Need-to-Know Basics for Creating the Ultimate Wedding Registry

After you and your fiancé pop the Champagne and celebrate your engagement with friends and family, the wedding timeline begins. Knowing where and how to start may feel like a whirlwind, but lucky for you, creating the wedding registry is one of the most organized steps of the process. The best part? Every single item is fine-tuned to your tastes, needs, and style.   
From celebrating our own weddings, with Mary Parker and Logan creating their registries, to helping customers start their lives together, we've been in the wedding registry business for quite a while. If you seem to have endless questions and curiosities about creating your registry, you're not alone. Join us as we go through wedding registry basics, from learning why you need one to how to curate your list to your needs and wants. 


Why Create a Wedding Registry? 

As soon as you announce your engagement, you'll notice that every friend and family member wants a chance to celebrate you—and with that comes the wedding gifts. From the engagement party to the bridal shower to the ceremony itself, you have a long road ahead of you, and there will be gifts all along the way. To ensure your guests give you gifts you want and need, you must start a wedding registry 

Not only do wedding registries take the stress off the happy couple, but the guests will have easy guidance in choosing the perfect present. No more ending up with five duplicate gravy boats. Wedding registries are designed to stop that, showing you and your guests what’s on your wish list and what has been purchased to avoid any repeats. 
Our favorite reason to make a registry for weddings? You can fine-tune every product on your wedding registry list to represent your style and needs. From vibrant cocktail napkins to serving platters you've admired for years, you can create a wish list of dream items—and your guests can feel accomplished picking out something they know you'll enjoy.  


How to Make Your Wedding Registry 

Creating a wedding registry is easier than you'd think! Many brands, like ours, offer online and in-store registry services.  
If you create your wedding registry online, you can create a profile through your chosen website. You have a choice -- either register directly with one brand or use a registry website that allows you to pull items from different brands, such as, Zola, or The Knot. After you add products to your list, guests can browse it and shop directly online for a gift. 

Often, stores that offer registries allow customers to shop and create their lists in an in-person location. Usually, you'll have to make a registry appointment to set up a designated time slot to ensure an employee will work directly with you for a guided experience. Depending on the brand, the employee will help you input product information, styles, and quantities of items through a scanner or paper log, so you and your partner can focus on making selections.  


Who Should Help You Create Your Wedding Registry? 

Your fiancé is at the top of the list of who should join you in making your wedding registry, but you can (and should!) consult your loved ones. Consider bringing Mom, your sisters, or your maid of honor. Registering is an exciting opportunity for you and your fiancé to begin curating your own collection for your shared home that speaks to both of your styles. While it may seem stressful, creating the best wedding registry is an exciting start to planning your dream home together. 
Talk to recently married friends or family to ensure you have everything covered! They've been in your shoes and can share their wisdom as you make your wedding registry checklist. Research online and ask your friends for suggested dos and don'ts of creating a bridal registry. 


5 Things to Consider When Making Your Wedding Registry List 

  1. What's in your current collection?

  2. What is your entertaining style?

  3. Are there any unique items?

  4. What styles, colors, and designs do you prefer?

  5. Are there post-wedding discounts for items on your registry?

1. Consider Your Current Collections 

Think of your wedding registry as an opportunity to further curate your own personal collection. You and your partner likely already own a certain style of home décor and dinnerware, but a registry gives you the opportunity for a refresh. Whether you want to replace an old set of serveware or are looking to mix and match new dishes into your current collection, make sure you take stock of what you have, want, and need.  

Pro tip: Try adding multiple designs of different salad plates to enhance an all-white dinnerware set with a pop of color or pattern.    


2. Think About Your Entertaining Style 

How often you entertain and what kind of entertaining you enjoy can help you choose the serveware and dinnerware you add to your wedding registry. If you enjoy hosting friends and family often, consider adding higher quantities of entertaining registry items to your list. Hosting casual or formal gatherings can determine the styles and sizes of serving dishes you may need. Think about how you entertain as you choose your must-have wedding registry items. 


3. Don't Be Afraid to Add Fun Wedding Registry Items  

While you want to ensure you're adding all the necessary and helpful items, you can still have fun with your wedding registry! Don't forget about all those fun and unique items that stand out to you. Little one-off trinkets and items that make you smile are important in making your home feel like yours. Your wedding gift registry is your own, so don't forget to browse commemorative keepsakes, holiday décor, board games, and more.   


4. Don't Feel Confined to One Style  

Whether you're adding dinner plates or home décor to your registry wedding items, don't be afraid to explore different patterns, styles, and color schemes. You're curating your home collections for the start of your lives together—allow yourself to be interested in unique patterns and designs. We recommend sticking with one main style and bringing in different colors, patterns, and designs using serveware and other items. Start with a classic foundational collection for everyday use, such as the Signature White Collection or Fundamentals, and then let your style shine by adding a few pops of pattern, color, and texture.  


5. Look Into Wedding Registry Incentives and Discounts   

If the wedding season ends and some of the gifts you were hoping for didn’t get purchased, don't worry. Many registry programs offer discounts or incentives for items that weren't chosen so that you can buy dinnerware, home décor, and more at a great rate, but the discount typically only applies to those items already on your registry list. So, when in doubt, add the products to your list!  


