Our Must-Haves for Your Wedding Registry

Knowing where to begin when creating your wedding registry may seem like a daunting task, but we're sharing a few ways to get started on finding your must-haves and creating your dream registry. Explore our dish sets, serveware, and more to find the perfect foundational pieces to start your new lives together. 

Discover what styles and designs we recommend for your everyday dishes, learn the importance of creating a wedding registry, and prepare to stock up on entertaining essentials. Make it easy for your friends and family to find the perfect gift when you start your registry with us.



What is a Wedding Registry? 

A wedding registry is a service provided by a store, online or in person, that helps engaged couples communicate what gifts they'd appreciate from their wedding guests. So instead of leaving your loved ones guessing, you can create a curated list of wants and needs to help kick off your new life together. Setting up a wedding registry is a simple way to communicate gift expectations to guests, whether for engagement gifts or presents for the big day. 


How Does a Wedding Registry Work? 

Once you choose the items on your wedding registry, the list is available for guests to browse within their budget and select something you've requested, like dinner plate sets or table linens. As a gift is bought, it's taken off the wedding registry list, so you don't end up with duplicates. Then, when you send out your invitations or receive their RSVP, you can relay where you've registered, and they'll have access to your entire wish list!  

Our wedding registry is here to provide an effortless shopping experience so you can begin curating your desired wish list. You simply select that you're registering for a wedding, enter the ceremony date, and provide a name and email. Then, you can browse every item and select which dish sets, commemorative ornaments, and more to add to your wedding registry. We make registering simple, so there’s one less thing to worry about as you prepare for your big day.  


The Importance of a Wedding Registry 

Not only does creating a wedding registry relieve pressure for your guests to find the "perfect" present for your wedding, but it's a wonderful way to choose the homeware and entertaining essentials you want to start the rest of your lives together with. Requesting your guests choose from your carefully selected list will ensure you'll end up with the everyday dishes and dinner plate sets that you wanted—and prevents guests from second-guessing on what to gift. Create your curated collection with a wedding registry of all your favorite dish sets and table linens and design a unique home for yourself and your partner. 

Even if you or your spouse already have dinner plate sets, there's no harm in upgrading them for dream dish sets and new everyday dishes to accompany you into this next phase in your relationship. Surround yourself with dinnerware that matches your style, and you'll be eager to celebrate every moment together long after the honeymoon is over. With a wedding registry, you can consider both of your home décor styles and personalities and create a blended collection of dishes that reflect you together. 
After the wedding events, use your dinnerware to host gatherings for your loved ones to show your appreciation. They were there with you every step of the way, so why not return the favor by filling those stunning dish sets with your favorite recipes? Hosting will be easier and more enjoyable after you've requested our must-haves in your wedding registry.  


How to Choose Dinnerware for Your Wedding Registry 

Every decade, there are new trends for dinnerware: a constant cycle of different popular patterns, colors, and shapes for dinner plates and serving dishes, from mid-century modern dish sets to fine China. Don’t be swept up by short-lived fads: we recommend starting with a neutral, straightforward dish set when adding to your wedding registry. It’s important to have a go-to set that works for everyday use or hosting! 
While we enjoy colorful dish sets and are thrilled to see brides gravitate towards them, having those foundation items in your curated collection when you're first starting is crucial. Put timeless designs and dish sets on your wedding registry to create an entertaining collection that goes with anything - but know that you can add bold patterns and bright colors later on. 

Begin with a dish set that can be paired to complement any look. Sticking with neutral whites and subtle textures allows endless design options with different colors and patterns for any themed gathering all year. 


5 Questions to Consider When Making Your Wedding Registry 

When you're searching for entertaining essentials to add to your wedding registry, it's important to ask these questions about each one to ensure you choose serveware you'll use forever: 

  1. Will these items make a timeless dish collection? 

  2. Are these dishes going to match my home décor?

  3. Do I enjoy the style and design of these serving dishes?

  4. How many of each dish do I need?

  5. Can these dishes be paired with other colors and patterns?


Coton Colors Must-Haves for a Wedding Registry 

While there are countless items, shapes, and styles needed to build a complete registry, we want to highlight a few items from our original designs that are most commonly added to registries. Take a look at our must-haves and complete your wedding registry by considering these five areas in your home:  

  • Tabletop 

  • Entertaining essentials 

  • Cookware 

  • Home décor 

  • Keepsakes 


Tabletop Go-Tos for Your Wedding Registry 

When selecting your dream dish sets, you must consider what you want your everyday dishes and place settings to look like. Our advice? Go for neutrals so your dinner plate sets and napkins can be used for everything from morning coffee with your new spouse to unforgettable gatherings. Celebrate the small and big moments with these three essential items on your wedding registry: 

  • Dinner plates 

  • Salad plates 

  • Napkins 

Every home needs a basic set of dinner plates like our Signature White Ruffle Dinner Plate Set. The ruffled edges and the neutral white color work for any meal, any time of day, and elevate any tablescape. Pair this dinner plate set with a few sets of statement salad plates to mix, match, and create unique looks to complement your style. Finally, add a set of the Color Block Ecru Napkins that pair perfectly with any color or pattern on your tabletop, whether setting the table for a weekday breakfast or inviting your loved ones over for an evening soirée.


