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Article: Set a Table You Love with Stylish Dish Sets

Set a Table You Love with Stylish Dish Sets

Set a Table You Love with Stylish Dish Sets

Whether you’re hosting for the first time or the hundredth, inviting family and friends over to celebrate wouldn’t be complete without a stylish table setting to gather around. From the stunning centerpieces of a formal event to the laid-back table for a simple breakfast, the plate and bowl sets you choose can set the tone for the entire meal. Set yourself up for success and stock up on dinnerware sets to make setting a table you love easy.

What is a Dish Set?

A dish set is made up of multiples of the same dinnerware item. Rather than buying each plate or bowl set individually, you can purchase a set with one click and receive multiple matching dishes. Our dinnerware sets come in groups of four to mirror the average family size and make buying multiple plate and bowl sets simple. Shop for a pattern you love, from vibrant pops of pattern to timeless neutrals.

Why We Love Dish Sets

If you're looking to curate your dinnerware collection, dish sets are a simple way to collect different dish patterns. As you shop for dinnerware sets, picture the colors and designs together to imagine the mix-and-match abilities for parties in the future. Whether shopping for Christmas dishes or everyday dinner plate sets, you can use them to make your kitchen as festive as the rest of your home.

Buying plate and bowl sets makes dinnerware shopping easy and helps ensure you find everything you're looking for. Rather than buying one dish at a time, invest in ready-made dinnerware place settings, complete with the correct number of dinner plates, salad plates, mugs, and bowls. You'll never have to worry about missing dishes or not having enough for your guests when you buy your dinnerware in sets. 

When to Use Dish Sets

Short answer — whenever you're setting a table. We love to use dish sets when hosting breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner parties for small gatherings. This ensures that everything on our tables matches and takes the guesswork out of setting the table. From formal celebrations to an average weeknight dinner with our family, plate and bowl sets make setting the table easy without sacrificing style.

5 Perfect Occasions for Dish Sets:

5 Perfect Occasions for Dish Sets:

Types of Coton Colors Dish Sets

We offer multiple types of dish sets differing in style, size, and dinnerware item. While shopping for Christmas dish sets or adding to your registry, it's important to understand what is included in each type of plate and bowl set

4-Piece Place Settings

If you like the look of an all-matching place setting for each person, a four-piece set has everything you need for a basic setting style. With one dinner plate, one salad plate, one bowl, and one mug in this set, you can kickstart your matching collection. Add one four-piece plate and bowl set per family member or guest for a ready-made table whenever you’d like. 

12-Piece Place Settings

Twelve-piece sets are perfect for anyone who hosts a larger guest list or loves a cohesive tablescape at their gatherings. In this plate and bowl set, there are four dinner plates, four salad plates, and four small bowls made to match. This type of dinnerware set is the perfect starter set, filling anyone’s kitchen cabinets fast — and with style. Complete your collections with one click and choose a twelve-piece plate and bowl set you can't get enough of. 

Platter Sets 

Platters are essential, and owning a couple in the same pattern and size will make hosting easy. Buy this type of set for four multifunctional platters that you can use for anything, from serving appetizers at a dinner party to setting a charger plate under your dinner plate sets. Also consider these if you're looking for a stylish hostess gift.

Dinner Plate Sets

Dinner plates are often the most-used dinnerware in a home, and stocking up on one or more matching dinner plate sets will make mealtime even easier. These dinner plate sets have four dinner plates. They are perfect for those who love the traditional aesthetic of a matching tablescape for anything from holiday celebrations to intimate family gatherings. 

Salad Plate Sets

Salad plates are the perfect accent pieces for a place setting, and when you buy them separately from a dinner plate set, you can choose to mix or match patterns. This dish set comes with four salad plates, helping you serve anything from small bites to dessert. Choose a dinnerware design that layers well with your favorite dinner plate sets for a unique look at any gathering. 

Small Bowl Sets

Small bowls are a standard dining essential, whether you're using them as a creative tablescape accent or for serving up a helping of Mexican Fried Ice Cream. Discover a daring set of four small bowls to complete your dinnerware collection. Consider how they will look in a formal setting with the salad and dinner plate sets to find bowls you'll love to use for years.  

Mug Sets 

Mugs are our favorite type of glassware to drink from year-round, from our daily cup of coffee to holiday hot chocolate. While some people prefer the eclectic mug look, a mug set is ideal for anyone who enjoys a clean dinnerware aesthetic. Display four matching mugs on your coffee bar or set the table for after-dinner tea with style.

Why You Should Buy Multiple Dish Sets

With the amazing designs of dinnerware sets, why settle for just one of each kind? Buying multiple plate and bowl sets ensures your kitchen is table-setting ready at any time for any occasion. With multiple dinnerware patterns to choose from, you can change up the look of your table and create unique, customizable dinnerware settings for every meal, whether you've been planning the gathering for weeks or decided to host on a whim.  