Where Should You Register? 

Our Gift Registry is with, so you can register online, over the phone with a specialized consultation, or in person at a flagship store. Email, or call to make an in-store appointment for the full experience! 
You can also find us and register on a few other popular registry platforms such as The Knot, Zola, and Joy. Our products are offered on these platforms, making your wedding season seamless and convenient wherever you register. These sites also include services such as hosting your wedding website, venues and vendor recommendations, stationary needs, and more, so you can plan your wedding from start to finish with ease.  


Coton Color's 7 Top Registry Wedding Items 

From entertaining essentials to bakeware, check out our most-registered-for wedding items: 

Signature White Cake 11in Stand 

Signature White Cake 14in Stand 

Signature White Ruffle Pie Dish 

Signature White Ruffle Casserole 

Signature White Ruffle Loaf Pan 

Signature White Ruffle Pitcher 

Our First Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. Ornament 


Our Signature White Cake Stand is a winner of this year's The Knot Registry Awards! For the 7th year running, The Knot's registry experts and real couples like you have revealed their must-have gifts to add on your registry.


Why Should You Use a Wedding Registry Checklist? 

Referencing a checklist as you make your wedding registry allows you to see the various options and determine what you need versus what you want. Seeing all of the items you could possibly add is a great starting point and will keep your registry organized. 


Our 10 Favorite Brands to Include on a Wedding Registry 

Here are a few of our favorite brands that we use in our own homes that we find to stand the test of time, complement our own designs beautifully, and are a joy to use. 



Le Creuset 

Ruffoni Historia and Mauviel 

Weezie Towels 





Nude Glassware 



Find Cookware at All-Clad  

Founded in 1971, All-Clad was created by combining a deep knowledge of metallurgy and a love for cooking. After five decades of excellence, All-Clads is still diligently designing cookware and is considered the leading choice for American chefs and home cooks.  


Enjoy the Classic Le Creuset  

We all grew up using Le Creuset pots to prep meals, so it's a tradition in our family. You can never go wrong with Le Creuset—the ceramic cookware cooks evenly, is easy to clean, and features colors that are a fun addition to any kitchen. Show off your style preferences and match all your pots and pans to the same shade, or mix and match to create a color mix of your own.  


Add Ruffoni Historia or Mauviel Copper Pots 

If you're looking for gorgeous copper cookware that will stand the test of time, Ruffoni Historia and Mauviel have been around forever. The copper is gorgeous, so don't be afraid to proudly display them in your kitchen with a gallery wall or pan hangers, as our creative director Kyle does.  


Look at Weezie Towels  

Weezie Towels are the softest, fluffiest, and most absorbent towels you'll ever own. We can't get enough of recommending these towels for couples as they register, but you must feel them to believe just how good they are.   


Discover Herend Porcelain 

For timeless and elegant porcelain items, look into Herend. In our family, our grandmother, Dee, got us each a pattern of our own when we were younger. Then, as we grew up and married, we could either complete our sets or mix in a new pattern to suit our styles. Start this tradition in your family with these oh-so-collectible and coveted keepsakes.  


Browse Staub Cast Iron's  

Every home needs a cast iron skillet, and Staub's is the best. Whether looking for your first cast iron or replacing an old one, these are our go-to's. Not to mention how beautiful they look paired with the Le Creuset and All-Clad cookware. 


Try Peugeot Pepper Mills  

You two will also need a salt and pepper set (or a couple), and Peugeot is known for its high-quality mills. Find ones in your style and add them to your wedding registry list. 


Say Yes to Sabre 

Sabre designs stylish and user-friendly French bistro flatware. Whether you lean toward a rustic look, timeless stainless steel, or vibrant colors and patterns, each set of its flatware is perfect for everyday use and special occasions. 


Upgrade to NUDE Glassware 

Elevate your glasses and switch to designer NUDE Glassware. With high-quality craftsmanship, each unique design brings sophistication to every tablescape. From espresso glasses to Champagne flutes, the beauty of NUDE Glassware is perfect for a wedding registry list. Don't miss the ion-shielded wine glasses. They're made to withstand even the most robust "cheers!" 


Buy a Classic Breville  

Breville coffee makers are a joy to use. Every brewing system is tried and true. The quality stands the test of time, with user-friendly and intuitive appliances perfect for any coffee-loving household. We also love their toaster! 


How to Incorporate New Items with Your Curated Collection  

When you've completed your wedding registry and unwrapped all your beautiful, new gifts, how do you incorporate them into your existing collection? With a few simple steps, your new and old items will be joined together.  

It's important to make your new additions work with what you already have and plan to keep. Start by removing anything that is rarely used or not worth keeping. Then, replace what you get rid of with the new items in your registry and organize them to suit your home. You'll also need to plan how to store dinnerware and use the new additions to your collection, so consider layering the new items into your tablescapes and cupboards and give new life to the ones already in your collection. 
And voila! With our advice and guidance, you should be ready to start your wedding registry. Find enjoyment in designing this new life together and help your guests feel at ease when choosing the best present for you. As you approach your big day, having your wedding registry completed will help relieve some and give you something else fun to look forward to, besides getting married, of course.  

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