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Article: Celebrate Everyday Milestones with Ornaments

Celebrate Everyday Milestones with Ornaments

Celebrate Everyday Milestones with Ornaments

Our personalized ornaments are more than just holiday decorations; they are a gift that captures joyful memories and celebrates special milestones all year long. While we look forward to decorating our Christmas tree with care, our customizable ornaments make a unique keepsake for anyone at any time throughout the year. Why should they sit collecting dust when your personalized ornaments could be displayed all year round to celebrate life's everyday occasions?  

When you hear "ornaments," red, green, and holiday cheer are the first things that come to mind. But whether you're celebrating the birth of your first grandchild or a personal achievement at work, we're here to inspire you to commemorate the little and big moments in life and build a customized ornament collection that tells a story.  


The Importance of Commemorating Special Occasions 

We believe that commemorating special moments and events in your life is a simple way of celebrating and connecting with your family. Special occasions, including everything from birthdays to coronation ceremonies and ancient rituals, have been celebrated for centuries. In today's modern age, it's essential to take a break from the hustle of life and appreciate the people and opportunities around you. Commemorating a special occasion with personalized ornaments is one of our favorite ways to immortalize a memory, whether it’s with a pet ornament or wedding ornament. 
Something as simple as a customized ornament can solidify memories and cultivate the feeling of family. Every time you or your loved one brings out one of your personalized ornaments, you'll find yourself looking back with fondness and reliving stories of your past to your loved ones. Taking the time to commemorate a moment with a customized ornament creates lasting memories in your family's legacy. 


The Story of Our Ornaments 

Personalized ornaments help tell your story of you, and we've created customized ornaments to reflect every moment and achievement in your life. Years ago, our Founder and CEO, Laura, wanted to find personalized ornaments to commemorate all of life's special occasions and milestones within her family. Unable to find them, she did what any artist would do—she created customized ornaments herself!  
Today, our personalized ornaments have donned Christmas trees in many homes, including ours, becoming beloved keepsakes for many families. Every year since, our tradition has been adding a new customizable ornament to commemorate something significant for every family member that year. Our tree tells the story of us: where we've been and where we plan to go. Start your collection of personalized ornaments to appreciate the life and family you've been given. 


Why Choose Our Ornaments 

Whether you're searching for wedding or children's ornaments, our customizable ornaments feature handcrafted designs that are the first of their kind. Each oversized ornament has a coordinating ribbon and matching gift box for organized storage or a beautiful and easy gift! With bright colors and jolly illustrations on every customized ornament, you can add colorful embellishments to your Christmas tree and brighten up your home décor for years to come.  

We design our customizable ornaments to help commemorate all of life's milestones. Each of our customized ornaments makes decorating the Christmas tree more than a holiday activity: it's a nostalgic remembrance of past celebrations, telling the story of each collector's life. Our personalized ornaments are a treasured gift that captures happy memories for each recipient.   


Elevate Your Everyday Home Décor with Commemorative Ornaments 

Over the years, we've learned the significance of celebrating life's everyday moments. There's no need to wait until the holidays to display your favorite ornaments: celebrate your accomplishments all year round with personalized ornaments for every occasion. While we enjoy our holiday ornament designs, our commemorative ornaments' different hues and patterns are perfect for home décor throughout the year. From gymnastics ornaments to celebrate your little gymnasts to pet ornaments and more, we have it all. 

Besides the customized ornaments capturing special milestones, we also feature ornament designs inspired by our favorite dinnerware collections for cohesive everyday décor. Embrace summer by popping our Citrus Glass Ornament on the tree in the winter, or set the table with it surrounded by its matching dinnerware collection for a Citrus Celebration. Decorate your space with our Oyster Glass Ornament during your Oyster Roast with friends and family to commemorate the start of oyster season. 
A lot happens in a year—our personalized ornaments make it easy to commemorate life's joyous occasions with a new ornament for every achievement. Collect them all year long for timeless home décor and, when the holidays arrive, a Christmas tree that can tell your life story. 


5 Home Spaces to Decorate with Ornaments: 

  • Shelves 

  • Mantle 

  • Desk 

  • China cabinet 

  • Bedside table 


Are Personalized Ornaments a Good Gift? 

Personalized ornaments are thoughtful gifts for celebrating any milestone or special moment your loved ones have in their lives. Customize ornaments with an important date, milestone, or name, so they can recall the occasion and the stories attached for years to come. A personalized ornament turns a simple gift into a treasured keepsake by instantly transforming it into something they can look back on for years, tying the milestone to the recipient.  


7 Everyday Reasons for Personalized Ornaments 

We find that any special memory or achievement deserves to be celebrated, whether you're an adult with a new home ornament or a kiddo who enjoys dinosaur ornaments. There's no occasion or passion too small when it comes to selecting personalized ornaments for members of the family. Don't wait until Christmas to decorate your house with beautiful baubles; these seven everyday reasons are enough of a cause for celebration:   
  1. Engagement

  2. Marriage

  3. Housewarming

  4. Graduation

  5. New baby

  6. Children

  7. Hobbies and jobs 


Engagement Ornament Gifts 

Celebrate the happy couple with a keepsake engagement ornament to remind them of the day they popped the question! For a perfect engagement party gift, pop the Champagne and gift them their customized engagement ornament to commemorate the upcoming nuptials and their love for one another. Choose from different personalization options like their names or the engagement date and inspire the soon-to-be-wed couple to tell their proposal story year after year.  

