How to Host a Bridal Shower

Spring has arrived, and wedding season is in full bloom. We ourselves are coming off a wedding high, having recently celebrated Mary Parker and Whit’s wedding, as well as Logan and Ernest’s wedding.

Because one of our favorite things to do is gather together and celebrate, we pulled out all the stops and held a Bright, {White} and Blooming Bachelorette Gathering, a Ms. To Mrs. Merriment Gathering, and a A Something Blue Bridal Shower – just in the last year! 


Since the season of nuptials is upon us, we’re sharing a step-by-step guide to help you host a fitting gathering of your own using three of our own family gatherings as done-for-you inspiration! 

How To Host A Bridal Shower

1. Select your bridal shower theme – We love using wedding traditions and the season as inspiration when planning bridal showers. For Mary Parker’s bridal shower, we leaned into the tradition of brides wearing bright white and used that as a guide when choosing florals and a tablescape design. For Logan’s bridal shower, we followed the tradition of having “something blue” on the wedding day and mixed and matched blue hues to create the loveliest, immersive shower. 

    2. Send out bridal shower invitations – Sending out bridal shower invitations in advance as you can helps ensure that all the bride’s loved ones can make plans to attend – especially the ones who might be coming from out of town. Send out invitations to the shower 2 months in advance. Remember to include the dress code, where to find the bride’s registry, and RSVP information.  
      3. Curate a menu – When curating the perfect bridal shower menu, the options are endless. You can opt for a casual but elevated charcuterie menu, a sit-down brunch, or even a formal dinner. Draw from the bride’s favorite foods, upbringing, and the season to make the perfect menu. For instance, because Logan is from South Florida, we knew we had to include key lime pie as the dessert of choice at her bridal party. Whether you choose to cook or opt for catering, curating the perfect menu can help create an unforgettable bridal shower. Take care to have options for those who may have certain allergies or preferences. Pro tip: If the gathering is being held just before the wedding, consider what’s being served at the rehearsal dinner and the wedding and choose a menu that’s light and complementary to that of those events. 
      4. Choose a serving style – Choosing a serving style is an important part of creating the overall tone of a bridal shower. To choose one, consider what your menu involves, how much space you have for the food, and the level of formality you wish to have. If you want the gathering to be more formal, we recommend having a plated meal. If the gathering casual but elevated, a buffet is a wonderful option.  

        5. Design the tablescape - Create a tablescape design that you {and the bride!} will love by incorporating the bride’s style and taste into it. If the bride enjoys punchy patterns, try to incorporate them in the linens, such as on tablecloths, placemats, napkins, or cocktail napkins. If the bride is minimalistic and likes simple and clean designs, stick with neutral tones and minimal table accessories. If the bride loves plants and has a green thumb, use potted plants as the centerpiece – the options are endless! 

          6. Put up decorations – If you decided to incorporate décor, putting the decorations up can be done ahead of time in many cases. Hang garlands, prop up signs, arrange games or other baby shower activities, blow up balloons, and stage the space.  
            7. Set the table – Once the big day arrives, the last step is to set the table, according to your party prep timeline. Depending on where you’re hosting the bridal shower, you may even be able to set the table the day before. Create the table settings, arrange the flowers, lay out menus, put out place cards, and take care of any items you may be able to plan for.   

              3 Bridal Showers To Host for Brides To-Be 

              Need some inspiration for your bridal shower theme? We’ve taken the hassle out of planning {and hosting!} and created three Curated Gatherings jam-packed with bridal shower ideas to help you plan a bridal shower, bachelorette dinner, or bridal luncheon for the books. 

              Bright {White} and Blooming Bridal Luncheon 

              On May 12, Mary Parker got married in our hometown Tallahassee, FL surrounded by family and friends. Right in the middle of the week-long wedding festivities, we gathered to celebrate Mary Parker and her bridal party at a celebratory luncheon. 

              The intentions for the gathering to be slow-paced, feminine, and traditional were flawlessly executed on a beautiful spring morning and through every sweet and subtle detail." - Marcie, Courtney, Taylor, and Logan 


              Join us as we share the finished look for Bright {White} and Blooming Bridal Party Luncheon, a special occasion we hosted honoring the bride-to-be, Mary Parker, and her bridal party on a breezy spring day in the midst of wedding week festivities.  

              A Something Blue Bridal Shower 

              We're thrilled to share this Something Blue Bridal Shower as one of our featured curated gatherings in hopes that it inspires you with an entertaining idea, too!   

              "We landed on blue and white as the main source of inspiration and translated this theme through lush floral arrangements, subtle blue glassware, and an Iris Blue place setting. This shower came together with ease, and we hope you feel inspired to celebrate an upcoming bride-to-be in a gorgeous setting, too!” - Kyle, Sara Kate, Mary Parker 


              We've gathered everything you need to host this celebratory event. From place setting designs to inspiration for subtle yet noteworthy details, consider this your sign to host your own Something Blue Bridal Shower. 

              Ms. To Mrs. Merriment Bachelorette Luncheon 

              In the spirit of celebrating the season of weddings and all the festivities that ensue during this exciting time, Courtney and Taylor are sharing a recent gathering held for their sister, Logan, as they gathered for her bachelorette dinner and merriment!   

              "Keeping with the traditional nature of a bachelorette party where the guest list is mainly the close family and girlfriends of the bride - we wanted the overall feel of the gathering to lean a little more feminine. We landed on a palette of pinks, blooming florals, butterflies, and festive icons as the main hub of inspiration for this whimsical celebration." - Courtney & Taylor  


              Featuring palettes of pinks, blooming florals, and festive icons of the occasion, this Miss to Mrs. Merriment is the perfect way to celebrate the soon-to-be bride in your life! 

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