Entertaining Essentials for Your Wedding Registry 

Entertaining essentials are some of our favorite designs to put on a wedding registry, and if you enjoy making memories with your loved ones, adding these dishes will make hosting even easier. Items like serving platters, salad bowls, and dish sets are necessary for any gathering, whether an intimate family brunch or a large dinner party. We recommend starting with dishes in classic colors and shapes so you can add fun pops of color and exciting dinner plate sets into the mix later.  

We recommend everyday dishes from our Signature White Collection and Fundamentals Collection for any newlyweds learning how to entertain. Add the Fundamental Wood Ruffle Bowl with the matching Wood Ruffle Salad Server Set, and you’ll have a beautiful serving dish for presenting all your delicious salads at gatherings. If a solid white dish set isn’t for you, the rustic wooden texture of these everyday dishes would be an ideal choice. 
Whether you’re serving up a main course or setting out appetizers, the beautiful Signature White Oval Platter is our go-to serving dish. Pair it with a side dish in the Signature White Ruffle Pasta Bowl and the Signature White Ruffle Dipping Bowl for sauces and accouterments for a cohesive look at any gathering.  


Wedding Registry Cookware Basics

Adding cookware basics is a must for any wedding registry, and with stylish dishes that can go straight from the oven to the table, entertaining has never been easier. Whether you bake on the weekends for your spouse or cook together when family comes into town, adding cookware to your wedding registry will mean delicious meals on the table for years to come. Choose designs you'll never get tired of with our must-have cookware items.  

Bake breakfast quiches and summer pies in the Signature White Ruffle Pie Dish for your whole family to enjoy, whether you're setting up a backyard picnic or hosting a brunch. Serve your favorite recipes in the matching Signature White Ruffle Casserole dish for everyday dinners or potlucks with friends and family. Use both for an elegant and easy matching dish set at any event.   


Home Décor Items for Your Wedding Registry 

Home décor essentials are some of our favorite things to add to any wedding registry. Your guests will enjoy choosing a gift they’ll know you'll see and admire each day. Choose a design that matches your dinner plate sets and everyday dishes for a cohesive look throughout your entire home.  

Our Signature White Ruffle Vase looks beautiful in every room, whether you fill it with flowers from your backyard garden or put beautiful bouquets on your tablescapes when you host. Flowers are an easy and thoughtful way to elevate any gathering, and with a classic vase like ours, they'll pair beautifully with any dish set you choose.  
Make sure you put the Signature White Ruffle Frame on your wedding registry to display your unforgettable day all over your home. Prop it on a shelf, hang it on your wall, and enjoy your wedding pictures every day of the year.  



Add Keepsakes to Your Wedding Registry 

While dinner plate sets and everyday dishes are an important part of your wedding registry, so are the keepsakes that memorialize your dedication to one another. Your family and friends enjoy helping you remember each little moment in your married life together—so choose keepsakes that will bring you two closer together and celebrate you. 

If you enjoy remembering every special moment together, the Celebrate Us Book is the perfect addition to your wedding registry. Record memories with your significant other to commemorate adventures, romantic dates, and silly stories as a married couple. Treasure the little moments with this multi-year journal and reflect on the stories years later. 


Mix and Match Your Dinnerware 

The best part of choosing basic dish sets is that they can be paired to create a complementary look. As you grow your life together, you can grow your curated dinnerware collection to include as many sizes, colors, shapes, and styles of dishes as you wish. 
Keep these basic dinner plates set out as everyday dishes for easy daily living and mix them with brightly colored and bold patterned dish sets for endless tablescape combinations. Learn the right ways to display, store, and organize your everyday dishes and switch them out for seasonal and holiday dish sets you and your partner will collect over time. 


Gatherings to Host After Your Wedding 

After your wedding day, why not host your friends and family with these new entertaining essentials? Give a huge thank you to all your loved ones for supporting you through the wedding season, and start hosting unforgettable gatherings for you all to enjoy. Unlock your inner designer, pull out your new favorite dish sets, and call all your friends and family over for these events:    


Now that you’ve heard the ins and outs of our must-have dinnerware items for newlyweds, you’re ready to begin your wedding registry. Add these foundational items to your dinnerware collection, and your guests will be able to find a perfect gift for your big day. As you continue to curate, your dish sets will grow with you as your style evolves. Set up your wedding registry with us today and find the perfect dinner plate sets and more to start your life together!

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