Elevate their holiday décor with a timeless Just Engaged Glass Ornament featuring a dazzling diamond ring and a pale-yellow bow. Wish them well in their upcoming marriage with a Next Stop Happily Ever After Glass Ornament depicting the getaway car cans tradition and elegant gold dots. Either engagement ornament makes wonderful décor around the home as the days count down to their ceremony. 


Gifting Wedding Ornaments 

Discover the perfect gift for a bridal shower or even a future anniversary present with wedding ornaments. After all the wedding reception fun, giving the gift of a personalized wedding ornament will help them remember the details of their busy day.  
If you're planning on starting your wedding registry with us, wedding ornaments are a thoughtful way of capturing memories of the day. The gold-flecked polka-dot Just Married Champagne Pop Glass Ornament or golden Mr. & Mrs. Glass Ornament makes a statement on any Christmas tree so that you can recall your big day fondly year after year. And before they leave for the honeymoon, present them with the Honeymoon or Bust Glass Ornament and wish them luck on their travels! 

When that anniversary rolls around, a wedding ornament is a thoughtful gift for your spouse or the happy couple to rejoice in one year around the sun in wedded bliss! Make gifting wedding ornaments a tradition and celebrate with a glass of bubbly and the Happy Anniversary Glass Ornament.   


New Home Ornaments 

Commemorate the exciting milestone of moving into a new house or purchasing their first home with a new home ornament! New home ornaments are a perfect present for a housewarming party or the first gathering in their new space. Let them settle in but be ready to add this major achievement to the family tree. 

As they turn the key to the next chapter of their life, the bright turquoise and gold glitter key design of the Key to Our New Home Glass Ornament makes beautiful home décor. Personalize the new home ornament with their new address or date of the move-in to make it even more unique to their story. Commemorate their first Christmas in the new home with the Home Sweet Home Glass Ornament and capture that exciting feeling for years to come.  


Graduation Ornament Presents 

Whether your grandchild is graduating high school or your sister is graduating college, a graduation ornament is one way to celebrate this impressive milestone. After they don their cap and gown, give them a graduation ornament to commemorate their time at school and inspire their next steps ahead in life.  
Celebrate the year they graduated with a vibrant green 2023 Glass Ornament and personalize it with their name and school so the family can hang it on the tree with pride every Christmas. Customize the Graduation Glass Ornament with the ceremony date and display the hand-illustrated depictions of graduates around the home. 


Gifting New Baby Ornaments 

Whenever our family grows, so does our ornament collection! Welcome the newest addition to your family with a customizable ornament displaying their name, birth date, and even birth weight! If you're looking for a simple gift for new parents, a new baby ornament is the best way to celebrate a baby's first Christmas.   

Perfect for baby showers and gender reveal parties, new baby customized ornaments help commemorate this exciting time in a parent's life and celebrate the birth of a precious baby. Our blue Welcome Baby Boy Gingham Glass Ornament or pink Welcome Baby Girl Gingham Glass Ornament are wonderful ways to introduce the baby's name to the world. We even have a gender-neutral style, the yellow Welcome Sweet Baby Gingham Glass Ornament, for those waiting to reveal their gender. Capture that joyous feeling of a new baby with a personalized ornament they'll cherish forever. 

Children’s Ornaments for the Little Ones 

We want to include our youngest family members in our time-honored traditions, so we gift our children a keepsake customized ornament to display in their rooms. If your children enjoy decorating with you during the holidays, bring that energy into your everyday life with designs inspired by their passions and interests. Hang the children’s ornaments on stands in their room or around the house and include them in the memory-making fun! 

Our children’s ornaments span all sorts of colorful interests and adorable designs. From On the Farm Tractor Glass Ornaments to Around the World Plane Glass Ornaments, inspire imagination or commemorate an adventure with children's ornaments. Our cute Dinosaur Glass Ornament and mythical Unicorn Glass Ornament are great for kids of all ages. A children's ornament gift is one they'll cherish as they grow. 


Ornament Gifts for Hobbies 

Support your loved ones’ passions and careers with our unique assortment of hobby ornaments. We have various designs to celebrate whatever they're interested in, whether that’s a nurse ornament or a gymnastic ornament. Let them know you care about their favorite activities and gift these beautiful friendship ornaments to anyone in your life.  

From the Best Teacher Ever Glass Ornament to the candy-striped glass Nurse Ornament, show your support for their passion with customized ornaments. For those loved ones still in school, we even have bright and fun sports designs like Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, and Cheerleading ornaments. Perfect for friendship ornaments or gifts for your family, hobby ornaments commemorate those everyday moments we often forget to cherish. 


How to Display Everyday Ornaments 

When your customized ornaments aren't donning the Christmas tree, our ornament stands are the best way to display each style all year round. Present your favorite personalized ornaments around the house to show off your proudest accomplishments and fondest memories. Mix the beautiful illustrations with your curated collection of dinnerware and home décor and show off each one.  


Our Favorite Ornament Stand Options: 

Whenever something momentous happens within your family, whether little or big, picking out a customizable ornament is the best way to celebrate. From new members joining the family to supporting a new career path, we believe in collecting personalized ornaments to tell your family's story. Discover perfect gifts for your loved ones and grow your collection with our commemorative ornaments.  

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