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Article: An Inside Look at Our Stylish Placemats

An Inside Look at Our Stylish Placemats

An Inside Look at Our Stylish Placemats

When it comes to setting a table you love, each item can be curated to represent you and your personal style. Whether planning a sophisticated luncheon or an intimate date night for two, you can set an unforgettable tablescape with unique pieces. Our kitchen placemats can instantly elevate your tabletop so you can achieve your table-setting goals.

But what are the benefits of using placemats in your day-to-day life? How do you choose the right table linens for you? Let's answer all your questions on table linens and more with a look into our coveted designs.  

Are Placemats Necessary? 

Placemats are a functional must-have in our homes. Whether you prefer to set them out as around-the-clock décor or bring them out during special occasions, we believe every home needs a few sets. With the versatility and hosting benefits they provide, you won’t want to overlook these essential table linens. 


The Inspiration Behind Our Placemat Designs

In our family, we understand the importance of a well-dressed table. Many of our cherished memories occur while lingering around the table after a delicious meal while laughing and catching up. So, we take pride in setting a beautiful table for the perfect backdrop. That begins with selecting the right  table linens.

It can be difficult to find placemats that are both stylish and functional, so we created ours with those two criteria in mind. Having beautiful table linens that you’re not afraid to use lets you set the tablescape of your dreams. After all, the best table setting is the one you create. 


When we design our table linens, we create with versatility in mind. With a high-quality linen and cotton blend, every style, from the color block round placemats to embellished square placemats, can be mixed and matched with your favorite dinnerware, cloth napkins, and centerpieces for stunning combinations. 

5 Benefits of Using Placemats

Placemats are a household staple for just about everyone, whether you're an experienced host or not. Unlock your inner designer and learn about the five ways you can benefit from adding these essential linens to your table:  

1. Placemats Can Be Mixed and Matched for Any Style

    Whether you love bold, maximalist hues or understated, classic neutrals, we have placemats for every style. With different shapes, colors, and embellished details to choose from, you can always find the perfect set to fit your desired aesthetic. Mix and match different designs to create a unique tablescape for any event you can imagine.


    For day-to-day events, you can stick to a color palette that suits the rest of your home décor, but when it comes time to decorate for a special event, we recommend finding inspiration from the theme of your gathering. Show off the Deco Collection with a scallop placemat at a bachelorette party or the serene blues of the Iris Blue design at an outdoor garden party — the options are endless. 

    2. Placemats Protect Your Table from Damage 

      We know that most gatherings take place around the table, so keeping your furniture safe is important. Setting down cloth placemats gives you a protective layer between your dinnerware and the table, keeping the surface safe from heat, spills, stains, and scratches. 

      3. Placemats Make Every Meal Feel Special

        Taking the time to set placemats is not a chore — in fact, it encourages you to celebrate even the smallest dining moments. From enjoying a homemade biscotti with your morning coffee to holiday meals at the table with friends and family, selecting designs that capture your unique style can elevate each and every experience at the dining table. 

        4. Linen Placemats Are Reusable

          While there will always be a time and place for paper napkins and tarp tablecloths, there's nothing better than being able to toss your favorite table linens in the laundry to be used again, as good as new. Not only do our designs wash up easily, but thanks to the linen-cotton fabric blend, they get softer with each wash.

          5. Placemats Help Determine Seating 

            As a family that loves to host, we enjoy anything that will make our gatherings go off without a hitch. When designing your table, you can use placemats to determine how many people will fit on your tabletop without overcrowding. Setting placemats also makes it clear where each guest will sit during your event, defining their space at the table. 

            What's the Best Material for Placemats?

            A cotton and linen blend is the best choice for cloth placemats, offering supreme softness, breathability, and sustainability. When you combine the lightweight feel of cotton with the stiff structure of linen, you get the best of both worlds in one table linen

            What Should You Pair with Your Placemats?

            In order to create a coordinated tablescape, your placemats should always match something on the table. Consider your color scheme, any potential patterns, and your selected dinnerware and serveware to find a standout detail your placemats complement. 


            For instance, the gold detailing in the placemats from the Deco Collection can help tie in your favorite gold flatware. If there's a certain color in a patterned dish you'd love to feature, find the matching hue in our Fundamentals Collection placemats to make your dinnerware pop. 

            3 Considerations for Choosing Placemats

            Searching for your perfect set is simple: choose what you love. Owning several types will set you up for success—especially if you entertain often. Pay attention to these three design elements as you plan your table setting:

            1. Consider the Colors

              Choosing the perfect color placemat for your gathering can impact the overall look of your table. Consider the color of your dining table, chairs, and intended dinnerware to find a complementing shade for your table linens. White, tan, and other neutrals are almost always a safe bet for any serveware collection, but if you're interested in experimenting with contrasting colors, invest in bold hues, such as dark green cloth napkins. 

