Iris Blue Burst Ruffle Ring Dish



Give your jewelry a special space to call its own with our Iris Blue Burst Ruffle Ring Dish. Ideal for the kitchen, bathroom sink, or nightstand, this ruffle tray will hold your rings, earrings, necklaces, and more while you shower, wash your hands, or dream the night away. The ruffled edge and hand-crafted ring cone will surround the pieces you treasure with safety; this ring dish makes a wonderful gift for a friend.

The ring dish features our signature ruffle edge with the outside bowl patterned with narrow lines of lighter blue and a French blue dot at the top of each line closest to the edge. As pretty as it is practical, this ring dish cares for your favorite jewelry in style.

It has never been easier to take care of the pieces you love than with our Iris Blue Burst Ruffle Ring Dish.

Dimensions: 3in L x 3in W x 2.4in H
Volume: 0
Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe

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