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Article: Mary Parker On: Creating Her Wedding Registry

Mary Parker On: Creating Her Wedding Registry

Mary Parker On: Creating Her Wedding Registry

Our family has been in celebration mode as we recently gathered for Logan’s wedding in February and will be soon celebrating the wedding of Mary Parker and her soon-to-be husband, Whit. We are thankful for the many celebrations surrounding this joyful time and are thrilled to soon be kicking off all of Mary Parker’s bridal festivities...stay tuned for her upcoming events!  

Since we asked Logan to share her wedding registry picks and how she carefully selected her keepsakes and essentials, we asked Mary Parker to share her registry process while it’s oh-so-fresh on her mind. We asked her everything from favorite parts of creating the wedding registry to where she registered and why. Take a look at her insight below and share with an upcoming bride-to-be in your life! 


Tell us About the Process of Creating Your Wedding Registry  

What was your favorite part of the wedding registry process? 


“I’m not going to lie, building my Wedding Registry was a bit overwhelming at first. I have a personality where I like to see all of the options first and then make a final decision. Luckily, I have my sisters, cousins, and countless friends that have recently gone through this exact process who helped me focus on the “of course!” needs and even vetted the items they personally love or thought I didn’t need.  
My favorite part was going to the stores in person with my fiancé, Whit. We went to Williams-Sonoma and enjoyed seeing the more expensive items that we were on the fence about. It was helpful to see the designs in person as well as work with the sales associates who shared the features and benefits of these products.  
Another memorable moment was selecting my fine China pieces with my sisters. We popped champagne and loved arranging different combinations until we finally found the perfect choice!” 


What were some deciding factors for what made it on your registry and what did not? 


“I used a Wedding Registry Checklist and chose one option off their guide for 80% of their categories. I looked at what I had and what I didn’t, and what I know we will actually use and need.” 



A Closer Look at What You Registered For 

Where did you register? 


We registered at Williams-Sonoma for the majority of our kitchen items like glassware, appliances, and cookware. We also registered at Tres Belle Fête for our fine China pieces, Anthropologie for fun glassware and décor, and Amazon for household appliances including a vacuum. 

What tabletop pieces did you register for? 


“Everyday Dinnerware – We chose a few dinner plates and salad plates in two different patterns to bring a mix of everyday and elevated options to our collection of essentials.  

 Drinkware – Lots of drinkware options! We made sure to include enough to complete a bar. Old Fashioned glasses, highballs, martini glasses, and coupe glasses to name a few.  
Table Linens – We opted for a mix of neutral table linens and some with added texture and details. We also made sure to include table napkins to complete the look.”  

How will your new pieces work with what you already have? 


“I think they all will work great together. I kept that in mind when I put them on our registry. I like not being stuck with one pattern or color but rather mixing it up to make sure they all cohesively work for different occasions.” 



Brand Loyalty? 

Let’s talk about your favorite brand you included on your wedding registry! 

Themis Z 
“For espresso cups and teacup sets. I found this brand a couple years ago and fell in love with their colors, brand, and pottery pieces. Every piece is handmade in Greece, and I thought they were the perfect addition.” 

“A classic brand for fine China. It was never a question that I would register for these beautiful classic pieces. Herend can do no wrong!” 

Le Creuset  
“Perfect for go-to cookware. I currently own one piece and knew we would want to add more. I added a stock pot and a larger pot than I have now in different colors to mix and add to my collection.” 

“Made in Italy, Ruffoni is known for their classic copper cookware designs. I love to mix copper with everyday pieces and knew these would be a perfect addition to our collection.” 


If you did not have personal ties to Coton Colors by Laura Johnson brand, what pieces would you choose to add to your registry during the process and why?


Fundamentals Collection – Everything from the acacia wood dinner plates to color block linens brings the perfect elevated yet neutral look to a table.  
Signature White Collection – I love the unique ruffled serveware designs and plan to add the Signature White Oval Plater to the list as well! 
Deco Collection – The new Deco Gold Scallop Ice Bucket will make the most beautiful addition to our bar cart.”  


Share Your Tips for Future Brides  

If you were to start from the beginning, what would you do differently? 


“I don’t think I would have done anything differently as of now. This whole process is still pretty fresh as we are only a month out from the wedding ...eep! But ask me a year from now when it’s officially all over and I might have a different response!”  

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