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Article: Bright {White} and Blooming Bridal Party Luncheon Gathering

Bright {White} and Blooming Bridal Party Luncheon Gathering

Bright {White} and Blooming Bridal Party Luncheon Gathering

Just recently in May, our very own Mary Parker got married in our hometown Tallahassee, FL surrounded by family and friends. As tradition carries on, we {Marcie, Courtney, Taylor, and Logan} set out to plan a beautiful Bridal Party luncheon to honor the bride-to-be and her bridal party to continue the festivities of the week. We planned and plotted and honed a fitting mood board to corral our many ideas for such an occasion {you can explore more on the planning and prep details here. 
Join us as we share the finished look for what we’ve nicknamed the “Bright {White} and Blooming Bridal Party Luncheon” with you as one of our featured curated gatherings in hopes that it inspires you with an entertaining idea, too. 


The Gathering 

Is there anything sweeter than carrying on tradition... especially to celebrate a big milestone like a wedding? Marcie, Courtney, Taylor, and Logan honored the bride-to-be, Mary Parker, and her bridal party at a sweet and serene luncheon with an easy and breezy outdoor setting.  

The intentions for the gathering to be slow-paced, feminine, and traditional were flawlessly executed on a beautiful spring morning and through every sweet and subtle detail.   


The Prep 

Our family has settled into a pretty workable routine that let’s everyone’s individual skills contribute well to the design and execution of a successful event. This is a big piece of the process that took some time to really master, and now is one of our biggest tips to share with those that are a little more intimidated by all the work is typically takes to entertain. Perfecting that skill and following our no-fail party prep timeline makes entertaining so much easier and more enjoyable for all involved in hosting. 


This occasion was no exception! Here’s how we delegated set tasks to each individual in order to make execution and set up even smoother.  

  • Marcie – Lead Host, Venue Provider, and Caterer Coordinator. Her covered patio as the venue was one of the earliest and easiest decisions for us to make once we nailed down the main intentions for the luncheon. From there, she worked closely with local caterers to pull together a scrumptious menu to be served. 

  • Courtney – Design Lead. Contrary to what you may assume about our Finance Director, Courtney has a natural eye for design and does an incredible job at seeing a vision through to the end. She set the initial look and feel for this gathering, and the rest came together beautifully. 

  • Taylor – Execution Extraordinaire. Taylor has the ability to take a plan and execute it faster and better than just about anyone else you know. She not only follows a plan precisely, she can also anticipate any need and take care of it before it even crosses another mind. 

  • Logan – The Coordinator. Logan is the right hand {wo}man of your dreams and flawlessly executed the coordination of almost every detail you see. 


The Décor 

Since the intention for this luncheon was to sit and visit around the tables together, the décor outside of the tables remained minimal. 

The main décor statement were the fresh floral centerpieces and paper accents atop the neatly set tabletops. Starting with an all-white base, we built depth and texture on the tables by layering clear glass and polished silver vessels to house the scattered florals that continued to flourish and open just so as we dined. 


The Table 

Floor-length white linen tablecloths set the foundation for a neatly set tablescape under the cover of Marcie’s breezy outdoor patio.  

Each place setting starred our Signature White Rimmed Dinnerware with a printed name card perched at the top. Inside each rimmed bowl sat a personal menu card to anticipate the flavors to come.  
A series of crystal glasses were set in the appropriate corner atop a cream and white linen cocktail napkin for texture and depth. 


The Menu 

Late spring calls for a fresh menu that’s not too heavy. It’s the perfect time for transitional and fresh flavors with a few hints at the summer season ahead.  

 To set up a slower-paced luncheon, we served the meal in four courses:  

  • Soup Course: Creamy Summer Squash Soup  

  • Salad Course: Mixed Greens with Fresh Sliced Strawberries, Candied Pecans, and Blue Cheese Crumbles drizzled with Balsamic Vinaigrette 

  • Main Course: Grilled Lemon Herb Mediterranean Chicken Pasta Salad 

  • Dessert Course: Summer Berry Pavola  


Cocktails included a spritzy French 75 using our very own recipe, our favorite sparkling rosé, and chardonnay. Guests were greeted with a glass of their preference at a bar set near the front door, and then a large ice bucket located next to the lunch tables made it easy for quick refills throughout the meal. 


The Traditions 

The main purpose for a Bridal Party Luncheon is known to be for a bride to have the opportunity to thank her bridesmaids, flower girls, etc. for their hard work and support over the course of the wedding planning process as well as involvement in the upcoming days. It’s traditional for the bride to gift the guests as a token of her thanks, and Mary Parker delivered with specially chosen tote bags and loungewear for all her bridesmaids and the most fitting bridal Barbie and Ken set for her doll-loving flower girls {who were absolutely thrilled!} 

We’d be remiss not to mention a tradition specific to the Johnson family side that was sweetly delivered by her paternal aunts at the end of the luncheon and gift-giving. Mary Parker opened an ornate crucifix that her grandmother, known to us as ‘Mére,’ originally wore around her neck on her own wedding day, and then Laura, Kyle, and Mary Parker’s cousins have all worn affixed to their bridal bouquets for the wedding ceremony. It was the most beautiful finishing touch to both the luncheon, and Mary Parker’s final wedding look. 


The Final Look 

Lunch was a sweet sensory experience for all sitting in the spring breeze among swaying linens, blooming florals, and sparkling silver.  
Celebrating Mary Parker at her Bright {White} and Blooming Bridal Party Luncheon was one of our favorite gatherings to host to date and we hope you feel inspired to host a gathering with this finished look, too! 
Marcie, Courtney, Taylor, and Logan 

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