A Complete Guide To Our Bowls

Set a tablescape you love with our highly coveted bowl designs. Perfect for entertaining and sturdy enough for everyday use, our beautiful bowls offer function and style in every design. Whether you fill one with ice cream or place some on your entry table as decorative décor, our everyday and serveware bowls will inspire the inner designer in everyone! 

About Our Bowls  

From a formal dinner with family to a casual gathering of friends at a backyard barbecue, our small, medium, and large everyday and serving bowls come in the shapes, styles, and colors you need to make a stylish impression. All our large serving bowls are designed to elevate your tabletop and are versatile enough to use to plant herbs, hold trinkets, or simply look stunning as home décor. 

Everyday Bowls by Shape 

Style your space with everyday bowls that combine casual looks with supreme function! We curated this collection of bold colors and subtle neutrals to inspire you to celebrate every day with designs that embellish any space. From everyday white bowls to dishes featuring bursts of citrus colors, our bowls add versatility and style to every occasion. 

These lovely designs function as a decorative catch-all when not in use for entertainment. Inspire your best tablescape yet with the elevated designs and effortless versatility of our everyday bowls. 

Small Bowls 

Ruffle Bowls 

Featuring our signature ruffle edge, these bowls come in a variety of sizes to fit your entertaining needs: 

Appetizer Bowls

An appetizer bowl is a type of bowl specifically designed for serving small portions of appetizers or hors d'oeuvres:    

Dough Bowls  

A dough bowl is a bowl that’s bowl traditionally used for making and kneading dough. We offer these dough bowls to fit your unique style: 

Serving Bowls  

Gather around our table and enjoy the signature style of our collection of serving bowls! Ample sizes and practical shapes make our serving bowl sets some of the most multifunctional pieces we create, giving you the options you need for entertaining in all seasons. 

Serving bowl sets are essential serveware to use on your tabletop and throughout your home. Featuring original designs, all our serving bowls are handcrafted just as they have been since the beginning. Over the years, we have experimented by adding new silhouettes. However, our most loved classic shapes have remained the same.  Our serving bowl designs hold something for everyone. Create everyday moments that are anything but expected with the help of our serving bowls. 

Other Bowls  

These versatile, multifunctional bowls can be used for serving or as home décor: 

Footed Bowl 

Footed bowls are used for serving fruits, salads, desserts, or as decorative pieces in home décor. We offer these designs: 

Best Bowls

Best bowls are medium to large, versatile, and stylish bowls that we offer in these designs: 

Pasta Bowls

Pasta bowls typically have a wide and shallow shape, which allows for easy tossing and coating of the pasta with sauce. Explore these eye-catching pasta bowl designs:  

Covered Bowls

These bowls are often used for storing food, serving dishes that need to stay warm, or for presenting foods at the table in a more formal setting. We offer these designs for everyday or seasonal use: 

Bowls by Set  

We offer bowl sets to help you set a full table simply and easily {and stylishly}. Buy one entire matching set to set your table, or buy several complementary sets to mix and match and create your unique table setting design. 

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