Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

A traditional favorite with a smooth, smoky finish. If you haven’t tried an Old Fashioned cocktail, we encourage you to venture your taste buds and discover this classic cocktail.  
Old Fashioned cocktails have proudly been in existence for centuries and rightfully so, might we add. It’s a traditional cocktail that features whiskey as the base with a subtle yet necessary note of citrus. This classic concoction is perfect for a warm and cozy evening and makes for a picturesque toast at any celebration.  



We love to serve our Old Fashioned cocktails in a rocks glass with one large ice cube and a maraschino cherry mixed in. As you get prepped to serve your cocktails, we recommend using a sugar cube rather than granulated sugar. Sounds a bit odd but muddling the sugar cube with the bitters ensures flavors combine. 


A Few Key Ingredients:  

  • Bourbon or Rye Whiskey – Pick your preferred whiskey, both work well for this recipe.  

  • Bitters – Our favorite is a Woodford Reserve Orange Bitters  

  • Orange Peel – Gently press the peel against the rim of the glass for a citrusy finish.  



Serve it in Style   

Choose a Festive Glass  
We typically choose a classic rocks glass for this recipe, but any shorter-sized glass will work! 
Add an Interesting Garnish  
Don’t forget the orange peel for this one. Pinch the peel over the drink to infuse a mist of citrus.  
Serve Alongside an Upscale Napkin  
Add an elevated touch with a stylish cocktail napkin paired with this traditional favorite.  




Old Fashioned  

Serves 1  


1 sugar cube  

3 – 4 dashes of bitters  

2 ounces of preferred whiskey  

Orange peel  

Maraschino cherry  


Place a sugar cube in your preferred glass and add a few dashes of bitters. Muddle or stir to combine. Add the bourbon or rye whiskey and top with a few cubes of ice and stir well. Pinch the orange peel to express the oils over the glass and atop the whiskey. Toss in the maraschino cherry and enjoy.  




Serve It Up 


Serve up Christmas spirit with the festive pairing of this signature cocktail with a Flying Santa Cocktail Napkin.


Don't forget about Saint Nick! Add a Standing Santa Toothpick Holder for the perfect holiday bar accessory.

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