depending on the venue for the shower, you might be able to set the table the day before. Arrange the table settings, organize the flowers, display the menus, set out place cards, and handle any other preparatory tasks you can anticipate. 

    2 Couples’ Baby Showers to Host for the Parents To-Be 

    For Baby Smith 

    "The Johnson, Smith, and Bowen families, as well as Kyle and Warren’s closest friends, gathered in my home to shower Kyle and Warren with love, blessings, and laughs – and share their best parenting advice and childhood memories with the expecting parents. 

    We wanted to make this more of a party with the purpose of a baby shower instead of the theme being "baby shower.” Kyle is all about color, so wanted to make sure there were pops of color throughout and that there was an “outdoor feel” with it being summertime.   

    The baby shower couldn’t have been filled with more love and excitement, and it was a sweet and anticipatory experience for all. oin me as I share all about celebrating the expecting parents at this couple's shower!” 

    - Courtney 

    For Baby Firth  

    “Our cousin {and niece} Logan, and her husband, Ernest, are expecting a baby girl due on New Year’s Day, 2024. In true Johnson girl fashion, we {Laura, Kyle, Sara Kate, and Mary Parker} were charged with throwing the parents-to-be a couple’s shower in Atlanta – and it was one for the books!  

    Logan and Ernest's couple's shower was full of love, laughs, and delicious food. Host your own shower this Autumn using this casual but elevated theme. Join us as we carry on the tradition of throwing the Parks girls {Marcie, Taylor, Courtney, and Logan} celebratory showers."  

    -Laura, Kyle, Sara Kate, and Mary Parker 

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