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Article: 2023 Johnson Family Annual Ornaments for 2023

2023 Johnson Family Annual Ornaments for 2023
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2023 Johnson Family Annual Ornaments for 2023

‘Tis the season to trim our trees with our favorite collectable ornaments! Each year, our family celebrates new milestones, whether it’s moving into a new home {we have one!}, a new marriage {we have two!} the birth of a new baby {we have one!}, expecting a new baby {we have one!} or a big anniversary. We love ornament traditions and are so grateful to be able to commemorate special achievements on our tree year after year. Each ornament on our trees holds a story, and our family has many to tell this year! 

Every year, we choose an ornament to commemorate a special memory or cherished achievement in our family. This year, we’ve all selected ornaments that represent our biggest achievements and milestones and are sharing our personal picks.  See the ornaments we picked last year and read on to see our selections for 2023.  

Laura, Founding Artist and CEO:

I chose the My First Christmas Snowman Girl Glass Ornament in honor of the birth of my first granddaughter, Baby Emma. I plan to personalize it with all of Baby Emma’s details. Of course, I will hang it front and center on my tree this year as another reminder of this very special celebration that our family has enjoyed this year. I plan to gift it to Emma when she is ready to decorate her first tree. 


Kyle, Creative Director: 

I am so excited to hang Emma’s first ornament on the tree this year, and although I had a hard time deciding between a few favorite styles we’ve designed for the milestone, I ended up choosing the Pink Baby's First Christmas Glass Ornament to celebrate Emma Hill's very first Christmas out in the world. I love the combination of shades of pink and the vintage ornament motif, as each year, I lean more into a colorful, vintage-Christmas-inspired décor in our home for the holiday season. Warren and I are so looking forward to keeping family traditions and starting our own with our newest addition! 


Sara Kate, Brand Photographer:  

I picked the Merrily Ever After Glass Ornament because I have a couple of friends who are having Winter weddings, and it’s the perfect mix of wedding and the holidays. I plan to gift my friends this ornament to celebrate their upcoming weddings and the Christmas season. 


Mary Parker, Merchandising Manager: 

This year we are adding multiple new ornaments to our Christmas Tree because {of course}, I couldn't just choose one. Some of our new additions:  

  • Next Stop Happily Ever After Glass Ornament: We picked out this ornament when we officially had a wedding date on the books! We personalized the ornament with, “The Bowens May 12, 2023” and shared the picture with our whole family.  
  • Miss to Mrs. Glass Ornament: My sisters who were my maids of honor personalized all of these ornaments and gifted them to all the girls on my bachelorette party. It is such a fun memento to this special trip that was celebrated before "I do!"  
  • Wedding Cake Glass Ornament: We chose this one to represent our actual wedding celebration. We personalized it with the date as our wedding ornament.  
  • Best Aunt Ever Glass Ornament: This ornament will always be a special one as Kyle gifted this to me to share the happiest news: she and Warren were expecting in 2023! Now we can't wait to celebrate my niece's first Christmas this Christmas.  
  • Our First Christmas Glass Ornament: And of course, we had to celebrate Our First Christmas as Mr. and Mrs.


Taylor, Atlanta Flagship Store Owner: 

We are so excited to celebrate our FIRST Christmas in our new home! We can’t wait to start new traditions and decorate this house for the holidays with the Our First Christmas in Our New Home Glass Ornament. Bonus: we can personalize this ornament to include the year 2023 and our new address!  


Courtney, Finance Director: 

My ornament pick is for our dog, Ruby’s, first “official” Christmas, and it’s the Pet Portrait Glass Ornament – Curly. I also honestly just love the Gleaming Lights Glass Ornament. It’s even inspired me to maybe switch to colored lights on my tree this year - something I thought I’d never do! 


    Marcie, Fulfillment Center Director: 

    The ornament I’m picking this year is the Trimmed Tree Glass Ornament. I love this one because we have a wild and totally untraditional tree that is filled with lots of wonderful memories over the years. It is always fun to see the style of tree we get each year! Some years have been big and full - too full! Others have been skinny and tall, and for the last several years, they have been unshorn and wild!

    Your tree tells the story of your life. The tradition of adding a new commemorative ornament to the Christmas tree is carried on by many families in many homes. Our ornaments are keepsakes meant to be used and treasured year after year. Choose your own ornament this year {don’t forget to personalize it!} to start the tradition in your family’s holiday home. Shop all ornaments now.   

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