Ornament Traditions We Love

One of our favorite things about the holiday season is seeing Christmas trees of every size and shape decorated with ornaments that tell a story. Some trees tell their story in coordinated colors and plain white lights, while others take you on an adventure of sights, sounds, and personalized Christmas ornaments that weave together the lives of the people who gather around that tree each year. Whatever your ornament style may be, we are here to celebrate you and your ornament traditions! 

Ornaments make a unique gift that can celebrate each of the milestones and special moments in an individual’s life. An ornament gift can take one’s shining moment and capture it for display throughout the year, for years to come. One reason a personalized Christmas ornament gift makes an ideal addition to a celebration is that it doesn’t have to stay in the attic all year only to be dusted off at Christmas. It can easily be part of their everyday décor with an ornament stand, allowing the sentiment to be relived each time it is seen. 


History of the Ornament 

Ornaments were initially created as decorations for a Christmas tree in the 17th century and consisted of paper wafers and apples. Foods were molded into different shapes and hung on the boughs, giving the trees the nickname “sugar trees” because of the goodies placed in the branches. As you can imagine, the ornaments were not very durable – or sustainable. 
Edible ornaments succumbed to a hungry child (or the dog), and eventually, food items were left off the tree and replaced with bags of candy, candy canes, and sugar plums. Small gifts were also hung on the tree, starting the tradition of ornament gifts, and creating a type of décor that is ever evolving and becoming more personalized. 


Commemorating Milestone with Heartfelt Ornaments 

Our founding artist and CEO, Laura Johnson, designed the Coton Colors ornament collection after she was continuously unable to find suitable ornament gifts to celebrate life’s special moments with her family. She designed heartfelt ornaments to tell each person’s story and commemorate milestones and achievements throughout the year. 

Ornaments from Coton Colors are more than just decorations. They are a gift that captures happy moments and nostalgic remembrance of past celebrations, each one telling the story of the collector’s life.  
Some like ornaments of all one color or theme, but with our ornament gifts, a variety of colors and designs can come together to tell the story of your well-lived life. 


Occasions for an Ornament Gift 

  • Holidays 

  • Milestones 

  • New pet 

All of life’s special moments are meant to be celebrated, and we have designed ornament gifts that encourage collections to be started and a story of a life well lived to unfold. Whether you are celebrating a milestone moment like an engagement or adopting a dog, we have the ornament gift that celebrates the moment. You can start a beautiful ornament tradition and gift personalized Christmas ornaments that commemorate the achievements and milestones of your friends and loved ones and let the collection tell their story. 


Personalized Ornament Gifts 

We love personalized ornaments for any occasion. The addition of a date or a simple message on an ornament gift makes for a more sentimental feel. When you add the date to an ornament gift to celebrate your oldest daughter’s first home purchase, you not only celebrate an important milestone, you show her that the day it happened is an important date to remember. That ornament can join the collection that will weave her life story on her Christmas tree each year and be displayed throughout her new home as sentimental home décor all year long. 

The features of our glass ornaments will inspire you to display them in your home year-round. An ornament gift celebrating new grandparents is best displayed on an ornament stand all year long. Never miss an opportunity to talk about the new grandbaby with that perfect reminder always in sight! Or keep them tucked safely away nearby. Our matching gift boxes ensure that your ornaments stay in a hutch or on a mantel dust-free and ready to show off at a moment’s notice. 
Build a collection, one celebration and one ornament at a time. Personalized Christmas ornaments are one way to transform simple decorations into small remembrances of happy times in our lives, each one telling a story. Like each ornament gift, every story is unique, and there are many stories to tell. Ornament gifts are a great way to commemorate so many happy moments throughout the year. 


Personalized Christmas Ornament Traditions 

We have a particular fondness for personalized Christmas ornaments. Our oversized ornament is the first of its kind, and it was designed to spread holiday cheer and embellish your Christmas tree for years to come. Personalized Christmas ornaments create a one-of-a-kind gift and capture life’s moments in festive handmade glass ornaments. 

From big celebrations to small occasions, each ornament gift is designed to recognize life’s achievements during the year and complement your collection. Personalized Christmas ornaments are a collection of ornament gifts that make decorating the tree each year more than a holiday activity. Each personalized Christmas ornament is a joyful memory that is revisited year after year. 
It is never too late to start telling the story of a well-lived life! Jump-start a collection of personalized Christmas ornaments with the 12 Days of Christmas Glass Ornaments set. Or celebrate the start of your own ornament tradition with The Birth of Christ Glass Ornament Series, Set of 8. Whenever you start your own personalized Christmas ornament collection, you will be trimming the tree with memories and celebrations to relive each year. 


Presenting Ornament Gifts 

In addition to collecting ornaments, presenting ornament gifts is another favorite tradition in our family. Of course, each Coton Colors ornament comes with a coordinating ribbon, so it is ready to hang and is presented in a wonderful gift box for convenience and storing. But our ornament tradition goes beyond what you see when the ornament is presented to you – it’s in the fun that comes with giving! 


Ornament Exchange Tradition 

One of our favorite ornament traditions is gathering with family and friends to have an ornament exchange party. The holidays can be an extremely busy time of year, so it’s important to schedule time to remember to slow down, spend time with family, or have a girl’s night. It is certainly an occasion worth celebrating when you can spend an evening sipping signature holiday cocktails, chatting with friends, and embracing the magic of the season.  


