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Article: Style your Home with Decorative Hand Towels

Style your Home with Decorative Hand Towels

Style your Home with Decorative Hand Towels

A stylish decorative hand towel is a versatile must-have that can add texture, color, and charm throughout your home. Whether you're searching for ways to liven up your tablescape or bring functional décor to your kitchen, our embroidered hand towels may be just the piece you’re looking for. From complementing your everyday or seasonal décor to creating a unique gift, we have an array of decorative hand towels to complement your style. 


Why Add Decorative Hand Towels to Your Space? 

Decorative hand towels offer a way to bring style to any space while also being versatile and functional. Adding a stylish hand towel helps tie your theme, home décor, or special gatherings together. A patterned decorative hand towel offers a simple way to add texture to your kitchen, color to your tablescape, or style to your bathrooms. Whether you're drying your hands, dishes, or countertops, these beautiful hand towels are the multifunctional decor your home needs. 



As you update your home décor, change with the seasons, or decorate for the holidays, your hand towels are a wonderful way to add a pop of color or extra detail to your home. From welcoming spring to celebrating Christmas, your decorative hand towels provide functional beauty with ease. 


How Do You Choose the Perfect Decorative Hand Towels for Your Space? 

Finding beautiful decorative hand towels doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, selecting the perfect hand towels can be as simple as choosing a color or style that inspires you or matches your current home décor and tablescape collections. Linens are a wonderful way to enhance the atmosphere or add to your themes seamlessly. You can mix and match your designs with your dinnerware collection, from vibrant colors to subtle neutrals. 

One thing our family loves to do is mix and match our linens to create a style all our own. It infuses our personalities into the décor and keeps entertaining fresh. We encourage you to do the same. Our vast collection of decorative hand towels is thoughtfully designed with your everyday and entertaining needs in mind. 



What Makes Our Collection of Hand Towels Unique? 

Each of our collections, from our home décor line to our dinnerware and serveware, are designed to complement each other. We believe in expanding, not replacing, the fundamental pieces you already have in your home. So, just as we encourage you to mix, match, layer, and swap your dinnerware and serveware pieces, we want to inspire you to do the same with our handcrafted decorative hand towels. 


Displaying Your Decorative Towels 

Our embroidered hand towels offer so much versatility throughout your home. You'll love all the options, from where to display your linens to how to display them.   

5 of our favorite areas to display decorative hand towels: 

  • Kitchen 

  • Guest bathrooms 

  • Dining table 

  • Buffet table 

  • Bar 


Decorative Kitchen Hand Towels with a Purpose 

Enjoy beauty and functionality when you incorporate our linens as your decorative kitchen hand towels. Add a splash of color by folding our Citrus Hand Towel on your countertops, or hang an elegant Iris Blue Sprout Trim embroidered hand towel from the oven. At first glance, these delightful pieces add beauty and charm, yet they’ll also offer assistance as you prep and cook in the kitchen. 




Decorative Bathroom Hand Towels for Guests 

Why not add a little decorative charm to your guest bathroom? Extend your home and dining décor to the guest bath to create a cohesive style. When you add an elegant bathroom hand towel to your wall display, you seamlessly tie the entire atmosphere together. Fold a bathroom hand towel and place it near the sink or roll your towels and tuck them in a wicker basket on display. These versatile favorites are sure to impress your guests. 




How Can You Incorporate Decorative Hand Towels into Your Tablescape? 

Decorative hand towels make serving your guests a breeze. From handling warm serveware to creating a decorative landing place for your platters and bowls, they make a stylish and useful addition to your tabletop. 


Decorative Hand Towels Make Useful Accents for Buffets 

Add a splash of color to your buffet table at your next large gathering. Serving your guests buffet style should never feel like an assembly line. You’ve put too much time and effort into creating a delicious meal, and your buffet table is the perfect opportunity to tie in your theme. Place carefully folded decorative napkins at the ends of your table and to the side of each dish. Your guests are sure to take note of the color, texture, and design it brings to the serving area. 




Serve Your Drinks in Style 

Keep a decorative hand towel at the bar to add to the décor during your events. It's always wise to have a towel handy should there be any little spills or rings to wipe up. There’s no need to go through a handful of paper towels when you can swoop in with a decorative towel. 


Unique Ways to Gift Our Decorative Hand Towels 

Our gorgeous hand towels make the perfect gift for many special occasions. Each hand-drawn pattern offers a unique gift opportunity, from our joyous Christmas collection to our everyday accents. Show your friends and family how much they mean to you by giving a thoughtful gift. 


Our favorite ways to gift our decorative hand towels include: 

  • Paired with wine for a hostess 

  • In a personalized housewarming basket 

  • With a holiday hot chocolate treat 

  • As a dinner party favor 


Wine for the Hostess 

Enjoying an evening with your closest girlfriends? Why not surprise the hostess with a bottle of her favorite wine wrapped in a stunning embroidered hand towel? You can all enjoy a glass while she’ll always have a stunning keepsake to remember your generosity by. 




