Boiled Peanuts Recipe

Picture this: A warm summer day, driving down the highway with the windows rolled down and the music turned up. The only thing that could make this pastime even more pleasant? A steaming hot batch of Boiled Peanuts in your lap.  
Whether you stock up at the local gas station, stop at a roadside stand, or make your own, Boiled Peanuts are a summer staple for road trips, boat trips, or even just a beachside or dockside snack.  


What are Boiled Peanuts? 

Besides the most well-known southern delicacy, Boiled Peanuts are a totally addicting salty snack where raw peanuts are boiled for hours until the traditionally hard and crunchy nut and shells turn soft. Perhaps an acquired taste for those unfamiliar with them, but a favorite roadside find for many. 


How to Make Boiled Peanuts At Home 

To share our original Boiled Peanut Recipe, we called on our very own connoisseur, Laura’s husband, Milton who is infamous for his homemade Boiled Peanuts in our family. Through trial and error, he has mastered the making of this simple recipe and has agreed to share a few tips and tricks with you! 


What Type of Peanut Should I Use to Make Boiled Peanuts? 

Out of the four varieties of peanuts, I am a big believer that it is very important to only use raw Valencia Green peanuts to make Boiled Peanuts. Something about the naturally sweeter flavor and texture when boiled makes them perfect for this recipe.” - Milton 


Where Can I Get Valencia Green Peanuts? 

“I usually scope out our local farmer’s markets when Valencia Green Peanuts are in season, which tends to be from April at the earliest through November at the latest. In the peak season, you can sometimes find a limited offering at grocery stores as well.” - Milton 


What Do I Need to Make Boiled Peanuts? 


  • A Pot – Depending on the size of your batch, you’ll need a large stockpot. You can use one scaled for a stovetop like this Le Creuset, or for larger batches, use your boiling kit on top of a patio stove or burner. 

  • A Patio Stove or BurnerPowered by propane, and perfect for large-batch boiling or frying. 


    Key Ingredients: 

    • Valencia Green Peanuts – The key ingredient, of course! 

    • Table Salt – For flavor 

    • Water – For boiling 


    Boiled Peanuts Recipe 

    Serves a big crowd! 


    5 – 7 pounds Valencia Green Peanuts 
    1 pound Table Salt  
    In an extra large stockpot, place all peanuts and fill pot with water until peanuts are covered by about 4 – 5 inches. Add salt and stir to mix well until salt is mostly dissolved. Bring to a rolling boil and boil until peanuts are soft - about 2 hours. Start testing peanuts for softness after they have been boiling for about an hour and a half. 
    Once soft, turn off flame and let peanuts soak for at least 5 hours, or until they’re salty to your liking. The longer you let the peanuts soak, the saltier they become. 
    Serve after soaking while they’re still warm, or refrigerate to extend their shelf life up to about 7 days. 
    Pro tip: Enjoy with an ice cold beer! 



    While Boiled Peanuts are a very casual snack commonly eaten directly from a cup, plastic bag, or paper bag, if you’d like to elevate the experience a bit, you can serve in a set of bowls – just make sure to have two handy: one designated for the new peanuts and one for the peanut shells! 
    Depending on how big your batch of peanuts is, here are some of our favorite pieces to serve from: 

    Our Signature White 9in Ruffle Bowl is quite oversized, making it a perfect way to serve Boiled Peanuts for a large party! 
    For a smaller scale, serve with our Blush Arabesque Trim 6” Footed Bowl. Pair with the coordinating Ecru Quatrefoil 6” Footed Bowl for a complementary set. 
    Our statement shallow bowls, the Iris Blue Burst Pip Mix Pasta Bowls, Set of 2 are already conveniently in a set to hold the whole peanuts and the empty shells. We find that the empty shells tend to take up more space than the whole peanuts, so try serving the whole peanuts piled in the smaller size bowl! 


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