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Article: For Baby Firth Gathering

For Baby Firth Gathering

For Baby Firth Gathering

This September, the Johnson girls carried on the tradition of holding parties for the Parks girls with a couple’s shower for our cousin {and niece} Logan and her husband, Ernest. Hosted at Taylor’s home in Atlanta, the evening was pulled together amidst home renovations in just a day and a half.  

If anyone needs to get a home renovation project completed, Taylor suggests hosting a gathering. There is nothing like having a party – in this case, Logan’s and Ernest’s couples shower - as a deadline to get things done!  

Furniture arrived, pictures were hung, and last-minute rearranging was happening just 24 hours before the party started – what better way to ensure a new home looks picture perfect?  

The Gathering 

Us Johnson girls love to entertain and getting the opportunity to throw {another} Parks girl baby shower was a delight. We wanted to celebrate both of the parents-to-be, so we opted to have a couple’s shower and invite all of Logan and Ernest’s closest friends and family. The guest list was made up of all adults, and we had a babysitter upstairs to take care of the kids for a more mature and sophisticated, but colorful and whimsical gathering.  

The inspiration behind the vibe and menu came from Logan’s upbringing in Tampa and her love for Cuban food, and we wanted to incorporate Ernest’s upbringing in Destin and his love for fishing into the party. Because they’re having a baby girl, we wanted to incorporate pink elements to the party, but not make it too girly because it was coed.  

The Décor 

Because we weren’t hosting at our own house, we didn’t want to put up a bunch of décor, so we decorated lightly with an array of florals in terra cotta pots. Before the party, we sent out invitations that were orange and pink to match the party’s theme. Keeping with that theme, we picked up marigold, pink, purple, garnet, and green mums from a local garden center and placed them in terra pots all throughout the house alongside a bunch of lit candles.  

We also decided to have a Display Shower where guests brought unwrapped gifts and placed them on a table on display for everyone to see. This added color and volume to the overall look of the party.  

The Serving Spread 

We set up the food on the island in the middle of the open-concept kitchen to mark the area as the hub of the party. We placed mums in the middle of the island as a centerpiece and arranged the platters of foods, plates, and utensils around them to add volume. Appetizers were set up on the coffee table in the living room, and cookies were set up on tiered stands near the exit for guests to grab as they left. 

The Menu 

Logan grew up in Tampa, where she fell in love with Cuban cuisine, so we wanted that to shine through in the menu. To reduce the amount of time we spent in the kitchen {instead of with guest}, we decided to order several Cuban cuisine favorites from local restaurant, Papi’s Grill 



  • Cuban sandwiches 
  • Chicken empanadas 
  • Yellow rice 
  • Black beans 
  • Lime crema  

The food was delivered ready to press, which we did ourselves right before the party started so they were hot and ready. The food was fantastic, and we ordered way too much, leaving us with many leftovers {but we had no complaints!} 

The Bar 

The bar was set up outside on the covered patio, safe from the rain pouring outside. We kept the menu simple and fun and bought white wine for the men and Rosé for the women. A signature mocktail called “Mum’s the Word” was inspired by Logan and was a hit. Laura also made homemade white wine Sangria to keep with the Cuban cuisine theme.  

The Music 

Throughout the evening, we had punchy Cuban music playing in the background. It helped set the mood and pulled together the Cuban-inspired gathering.  

The Games 

Kyle came up with a game to spark some friendly competition among guests and tie in some of Ernest’s hobbies. We set up a “pond” full of notecards with different times on them. Guests “fished” and bet on who “caught" the correct time of Baby Firth’s arrival. Toward the end of the party, the kids came downstairs to join in on festivities, and they loved the game just as much as the adults did.  

The Final Look 

Logan and Ernest’s couple’s shower was full of laughs, delicious food, and delightful company. We hope you feel inspired with this done-for-you look, too!  

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