3 Reasons to Host an Ornament Gift Exchange: 

  • Great excuse to invite the girls over 

  • Fresh take on the White Elephant gift exchange 

  • No pressure choosing a gift – it’s an ornament exchange! 

This is a perfect excuse to get the girls together. Go easy on yourself and keep the invite list short. Printed invitations are easily available, or you can send a digital invite! Once your guest list is finalized, you can draw names in advance so guests can choose personalized Christmas ornaments for the person they chose, or keep it simple and just have everyone bring a wrapped ornament gift. 


Planning an Ornament Exchange Gathering 

Plan a simple menu and highlight the holidays in accent serveware on a Signature White tablescape. Let your holiday cocktail, wine, and beer complete your drink list with a delicious meal or light charcuterie spread. After a memorable meal, get right to the fun of opening ornament gifts! 
We love ornament traditions that focus on the people around us and the occasion for being together. Bringing friends together to exchange ornament gifts is a memorable way to add to the story of their life. Want to make one more memory? Let each guest make their own paper angel and take a picture as they hang it on your tree - a perfect sentimental reminder of an evening with friends. 

Commit to hosting an ornament exchange with your closest friends this year. A tradition has to start somewhere! Share your new obsession for personalized Christmas ornaments. After selecting an ornament for the ornament exchange, make it your new tradition to buy a personalized Christmas ornament for everyone who will attend your party. You’ll help them celebrate a moment in their life with an ornament gift and get them started telling their stories and recounting their memories. 


Family Ornament Gift Tradition 

In some families, the parents or grandparents gift the children an ornament every year to hang on the tree. We love this tradition as they’re able to choose an ornament that celebrates their accomplishments or interests that year. As years go by, your tree will tell the story of your family. 


Ornament Gift Ideas: 

  • Travel Ornament 

  • University Ornament 

  • Hobby Ornament 

  • Occupation Ornament 

Over the years, you can record almost every personal or family milestone with a personalized ornament. This is an invaluable tradition you can pass down through your family. Create a storybook of your life together with ornaments. It is a lovely story, and it is worth sharing. 


Personalized Travel Ornaments 

Travel is an ideal occasion to gift a personalized ornament. The special traveler in your life will be delighted to have the occasion commemorated on an ornament gift that can be displayed as part of the story of their life each year on the Christmas tree. Whether they are packing up for a Christmas vacation or heading back to Maine in search of the world’s biggest lobster, the fact that you remembered – and celebrated – their adventure will mean the world. 


Celebrating School Rivalries 

Attending college isn’t just a milestone worthy of an ornament gift; it is the start of an ornament tradition that will last a lifetime! Gift a personalized Christmas ornament that celebrates their school colors. Whether they cheer for the Vols or the University of Kentucky, this is one ornament tradition that will hold a place of honor on their tree every year – and as home décor during rivalry games. 


Hobby Ornament 

Find an ornament that celebrates what they did that year! Whether a child joined the soccer team, learned how to play basketball, or spent their year reading books, there’s an ornament to celebrate everything. An ornament gift that represents their hobbies can be appreciated annually as you decorate the tree. As each year passes, they’ll always look back and remember those special moments exploring a new hobby. Don’t forget to add a custom message and make it a personalized Christmas ornament! 


Occupation Ornament 

Do you have a favorite stylist that inspires you? Share your joy with a personalized Christmas ornament that shows them just how much you care. The school nurse who cares for your children when they are sick and the teacher who works tirelessly every day both deserve a celebration. These ornament gifts can be personalized with a name and date so they can look back with joy and remember your child for years to come. 


Religious Ornament Traditions for the Holidays

Ornament traditions all start somewhere, and some families choose to start with the reason for the season. Religious ornaments make thoughtful gifts and create a beautiful theme that harmonizes with celebrations throughout the year. If our life story is reflected in the branches of our Christmas tree, religious ornaments bring the true meaning of the holiday to life on our tree. 

Our collection of religious ornaments brings extra celebration to your holiday occasion with designs from Happy Birthday Jesus to a Neutral Cross. Religious ornaments are a lovely way to display your beliefs and create an ornament tradition with your family that they can take with them when they begin families of their own. They also make lovely ornament gifts for other members of your family who want to start their own religious ornament collection. 
Coton Colors has a stunning array of nativity-themed religious ornaments. The Birth of Christ Glass Ornament Series shares the story of Christ’s birth with hand-drawn illustrations and scripture references in each design. Other colorful religious ornaments can join your collection as you make your Christmas tree the tapestry of your life’s journey. Gift a religious ornament and share your ornament tradition. 


Start Your Own Ornament Tradition 

If you haven’t already started your own ornament tradition, the best time to start is now. Start by celebrating your friends and family. Recognize their achievements and present ornament gifts to celebrate milestones and small occasions. Or begin a special collection of your own. 

Your life is filled with adventure, milestones, and special reasons to reflect and celebrate. Gift yourself or a loved one with a religious ornament set, or collect every ornament that has your alma mater on it. However you choose to start your collection, you will find so much joy in your story and the ability to tell it every year, woven in the branches of your Christmas tree. 


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