              You can also find inspiration for table linen colors in the seasons. If you're planning on hosting a red-and-green holiday gathering or switching out your kitchen collections for Spring, lean into the seasonal colors. Transform your table with a new color scheme by swapping out the old linens for a fresh set. 


              Fundamental Placemat Colors

              Our Fundamentals Collection is full of colorful, versatile Color Block Placemats designed to complement any and all table settings. With two main types of designs to choose from, discover the assortment of colors and mix and match them for unique style combinations:

              Tone-on-Tone Designs

              If you're searching for solid-colored placemats, our tone-on-tone selection is for you. With a piped edge and body made from one color, these monochrome designs work as a great base for any patterns and textures in your tablescape. Discover a shade you love, from bold to classic white placemats and everything in between:

              Contrasting Trim Designs

              Our other Fundamental placemat designs tout a fun accent color in the trim. If you love unexpected color pairings, you'll love finding ways to incorporate these designs on your table: 

              2. Choose a Shape

                When it comes to choosing a placemat shape, it's best to have a couple of different designs on hand. You never know when a square design will look better than a round one for your tablescape design — so it's a great idea to stock up on a variety. 

                Try letting the other pieces in your tablescape guide your choice to a certain cotton linen placemat shape. If you're setting them on top of a geometric patterned tablecloth, follow through with the theme and use a square placemat. On the other hand, if the textures and dishes on your table feel more organic, a round placemat may be best.


                Coton Colors Placemat Shapes

                We take pride in designing a wide variety of placemats that work for any occasion you have in mind. Pair your favorite red color block napkins with a matching round placemat, or experiment with setting multiple shapes together: 

                Square Placemats

                Set your table with a traditional yet playful square placemat. We designed ours to be slightly oversized to fit any kind of place setting and elevate your everyday moments. For formal events, fit a charger, extra glassware, and additional utensils. Or, go the simple route with a basic place setting and use this stylish shape to frame your single plate and glass. 

                Round Placemats

                When setting a table you love, a round placemat never fails. The circular design is a perfect fit when set under matching round plates and platters, but they can also be used with any shape and style of dinnerware

                Scallop Placemats

                Our scallop-edge placemat elevates any tablescape with a touch of whimsy and grace. Featuring elegant stitching and a unique border shape, the placemat’s scalloped edge adds depth and sophistication underneath a round plate or charger. Pair it with a plain dish to show off the unique silhouette of the scallop, or go all-out with dinnerware and serveware that features the same pretty edge. 

                3. Select an Embroidered Accent

                  Embroidered accents add an extra special touch to some of our favorite placemats. The dainty stitching can inspire the color scheme of your tablescape as a whole or work as a subtle accent color within your table linens.


                  Favorite Embroidered Placemats

                  The embroidered embellishment makes these three placemats designs a popular choice within our family homes—and yours, too:


                  3 Ways to Add Placemats to Your Table

                  Cotton linen placemats can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you're looking to create a colorful layered look for an Easter dinner table or considering using them on their own for an everyday set, there are three ways to inspire you: 

                  1. On Their Own

                    Placemats are traditionally designed to be used on their own, leaving the rest of your table bare. Lean into the rustic, casual look by placing a placemat in front of each chair. Continue by setting the place with the necessary dishes, glassware, utensils, and a matching {or mixing} cloth napkin.  

                    2. On Top of a Tablecloth

                      If you'd like to take your tablescape one step further, experiment with using both a tablecloth and a placemat. This layered look will make any event feel extra special, adding a touch of tactile glamor and texture to your setup. Play with using two different designs and mixing bold colors, or go for a contemporary monochrome look by selecting a placemat and tablecloth in the same color family. 

                      3. In the Center of the Table

                        If you run out of potholders or have an extra-large dinnerware spread, use your extra cotton linen placemats to support the dishes in the center of the table. Decide if you want to match the rest of the table linens for a subtle, cohesive style or dare to be different and stand out with bold design choices.  

                        How to Care for Cloth Placemats

                        Because our placemats are made of a luxurious cotton and linen blend, caring for them is easy. Once you've used your placemats, you can toss them in the washing machine on the cold setting for a quick cleaning. If there are any stains, use a high-quality non-chlorine bleach to keep them fresh and clean for the next use.   

                        To dry, lay your placemats flat and let them air dry, they will have a natural wrinkle. For times when you want the crisp look of cotton, iron as needed once the placemats are dry to the touch.


                        When you're not using your placemats, make sure to store them in a clean, dry area. We recommend keeping your placemats close to the table, either stacked in an accessible kitchen drawer or in the linen closet. When it comes time to change your dishes and table linens for the season, you can easily replace your current linens with new ones.

                        Elevate any table design with timeless and stylish placemats whenever you wish. Choose between our bold and beautiful designs, find inspiration for your own table settings, and invest in placemats you'll enjoy for years to come. 

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