Housewarming Gift Baskets 

Help a loved one celebrate their new home in style. Gather gourmet coffees or an array of scented lotions and soaps and tuck them nicely into a decorative wicker basket surrounded with kitchen or bathroom hand towels. Whether you know their home décor style or not, you can choose from unique patterns, everyday neutrals, or holiday designs to be used at their discretion. 



Hot Chocolate for the Holidays 

Attending a holiday gathering? Or looking for a festive stocking stuffer? We love gifting a delicious blend of cocoa nestled in a holiday mug. Roll up our serene Gold Stars Hand Towels and tuck one in each mug for a seasonal treat. 


A Parting Gift for Guests 

If you’re hosting a dinner party for a special occasion, consider gifting your guests a little token of your appreciation. Try placing a decorative hand towel at each place setting and send your guests home with the beautiful linen as a party favor to remember the evening.   


The Perfect Decorative Hand Towel and Dinnerware Pairings 

We know you have a lot on your plate regarding hosting your gatherings. We want to inspire you while providing helpful planning tips for your special event. We’ve gathered some of our favorite decorative hand towel pairings to complement your dinnerware settings. You can’t go wrong with these tablescape pairing recommendations, from everyday dishes to holiday collections. 


Our Favorite Everyday Dinnerware Pairings 

We've designed an assortment of decorative hand towels to bring your tablescapes to life. Each of these beauties makes a lovely accent piece, complementing your everyday dinnerware collection. Create your styles by mixing and matching your foundational pieces with a pop of color or textured pattern with ease. 


Some of our favorite decorative hand towel collections include: 


Our Delicate Blush Designs 

Our Blush Collection is an ideal addition to your everyday dinnerware set, sophisticated serveware, and breathtaking home décor. It’s truly a coordinated look that fills the atmosphere with inviting warmth. Add our decorative Blush Arabesque Printed Large Hand Towel and Blush Arabesque Trim Medium Hand Towel to your tablescape, kitchen, or bathroom to complete the look. 




Our Multi-Patterned Iris Blue Collection 

Create lasting memories around the table with your loved ones in style. Our cool blue collection offers our signature ruffle design, chic patterns, and complementary blue tones throughout the line. We've eliminated the guesswork of mixing and layering with this uniquely decorative collection. And don’t forget our selection of Iris Blue Towels to tie your look together. 



Our Iris Blue decorative hand towels include: 


Our Sensational Citrus Collection 

Add a pop of color and bring your gatherings to life with our vibrant Citrus Collection. While your tablescape boasts a splash of refreshing colors and textures, you can seamlessly sprinkle our matching decorative hand towels throughout your home. Whether you choose to use them as kitchen hand towels or bathroom hand towels, we have a size and pattern to suit your style. 



Choose from our Citrus Collection favorites:   


Our Coastal-Style Oyster Collection 

Serve your favorite seafood at any gathering with our Oyster Collection in brilliant blues. That seaside feel will enhance the theme of your get-together and create a sophisticated summer vibe no matter what time of year it may be. We even have a tasty family-favorite oyster appetizer recipe for you to try. Pair our Oyster Large Hand Towel and Oyster Medium Hand Towel to add color and texture to your serving table, dinner table, guest bathroom, or kitchen. 



Our Palm Leaf Oasis 

Our Palm Collection offers an opportunity to add color and texture to any tablescape or area of your home. The hand-painted serveware is vibrant and fun, crafted in a breezy, tropical design that looks more like home décor than your average serving pieces. You’ll add a relaxing vibe to your gathering with these palm leaf beauties accompanied by our Palm Large Hand Towel and Palm Medium Hand Towel. 



Our Favorite Seasonal Dinnerware Pairings 

Your home is never complete without festive holiday décor for every celebration. From Christmas to Easter, we’ve designed beautiful coordinating pieces to help spread the holiday theme throughout your home. 


Our Speckled Rabbit Collection 

Fill the air and your home with the lighthearted feel of spring. Our sophisticated neutrals offer plenty of pairing options with your everyday pieces while highlighting the celebration of Easter in style with this collection



Thanksgiving Stylings 

Feast your eyes on our festive and stylish Thanksgiving collection. Add the rich hues of autumn throughout your home with multi-patterned Thanksgiving designs. From serveware to home décor, you can create long-lasting memories with loved ones as you gather in style around your modern Thanksgiving table. 



Add our Thanksgiving-themed decorative hand towels to enhance the ambiance: 


Christmas Collections for All to Enjoy 

If you’re anything like our family, your Christmas is full of festive décor, lavish tablescapes, and serveware to present our guests with delicious meal options. So whether you prefer the traditional red and green, a vintage Christmas tale, or the serenity of delicate golden stars, we have an array of joyous collections and coordinating hand towels to fill your home and season with cheer. You can design the ideal Christmas table and spread the holiday spirit with some of our favorites. 


Make new memories with festive pieces from our Christmas Collections, including: 


Balsam and Berry with matching hand towels:   



Christmas in the Village with matching hand towels: 



O Holy Night with matching hand towels: 


As you search for ways to expand your dinnerware collection, enhance your home décor, or offer unique gifts to your loved ones, we encourage you to think outside the box. A beautiful decorative hand towel can add just the right touch to any household, gathering, or special occasion. We invite you to browse through our favorites and find inspiration that will help you create lasting memories. 


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