Festa Della Pizza Gathering

The Gathering 

After our family {the Plöbst, Firth, Gwynn, and Munroe families} came back from our 2-week trip in Tuscany, we wanted to gather the rest of the family to tell them about the food we ate, the places we went, and the memories we made. The outdoor backyard patio gathering was the perfect casual but elevated space to build homemade pizzas and share a taste of Tuscany with them.  

The gathering began at 5:30 p.m. as the sun started to set and and end-of-summer breeze made an appearance. The whole family was invited, and even our Atlanta relatives made the trip.   

The Décor 

We kept the décor simple to match the casual-but-elevated feel of the gathering, and leaned mostly on the rustic brick patio, potted plants, sunset backdrop, and beautiful serveware to decorate the evening.  

The Table 

For this gathering, we didn’t need to set a formal table for everyone to eat at, but instead opted to gather around a patio table for a more casual feel. 

We did set up a build-your-own pizza table for the gathering. To set this table, we continued to use the simple and neutral theme. We used Signature White Collection dishes and Fundamentals Collection dishes to hold pizza ingredients like arugula, mushrooms, herbs and spices, and more. We set out stainless steel pizza pans for each pizza dough to get customized on.   

The Serving Spread 

Our serving spread was simple and classy. The Eggplant Caponata was set out for guests to spoon onto slices of bread alongside their Italian Chopped Salad on their salad plates if desired. All guests served themselves slices of pizza of their choice. At the head of the table, we set out Fundamental Diner Plates, Fundamental Salad Plates, and Color Block Ecru Napkins. We also set out complementary flatware.  


The Menu 

We created a classic Italian menu for this gathering.  

Appetizers: Eggplant Caponata on bread, Italian Chopped Salad

Mains: Margherita Pizza, Ham and Mushroom Pizza, Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza  

Drinks: Assortment of red and white wine  

The Bar 

One day during our trip, we visited a local castle in the County Region, one of the oldest regions in the area, for a special wine tasting. They make about 10 million bottles a year, and we wanted to use that as inspiration for the bar. We kept it stocked with light wines, including a light red, white, and Pinot Grigio. René recommends drinking whichever wine you love for a pizza night – it's your night to make your own!   

The Music 

We had a strictly Italian playlist playing all night long at our pizza party. Rene put on his favorite Italian folk, pop, classic, and ballads for everyone to enjoy, just like we did during our time in the Tuscany countryside.   

The Traditions 

We got the grandkids notebooks to journal in during their time in Italy, which Laura recommended. They drew and wrote about the swimming and the game nights at the villa, but mostly the food! We’re going to keep the journals for the grandkids to look back on one day when they’re older. 

The Final Look 

Our Festa Della Pizza Gathering was a delicious success. We loved having the chance to share our Italy trip memories with the whole family. We hope you feel inspired to host your own gathering with this done-for-you look, too! 

Marcie and René 

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