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Article: Feel Inspired to Set a Beautiful Table with the Iris Blue Collection

Feel Inspired to Set a Beautiful Table with the Iris Blue Collection

Feel Inspired to Set a Beautiful Table with the Iris Blue Collection

Whether you're setting a beautiful table for a special occasion or putting together a quick and easy breakfast table before work, you deserve to love the plates you use. That's why we've designed the stunning yet subtle Iris Blue Collection! Discover what makes this modern, everyday design unique, explore each piece in the blue dish set, and get inspired to set a table you love. 

The Importance of Loving Your Everyday Dinnerware

With the hustle and bustle of life, it can be difficult to slow down and be thankful for the home around you. We’re happy to let you in on our secret: loving your everyday dinnerware is essential when it comes to creating a stylish but cozy kitchen and dining room. When you take the time to curate a collection you and your family love, your home becomes a stylish sanctuary. 

Introducing: The Iris Blue Collection

If you're looking for a colorful yet subdued everyday dish set, look no further than our Iris Blue Collection! Featuring a variety of patterns and striking blue hues inspired by the beautiful iris flower, this collection will bring a touch of sophistication and style to your home. Celebrate your everyday life around an Iris Blue table setting. 

What's Included in the Iris Blue Collection?

This collection features serving and décor accessories ranging from beautiful blue platters, plates, and trays to hand towels, canisters, mango wood bowls, and more. Savor your time at the table and delight your guests with subtle hues and timeless patterns. From a holiday dinner party to summer entertaining, this collection will never disappoint. 

What Was the Inspiration Behind Iris Blue?

As the cold of winter thaws and sprouts begin to emerge from the earth, the first signs of spring make an appearance! The Iris Blue Collection highlights the renewed energy that Spring brings. We love switching our dishes seasonally, and what better time to do that than springtime? With a modern touch on a classic palette and a wide variety of patterns and hues, we designed the Iris Blue dinnerware collection to help you set a table perfect for welcoming Spring.

What 3 Qualities Make the Iris Blue Collection Unique?

Anyone could tell you at first glance that the Iris Blue dishes stand out from any of our other everyday collections — but what makes them so special? We took care to consider the three elements that make the Iris Blue dinnerware unique from our table to yours:

1. Contemporary Designs

    This isn’t your average everyday dish set. While we always have space in our hearts {and tables} for classic Signature White designs or rustic Fundamentals, sometimes the gathering calls for a more colorful approach. 

    The shapes of each blue serving dish and dinner plate are an elevated version of everyday dishware for setting your table. Feel inspired to create lavish tablescapes by pairing these contemporary designs with another timeless set, or use the entire collection to transform the look of your weeknight dinners with {just a little} effort and a beautiful payoff. 

    2. Iris Blue Color

      Feeling blue has a whole new meaning! After finding inspiration in the natural beauty of the iris flower, blue dishes have become an instant favorite in our family's homes for everyday sets. With a timeless white background color and a mix of pale and deeper blue accents, these dishes have a serene color palette that helps create a cool and complete look on any table.

      3. Patterns

        These beautiful dinnerware pieces feature hand-designed patterns loosely inspired by a plant's life stages. The different shapes in each pattern reflect the natural progression of fauna, with different versions of organic seedling bursts and petal shapes painted on each blue dish. 

        Iris Blue Dish Pattern Options:

        • Burst—extending tendrils from a center spot, like seeds scattering 
        • Drop—slim, repeating petal shapes 
        • Sprout—like a flower blooming for the first time
        • Pip—small open dots, like fresh seedlings

        When to Use the Iris Blue Collection?

        We love using Iris Blue dinnerware to welcome spring into our homes. The cool and complete look that this collection brings celebrates not only a new time of year but also the stages of life one goes through during that season. Featuring pops of blue accents and an effortlessly stylish look, this collection is one of our favorite ones to use to elevate our everyday dinner tables during the Spring months

        But don't let that stop you from using them year-round if you wish! Whether you're looking for blue dinner plates for an oyster roast in the summer or intend on setting an elegant white and blue table setting for a winter soirée, our Iris Blue dishes are designed for any gathering. Dare to be different and set a table you love throughout the year.  

        Set a Place Setting with Beautiful Iris Blue Dinnerware

        Complete your entertaining essentials with Iris Blue place setting pieces, blue serveware, and more: 

        Iris Blue Drop Dinner Plate

        Whether treating yourself to dinner at home or inviting a large guest list for a celebration, the Iris Blue dinner plates add color to any setting. With our signature ruffle edge and a repeating drop pattern lining the rim, these plates can be set on their own or mixed and matched with other collections for a unique tablescape look. 

        Iris Blue Pasta Bowls

        Pasta bowls are versatile, whether serving your family's secret spaghetti recipe or serving mashed potatoes. With a footed base and raised wall, the Iris Blue pasta bowl set is perfect for presenting any tasty meal. Nestle the small Iris Blue pip pasta bowl in the larger Iris Blue burst pasta bowl for easy storage or to coordinate serving patterns. 

        Iris Blue Burst Salad Plate

        For serving smaller appetizers, desserts, and salad courses, an Iris Blue salad plate is a must! Whether setting it out with the matching blue dinner plate or pairing it with a different pattern, these delightfully blue plates make a modern statement at every table. The ruffle edge and burst design add a whimsical touch to your everyday dining. 

