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Article: A Citrus Celebration

A Citrus Celebration

A Citrus Celebration

Set the scene with a vibrant Citrus Gathering featuring warm summer hues and fresh seasonal ingredients. As the days become longer, festive celebrations have become a weekend must! What better way to welcome the season than by hosting an intimate gathering with friends and family? 

Ready to get started?   

The Inspiration 

We chose to highlight in-season citrus as well as our Citrus Collection as the foundation for the table setting and overall design of the gathering. We love the bright pops of orange, yellow, and green! 

The Mood 

Our inspired gathering features a casual afternoon meal full of fresh, nourishing ingredients and lively conversation among close friends. We would invite our guests to stay a while and relax over delicious tea and seasonal small bites.  

The Colors  

We knew we wanted to lean heavily into the natural colors found in seasonal citrus as well as those found in our Citrus Collection, so our color palette for this celebration includes:  
  • Orange  
  • Dandelion  
  • White  
  • Pine 
  • Beige  
The burst of bold colors alongside the neutral palette of white and beige create the perfect balance for each place setting.  

The Textures 

When deciding the textures of our gathering, we chose to focus on the surrounding elements as our guide. From the zest of citrus peels to the warmth of the Florida sun, we found that layering fresh ingredients in an outdoor setting allows for the celebration to truly come together...naturally.  

The Table 

To design a tablescape fitting for this curated gathering, follow these four simple steps: 

  1. Start with a blank palette of neutral tones and then layer the bold and vibrant citrus designs. We chose to feature our Iris Blue Drop Ruffle Dinner Plates as the foundation for each place setting, then layered a Citrus Ruffle Salad Plate for added color and dimension. 
  2. Create a lush centerpiece full of fresh lemons and oranges tucked in a big, shallow bowl layered with your favorite greenery for an easy and natural display that best reflects the summer season. 
  3. Serve refreshing drinks using the Citrus Traditional Tray and Lemon and Orange Appetizer Bowls to house your citrus garnishes. Here we used the Lemon Citrus Cocktail Napkins for serving a refreshing iced tea so guests could comfortably hold their glasses. 
  4. Tailor your dessert course to this tiered serving idea using the Signature White Ruffle 14in Cake Stand and a Glass DomeTip: Quickly rinse and re-use the Citrus Ruffle Salad Plates as dessert plates for easier clean up and to carry the inspiration through to the end of the gathering.

The Gathering 

From freshly sourced ingredients to the burst of colorful serveware and dinnerware, create your own Citrus Gathering and host your intimate feast with those you love. It’s a great way to celebrate the season in style.  

Want to host a Citrus Gathering of your own? Print the mood board above, start scheming, and stock up on everything you need here. We'd love to take a seat at your table {even if it has to be virtually!}, so be sure to post the finished product and tag us @cotoncolors and #celebratewithCC so we can cheers to you, too!  

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