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Article: From Tabletop to Home Décor: How to Style Wood Dishes

From Tabletop to Home Décor: How to Style Wood Dishes
How-To Guide

From Tabletop to Home Décor: How to Style Wood Dishes

Whether looking for the perfect wood platter for your charcuterie night or a way to introduce texture to your tablescape, wood dishes are a must-have for any dinnerware collection. Discover the perfect blend of modern and traditional with our rustic wooden designs and set a table you love for any occasion. Learn more about the amazing benefits of wooden dinnerware, unlock tips and tricks for finding complementing collections, and find inspiration for your gatherings. 

Create One-of-a-Kind Tablescapes with Wood Dinnerware

Incorporating wood bowls, trays, and more into your table setting design brings a natural, organic, and stylish element to any dining experience, which is why we love to use them as foundational pieces when setting our own tables. Whether you use them as chargers at a formal dinner party or serving platters for appetizers and desserts, wood dishes infuse the table with a touch of understated sophistication and timeless charm.

We find that wood has an inherent warmth and subtle texture, blending effortlessly with any other dinnerware collection we have on hand. This versatility helps with overall seamless integration with various tabletop styles, from contemporary to classic, making wooden dishes a staple in creating inviting and memorable dining atmospheres that exude refinement and grace. 

Our 3 Favorite Occasions for Wood Dinnerware

In our homes, our wood dishes are fundamental pieces in our collection, so we always find an excuse to bring them out. Sometimes, they're used on their own for a quick weekday meal; other times, they act as the foundation to our intricate layer of dinnerware at a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Some of our favorite examples to draw inspiration from are:

  1. Intimate baby showers—our baby shower celebration for Baby Firth required rustic dishes for the buffet-style spread in the kitchen, so our wood bowls and serving boards were perfect.
  2. Autumn dinner parties: our Cozy Coquette Gathering was designed to welcome the first days of fall and wood dinnerware matched the earth tones of our pumpkin décor and table linens beautifully. 
  3. Elegant pizza parties: our family brought menu inspiration back from Tuscany to share with all of our loved ones in our Festa Della Pizza Gathering, and our wood dishes were the best way to elevate a casual tablescape.  

    The 3 Benefits of Using Wood Dishes

    Wood bowls, serving boards, and more have been kitchen staples for years – and for good reason. These are the three top benefits of using wood dishes in your own home:

    1. Wood Dishes are Easy to Keep Clean

      Wood dishes are very easy to clean, making them a fan favorite in our homes. With a natural ability to kill bacteria and unbeatable durability, wood platters and dishes can be used many times without staining, cracking, or tarnishing. Because they're so easy to clean, no matter what you're serving, they are optimal to use day in and day out. Simply polish with wood oil, and you're good to go.

      2. Wooden Dinnerware Offers Mix and Matchability

        Wood dishes are multifunctional and versatile, making them a must-have for any host. With a natural grain pattern and earthy tones, these wood platters and bowls add texture to other collections, working as an essential for personalizing and creating a tablescape for any gathering. 

        Pair them with ceramic or glass pieces to add stark contrast and soften the overall aesthetic. Lean into the down-to-earth tone with floral dishes and fresh bouquets. With a keen eye for design, you can mix and match wood dinnerware with any of your dishes. 

        3. You’ll Find Year-Round Versatility with Wood Dishes

          With beautiful versatility, wood dishes should be kept on hand all year long. The traditional style is perfect for gatherings in the springtime, wintertime, and every season in between, whether you're using them on your own or matching them with your favorite seasonal dishes. With a little creativity, beautiful wood dishes can elevate any table setting.

          Inspirations Behind Coton Colors’ Wood Dishes

          We fell in love with the timeless yet modern look of wood dishes long ago—so much so that we knew we'd have to design our own. The Fundamentals Collection was created to be easily coordinated with anything and everything, from our formal dinnerware to our casual home décor. Every household needs a core set of platters, bowls, trays, and more, and with only the highest-quality wood and sophisticated silhouettes, you can set a table with the Fundamentals for any occasion.

          5 Unique Features of Our Fundamentals Collection:

          1. Ruffle shape: many of our designs, such as our favorite Fundamentals ruffle bowls, feature our famous Coton Colors ruffle, giving every place setting and serving spread a stylish silhouette. 

          2. Hand-carved designs: every wood plate, platter, and serving utensil is carefully hand-carved to add a special touch to your collection.

          3. Natural grain texture: though each wood bowl is smooth to the touch, the varying natural grain pattern gives every tablescape the illusion of texture.

          4. Types of wood: we use acacia wood in our Fundamentals designs and mango wood for our favorite wood boards and trays. 

          5. Rich tone: these round wood trays and bowls never look dull, as each one has a rich color and natural shine.

            Our Wood Dishes Can Pair with Any Collection

            Wood dishes possess an inherent versatility that makes them compatible with any dinnerware design. Mix and match wood dinnerware with your favorite everyday dishes for a typical weekday breakfast or with seasonal dishes for a special occasion — the options are endless. The rich acacia wood gives off a natural warmth and charm, effortlessly complementing a myriad of styles. 

            Luckily enough, our wood dishes are designed to pair with any of our other collections. Whether used as chargers beneath plates, serving platters for finger foods, or even as stand-alone designs, wood dishes lend a timeless appeal to any table setting, making them essential for everyday dining. The organic texture and brown tones of wood provide a neutral canvas that you can build on with other patterns or colors to create a table setting that is all your own.

