Mood Board: Bright {White} and Blooming Bridal Party Luncheon

Let’s Plan a Gathering 

The wedding bells are still ringing in our family! 

On May 12, Mary Parker got married in our hometown Tallahassee, FL surrounded by family and friends. Right in the middle of the week-long wedding festivities, we gathered to celebrate Mary Parker and her bridal party at a luncheon we’ve named “Bright {White} and Blooming Bridal Party Luncheon.” It’s become a tradition in our family for one side of the family to host this gathering for a member of the other side. You may recall that Laura, Kyle, Sara Kate, and Mary Parker hosted Logan’s “Something Blue” Bridal Luncheon earlier this spring! 

The Inspiration 

Having an insider’s look at the vibrant visual style of the wedding reception to come, we were inspired to plan this affair as a stark contrast to give guests a distinctly different sensory experience but remain celebratory of a traditional bridal feel. 

The Mood 

With a late spring setting, we knew we wanted the feel to lean light and breezy. Marcie’s covered patio proved to be the perfect setting. 

We planned our palette to star a range of clean whites and creams with pops of polished silver and soft florals to set the tone for a traditionally “bridal” look.  

A few descriptors of the gathering 

  • Traditional Bride 
  • Clean and Neutral 
  • Breezy 
  • Feminine 

The Colors 

With hues of soft florals accenting the sparkling polished silver and pristine white dishes, the slow and breezy luncheon began to unfold. 

A Bright {White} and Blooming Bridal Party Luncheon Color Palette:  

  • White 
  • Cream 
  • Polished Silver 
  • Soft Rosy Pinks and Peaches 


Stay tuned for the finished look, and get inspired to host your own Bright {White} and Blooming Bridal Party Luncheon with this done-for-you curated gathering whether it be for a bridesmaids luncheon, a bridal shower, a baby shower, or even a baptism or christening reception! Execute it step-by-step, or add your own creative spin - the possibilities for this gathering are endless. 

Marcie, Courtney, Taylor, and Logan 

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