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Article: 6 Cold Weather Recipes to Warm You Up

6 Cold Weather Recipes to Warm You Up

6 Cold Weather Recipes to Warm You Up

As the days grow shorter and a chill settles into the air, there's a certain magic in the kitchen that comes alive during the Winter season. With the arrival of winter, we are beckoned to the stove, to wrap our hands around warm mugs, and to savor comforting {and hearty!} dishes that soothe the soul.  

These cozy recipes will thaw the coldest of days. From steaming pots of chili and soul-soothing soups to freshly baked breads and soulful gumbo, we've curated a collection of recipes perfect for the chilliest season of the year.  

Ready to get inspired? 

Seafood Gumbo 

Imagine a steaming pot of savory broth brimming with succulent seafood, tender vegetables, and just the right amount of spices. It's a dish that ignites memories of Louisiana charm, evoking visions of celebrations that linger well into the night. Nothing says “home” more than a hot bowl of gumbo. This dish can be served at a housewarming party or a weeknight get-together with friends. 

We served this recipe at our Gumbo and the Game Curated Gathering, straight from the Dutch oven in which it was cooked into our Signature White Rimmed Bowls, and it was a hit.  

Vegetarian Chili 

This savory dish is versatile and can be served at a family gathering, a football game watch party, or enjoyed by yourself on a chilly autumn evening. A mix of flavorful herbs and spices with a hearty selection of Autumn vegetables creates a tasty – and healthy – dish topped with cheese and sour cream {like any good chili should be}. 

Enjoy a bowl {or two!} fresh from the Dutch oven in a Signature White Ruffle Bowl over rice.  

Sausage and Corn Chowder 

Our favorite cozy Sausage and Corn Chowder recipe is packed with sausage, tender corn, delicious potatoes, and {the perfect} amount of creamy goodness. It’s the perfect dish for casual gatherings, gamedays, or weeknight get-togethers, and easy enough to whip up in a large batch. 

We typically serve Sausage and Corn Chowder at our annual Chop Night Curated Gathering as a hearty but casual dish before the most grateful day of the year. 

White Chicken Chili 

When we think of the perfect cozy autumn chili, we immediately picture this flavorful dish. It’s full of fresh ingredients and hearty chicken and can all be easily prepped the night before or day of - whichever fits your schedule best!   

This was the main dish at Sara Kate’s Sit for a Spell Gathering, and turned out to be a family favorite. To serve, simply fill Signature White Ruffle Bowls and enjoy. 

“Second Place” Chili 

Nothing says relaxing by the fireplace than a bowl full of hearty and flavorful chili. There is something so comforting about a classic chili recipe, and this one gets the job done. 

Serve it in Signature White Rimmed Bowls alongside plenty of toppings in White Ruffle Flare Small Bowls.

Beef Bourguignon 

Dive into a savory and hearty dish that’s full of flavor and will quickly become a staple in your recipe repertoire. Beef Bourguignon is a traditional, French dish that combines slowly simmered beef in a delicious tomato and red wine-based sauce. With fall-apart beef, crispy bacon, and tender vegetables, this delicious dish is the perfect Sunday dinner companion. 

Beef Bourguignon was a hit at our Winning Night of Cards Curated Gathering. We served it in our Signature White Ruffle Bowls for easy transport from the kitchen to the card table. 

What’s a gathering without desserts? We love making these three recipes during the chilly Winter months:  

Having a signature drink option {or two!} on-hand is always a good idea when entertaining. These two cocktails are family-favorites in our homes:  

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Would you please make your recipes printable. That would make it so easy to use them. Thank you!

Terrie Kibler

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