            How to Show Off the Beauty of Wood Dishes in 3 Ways

            Wood dinnerware is warm and homey in any table setting. Find inspiration to feature your favorite wood bowls and dinnerware sets into your home décor and gatherings in these three ways:

            1. Make an All-Wood Place Setting

              While there will always be a time and place for mixing and matching multiple collections, why not lean into the rustic aesthetic and make a place setting of entirely wooden dinnerware? After you've chosen your tablecloth and placemats, start by setting down a wooden dinner plate. Then, according to the needs of your menu, add any necessary dinnerware items, such as a wooden salad plate or appetizer bowl. Complete the look with your go-to Sabre flatware and classic glassware.

              Pro tip: to enhance the formality of your gathering, use the matching ruffled wood platters as charger plates underneath your dinnerware stack. 

              2. Dress Up a Seasonal Gathering with Wood Serveware

                Whether you're setting a Thanksgiving table with a twist or hosting a backyard summer soirée,  wood serveware offers a pop of natural texture to any gathering. Welcome in the new season or celebrate the holidays with your favorite seasonal collections using the wood platters, trays, and boards to make your tablescape all the more inviting. Don't forget to use the corresponding wood salad server sets when useful. 

                Our Must-Have Wood Serveware:

                • Wood appetizer utensils: made for serving tapas or slathering a piece of bread with butter, our Fundamentals utensils are perfect to have on hand at any gathering
                • Large wood ruffle bowl: from salads to pasta and more, our largest wood serving bowl is a foundational piece that works for just about any recipe
                • Mango wood serving boards: with different patterned designs, from iris blue bursts to bright yellow lemons, you can enhance the theme of any tablescape with one of our vibrant mango wood trays
                3. Feature Wood Dishes in Your Home Décor

                  Your favorite wood platters and bowls don't have to be confined to the kitchen — feel free to feature them in the rest of your home décor to enjoy their beauty 24/7:

                  1. Store rolled-up cloth napkins in a wood serving bowl for convenient table settings.
                  2. Use a large wood platter to hold your favorite coffee table magazines. 
                  3. Feature multiple sizes of wood plates in a gallery wall for an eclectic and customizable art piece.

                  How the Fundamentals Collection Pairs with 3 Other Sets

                  Unlock your tablescape ideas by mixing and matching your rich, natural wood dishes with other dinnerware staples to create a unique tablescape for every event. We take pride in how well our wood dinnerware showcases the beauty of other designs. Try pairing your wood platters, bowls, and more with items from these three collections: 

                  1. Our Fundamentals Collection Lets the Signature White Collection Shine

                    As one of our main foundational collections, any combination of designs from the Signature White and Fundamentals lines can work in tandem to create a stylish look for everyday meals and special occasions alike. Layer the wood platters and serveware in the tablescape to allow the bright, white hues of this collection to stand out. 

                    2. Lean Into Nature Inspiration with Fundamentals Dishes and Iris Blue 

                      With four different patterns {burst, sprout, drop, and pip} in chic blue hues, our Iris Blue Collection draws inspiration from the natural life cycle of a plant. Support this organic theme by showcasing the natural wood grain of each wood plate, bowl, and serving board at your table. 

                      3. Match Fundamentals with the Crew Collection for a Bold Look

                        With a stark black and white color palette and a funky arabesque pattern, our Crew Collection can elevate any tablescape from basic to bold. Use wood charger plates, serving bowls, and more to ground the overall aesthetic and enhance the quirky look of your table. 

                        Finding Matching Table Linens for Your Wooden Dinnerware

                        Since wood bowls, plates, and platters are all perfect versatile neutrals, they can be paired with just about any linen, acting as a grounding element that complements and balances the aesthetic composition. Their natural warmth and organic look help to create a seamless transition between the softness of the linens and the strong feel of the table. 

                        Our acacia wood dishes also go perfectly with linens from, you guessed it — our Fundamentals Collection. The color block designs of our Fundamentals table linens add an unapologetically bold accent color to any tablescape, from placemats to cloth napkins and more. Lean into the down-to-earth vibes with an olive napkin set against your wooden dinnerware. Play with multiple colors for an eclectic feel with the navy blue placemats and Provence pink and blue napkins. The options are endless.  

                        How to Properly Wash and Dry Wood Dishes

                        Taking proper care of your wood dishes ensures their longevity and preserves their natural beauty for years {and generations} to come. After your gathering is over, begin by handwashing each wood platter with a mild detergent and warm water, making sure to avoid harsh chemicals that may damage the wood's finish. After washing, towel-dry each dish to prevent water spots and wood splitting. Let them dry all the way before stacking and storing. 

                        Pro tip: in between washes, avoid exposing wood dishes to extreme temperatures or prolonged sunlight, as this can cause fading and warping. Make sure to include proper ventilation in your cabinet to prevent moisture buildup, and stack the dishes carefully to avoid any scratches or dents. 

                        Do You Need to Oil Wood Dishes?

                        In order to keep that shine, you must regularly moisturize wood dishes with food-safe mineral oil {wood oil} or organic beeswax to prevent drying and cracking that could naturally occur over time. There's no need to oil it after every use — just give it a good rub whenever you see it's lost its glossy look or it feels dry to the touch. 

                        We believe that every host would be better off with wood dinnerware, and whether you're looking for simple yet elevated designs to spruce up your everyday table settings or searching for timeless serveware to mix in with other collections, our Fundamentals designs are a must. Traditional, down-to-earth, and oh-so-stylish, your favorite wood dishes can be displayed however you'd like, from home décor to tablescapes. 

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