        Iris Blue Bowls

        Bowls are a necessity for everyday place settings and formal gatherings alike, and we've designed three different styles of blue bowls to suit any occasion. The Iris Blue small bowls are an elevated design perfect for everything from ice cream to cereal. With the signature darker blue drop pattern on the outside and a lighter blue wash on the inside, these small bowls make a stylish addition to anyone's collection.

        You never know when you need to set out a vibrant appetizer bowl, and whether you're serving olives on a charcuterie board or setting out garnishes on a buffet table, the Iris Blue appetizer bowls are perfect. The delicate repeating pip pattern, timeless ruffle rim, and dark blue interior allow endless combinations with other serveware and dish sets.  

        Whether setting a table for a formal dinner party or serving family-style with your closest friends, serve up hearty portions at dinner with the deep and beautiful Iris Blue 6" bowl. This gorgeous design features a footed base and floral sprout pattern in repeating light and dark blue colors. 

        Iris Blue Sprout Mugs

        Celebrate the little moments in life, from that first cup of joe in the morning to after-dinner tea, with beautiful Iris Blue mugs. All of our mugs are large, with wide handles for a comfortable grip. With a blue floral sprout pattern and a bright white background, these mugs bring the springtime vibe to your table year-round.

        The 3 Types of Stylish Iris Blue Linens

        No home or table is complete without stylish table linens! Fill your home with the delicate Iris Blue designs:

        1. Iris Blue Drop Round Placemat

          Placemats help set the tone of an event, and between creating an elegant tablescape for a birthday and setting the table for your family's Sunday night dinner, the Iris Blue round placemat is a striking choice. Enjoy the traditional feel of a crisp white placemat with a contemporary twist. The embroidered blue drop pattern lining the edge allows for a subtle pop of color, perfect for mixing and matching with the rest of the tablescape.  

          2. Iris Blue Burst Round Cocktail Napkin

            When it's time to celebrate, say cheers with a flute of Champagne and the dainty Iris Blue cocktail napkins. Each linen cocktail napkin features an embroidered blue burst design on a circular cotton linen blend shape. Keep a stack in your bar area for guests to grab as they enter your party t give them the welcome they deserve.

            3. Iris Blue Hand Towels

              Hand towels are one of the most important home linens, whether you're hanging a matching set on the handle of your oven or decorating the guest bathroom. We have five popular blue hand towels to choose from:

              Become the Hostess with the Mostest with Iris Blue Serveware

              From simple crudité boards to formal dinner parties, serve your loved ones with elegant Iris Blue serveware:

              Iris Blue Platters

              Enjoy serving your tasty menus in Iris Blue platters of all shapes and patterns. Set out the blue sprout square platter for an appetizer round, or use the small burst oval platter and large drop oval platter as a stylish pair for a family-style dinner. Blue serveware makes a statement at any gathering. 

              Iris Blue Mango Wood Dough Bowls

              Mango wood dough bowls are a timeless addition to any serveware collection. With a rustic wood exterior and floral blue patterns lining the interior, both our skinny Iris Blue pip dough bowl and larger mango wood sprout footed bowl help you to create a luxurious tablescape for any occasion. Don't forget to set out the matching mango wood blue server set to make hosting easy and stylish! 

              Iris Blue Wood Boards and Trays

              Any menu is instantly elevated when served on a wooden board or tray — and luckily, we have a couple of styles to choose from! If you want a rectangle tray, serve your creations on the smaller blue mango wood sprout board or larger blue burst mango wood board. For a round choice, try the blue burst round board or drop round handled trayChoose complimentary serveware to match your charcuterie boards, and you're ready to go!

              Iris Blue Cake Stands

              No serveware collection is complete without cake stands! Properly display your baked goods and treats all day on your kitchen counter with the small blue burst ruffle cake stand and matching glass dome. Or, set out a holiday pie or cake with the larger blue drop ruffle cake stand and handled dome

              Iris Blue Tabletop Accessories:

              When setting the table, don't forget the little details: 

              7 Inspired Ways to Decorate Your Home with Iris Blue

              With a vibrant hue and a playful pattern, why would we keep our blue dishes and accessories tucked away? Put your new favorite collection on display 24/7 for you and your guests to enjoy in these seven ways:

              1. Place blue hand towels in the kitchen or bathroom to add a pop of color throughout the house.
              2. Set out vibrant blue cocktail napkins at your home bar.
              3. Keep the blue boards and trays on the countertops for charcuterie.
              4. Display your decorative dishes on a gallery wall.
              5. Show off your delicious desserts with a cake stand on the counter.
              6. Fill the round blue picture frames with your family's favorite snapshots in the living room, or set up the rectangle blue picture frame in the foyer.
              7. Put a blue ring dish on your bedside table or vanity to keep your precious jewelry safe. 

              You deserve to set a table you love every day. Whether you're looking for pieces that double as home décor or a complete place setting, the floral-inspired patterns in the Iris Blue Collection can seamlessly transform from stylish serveware to elegant décor. With an assortment of blue dinnerware, serveware, and accessories, our Iris Blue Collection has everything you need for unique and stylish everyday dinnerware — just see for yourself!

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