While it's great to have at least one full dinner plate setting, we recommend having four plate and bowl sets—one for each season. Switching out dishes seasonally helps you refresh the look of your home and celebrate different times of the year as a family. We love using Signature White for winter, Iris Blue for Spring, Crew for fall, and Blush for summer—but don't discount the whimsical and colorful Christmas dish sets and Thanksgiving dinnerware sets for holiday gatherings. 

Pro tip: if you can't yet buy multiple sets, try switching out just the salad plates with your everyday plate sets to match the seasons.

Our 3 Favorite Dish Sets

Our family loves the ease and beauty of owning handy collections of plate and bowl sets — so we take pride in designing the different dinnerware collections. Multiple colors and patterns bring effortless style and simplicity to the tabletop. Stock up on our favorite versatile dinner plate and bowl sets, mugs, and more from three of our favorite collections to be ready for any gathering: 

1. Timeless Signature White Dinnerware Sets

If you're looking for base layer dinnerware for an elaborate tablescape or just love the clean look of a white table setting, our Signature White design is perfect. With an elegant but simple nature, these plate and bowl sets are the ideal neutral and versatile layer for any event or style.   

The plates, platters, and bowls feature our adored ruffle edge and a creamy white color that will never go out of style.

Signature White Dish Set Options:

2. Rustic Fundamentals Dinnerware Sets

Fundamentals sets are made from acacia wood, lending a natural, rustic look to any tabletop, from holiday brunches to everyday meals. The ruffle edge and beautiful brown wooden tones make a versatile item in your dinnerware collection. Every Fundamental dinner plate and bowl set works beautifully as a foundational piece. Whether setting out complete place settings or mixing and matching dinnerware to add a unique accent, these dish sets are elevated and stylish. 

Fundamental Dish Set Options:

3. Bright Iris Blue Dinnerware Sets

    The Iris Blue dinnerware sets aren't your average everyday collection. With a pop of subtle iris flower blue and patterns inspired by the life-cycle of plants, these plate and bowl sets instantly elevate any table setting, from bridal showers to cocktail parties. Set a table you enjoy with an entire Iris Blue plate and bowl set, or pair specific pieces with other collections, like Blush, for any occasion. 

    Iris Blue Dish Set Options:

    What's the Best Dish Set To Add to My Registry? 

    Registries are designed to help you set up the next phase of your life—making it the perfect time to start (or redo) your dinnerware collection. Whether you're signing up for a wedding registry or a housewarming party, a twelve-piece dinnerware set is the perfect addition. You can customize your registry requests further by adding different four-piece dinnerware sets that mix and match. Owning a matching starter plate and bowl set will help you host for years, whether you prefer the timeless elegance of the Signature White 12-Piece Dinnerware Set or the subtle blue patterns of the Iris Blue 12-Piece Dinnerware Set

    How to Add Dish Sets to Wedding Registries 

    If you register completely online, you can sign up with popular websites such as MyRegistry or The Knot to easily sync online gifts from different top retailers into one list. If you decide to register in person and get that unforgettable tactile experience of scanning items in the store, you can hand-select each item. Either way, once you add your favorite dinnerware to your registry, the list will get sent out to your guest list before the big day, with an item being removed as it is purchased to avoid duplicates. 

    3 Ways to Change Up Your Look with Dish Sets

    Sets of dinnerware are not only perfect for a matching tablescape—they can work as the ideal accent piece to switch up the style of your gathering. In our years of experience, we have three tried-and-true ways to transform the look of our table with timeless dinnerware sets:

    1. Incorporate Holiday Plate and Bowl Sets

      Keep your favorite everyday dinnerware on the table and switch out key pieces with holiday dish sets to bring on the festive cheer. Celebrate with adorable depictions of Santa and his reindeer with Christmas dish sets all season long, or give thanks with autumnal salad plate sets.

      2. Make a Statement with Mugs  

        If you want to give your kitchen and dining room a new look, switch out your mugs for holidays and themed soirees as a nod to the season. Even if the rest of your everyday plate and bowl sets remain the same, adding new mug patterns can revamp the entire feel of an event. Mugs are also a great thing to gift people, and if you're preparing your favorite Christmas dinnerware for a gift-giving celebration, consider adding a take-home keepsake mug so everyone can take a memento.

        3. Switch Out the Salad Plates

          Salad plate sets are versatile in serving and style, and when you stock up on multiple, you can change any table setting with one step. Our favorite way to change up the look is to set a more neutral dinner plate and then add a fun salad plate for a pop of pattern or color. We designed our dinner plate sets with the idea that they should fit in everywhere, so it shouldn't be too hard.

          Invite your loved ones from near and far to create long-lasting memories over a tablescape of plate and bowl sets. Our dish sets are designed to seamlessly blend into your dinnerware collection, whether hosting a holiday dinner party with Thanksgiving dinnerware or setting an everyday table you love. 

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