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Article: Create Memories with Our Citrus Collection

Create Memories with Our Citrus Collection

Create Memories with Our Citrus Collection

Whether you’re planning a summer soiree on the patio or setting the table for a weeknight dinner, it’s important to choose dinnerware and serving dishes you love. Entertaining is all about the little details, and while that may sound daunting at first, we’re here to inspire you to dive right in. Our secret? Always having a go-to dinnerware collection you can’t wait to set the table with. 
Hosting an unforgettable gathering is all about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your loved ones, and that starts with the salad plates and serving platters you choose. If you’re looking for bold and colorful dinnerware that matches your personality, look no further than our Citrus Collection. 


How to Make Any Gathering Memorable 

We’ve fallen in love with the art of hosting: from the creative dinnerware settings to the holiday themes, planning and executing an event is one of the simple joys in life. Entertaining doesn’t need to be extravagant or expensive for it to be memorable. What matters is taking the time to create a welcoming space for your friends and family to make memories. Everything adds up to a lovely gathering, from the themed toothpick holders and serving platters to the laughs you share.  
We believe that the way to make a gathering memorable is in the tiny details. When you get nostalgic and look back on past events, what do you remember? The cozy environment, the stories told around the dinner table and the delicious meals. From the vibrant salad plates and natural wood bowls to the themed cocktail napkins: they all add up to a theme and a memorable experience.  


What’s Our Citrus Collection All About? 

If you’re looking for unique textures and patterns for your tablescape, look no further than the Citrus Collection. With a pattern inspired by the vivid colors of lemons and oranges, the serving dishes in this collection add a fresh look to your dinner table. Play around mixing and matching unique ceramic salad plates and textured mango wood serveware for a stylish aesthetic. Some of the items even feature hand-sculpted details to represent the natural texture of the fruit!  

Of all our dinnerware, the Citrus Collection is one of the most vibrant and stand-out designs we have. Pair these bright designs with other neutral dinnerware for a pop of color at your next gathering or be bold and bring that summer feeling into your kitchen as an everyday collection. Use the Citrus Collection al fresco for backyard barbecues and dinner parties all spring and summer long. Just set the table with the themed cocktail napkins and serving dishes, sit back, and enjoy. 


Why Mango Wood? 

Mango wood is sustainably harvested after the mango tree has stopped producing fruit. This beautiful wood is featured in our favorite Citrus Collection bowls and salad servers. Sturdy as it is attractive, mango wood is known for its durability and dense grain. Every design has unique natural variations in the wood, making them one-of-a-kind for your curated dinnerware collection.


Why Are Citrus Prints Popular? 

Looking at those vivid citrus prints conjures up visions of sunny days and tranquil vacations: no plane ticket required. We designed this unique dinnerware collection to be an attribute to every style and every home. Citrus prints are currently trending and have been seen across decades, especially in mid-century modern styles. 

Whether it's because the hand-crafted designs inspire summer gatherings or simply because each piece brings a fresh look to every home, citrus prints are a must-have. Bring that essence into your home with classic Citrus Collection salad plates and serving dishes. 


What Items Are Included in the Citrus Collection? 

The Citrus Collection is perfect for creating a cohesive and colorful look for any gathering. Collect each plate, bowl, and serveware staple and design a beautiful tabletop, or choose just a few styles to add to your everyday collection. The Citrus Collection spans all different entertaining essentials:  

  • Dinnerware 

  • Serveware 

  • Table linens 

  • Table Accessories 

  • Ornaments 

Citrus Collection Dinnerware Settings 

When planning a memorable meal for your loved ones, start with the dinnerware settings! The bolder designs of the Citrus salad plates matches perfectly with the bright appetizer bowls for any starter courses or dips. With these dinnerware basics, you will have a complete set for your table settings. Your guests will love to sit around your tablescape as they make memories. 


Our Citrus Collection Dinnerware: 


Citrus Collection Serveware 

When it comes to entertaining, presentation is key. Choosing the right serveware is a must. From setting out each perfectly garnished dish to the serving trays you choose, every step of the process adds up to an unforgettable gathering. After you cook your favorite springtime dishes, like our famous Grilled Seasoned Artichokes, place your Citrus serving trays and salad bowls on your tablescape to present your menu.  


Our Citrus Collection Serveware: 


Citrus Collection Table Linens 

No table would be complete without matching table linens, and whether you’re looking for colorful hand towels for your kitchen or cocktail napkins for your summer celebrations, the festive designs in the Citrus Collection are perfect. Choose from different hand towel sets to welcome springtime into your kitchen or powder room. Get ready to set out the Citrus-themed cocktail napkins for your guests to enjoy their French 75 Cocktail. The Citrus table linens elevate the theme of your tablescape and tie it together in other areas of your home with ease. 

Our Citrus Collections Linens: 


Fun Citrus Collection Extras for the Table 

Don’t stop at salad plates and bowls: our Citrus Collection has stylish trinkets and extras to spruce up the gathering even further. Carry the theme throughout your home by placing corresponding trinket bowls in other areas of your home. Decorate down to the smallest details with a citrus toothpick holder on your bar cart for a fresh look. What would a meaningful celebration be without a few fun serveware additions to your home? 

Our Citrus Collection Extras: 

Commemorate with the Citrus Collection 

Once all is said and done, your gathering is an occasion that you and your guests will never want to forget. Savor that summer feeling with a Citrus Glass Ornament to be seen months later. Hang this hand-drawn keepsake on your Christmas tree and relive all your memories with your loved ones every year. Or, set it out in a stand to be displayed all season long. No matter where you choose to keep it, this is the perfect way to cherish your Citrus Collection year-round.  


Mix and Match the Citrus Collection 

While a cohesive look is always a winner, the Citrus Collection can be mixed and matched with other dinnerware sets. Pairing the bright and busy pattern with something more understated can help the salad plates, bowls, and serving trays stand out even more. Think about your own serving dishes and table linens that would either complement or power clash with the Citrus Collection. If you don’t know where to start, don’t fret—use our go-to choices as inspiration. 
Use something neutral and timeless, like our Signature White Collection. Using the Signature White Ruffle Dinner Plate as a charger plate for your smaller Citrus Ruffle Salad Plate will elevate your place settings. Find filler serving dishes to flesh out your dinnerware collection, and your Citrus items will stand out!  
If you want to lean into the wood grain elements of the Citrus Collection, try the Fundamentals Collection for a perfect pair. Set the table with your favorite fruit-themed cocktail napkins and enjoy the picture-perfect duo of wood utensils next to the mango wood items. Enjoy this gorgeous, neutral look when mixing and matching your Citrus Collection salad plates with your other dinnerware sets. 


Use the Citrus Collection as Your Everyday Dinnerware 

We designed the Citrus Collection for everyday use. Even though they aim towards a summery feel, don’t count them out as the dinnerware your family could enjoy all year long. Picture those cold months: bringing in that little glimmer of warmth with a Citrus salad plate or serving tray will have you reliving your memories all year round.  
Match your personality to your salad plates, and go bold! Though there will always be time for a classic dinnerware collection, why not take the chance and choose items that make you happy? Having colorful and exciting salad plates and bowls will make your home feel inviting all year long. Celebrate the little moments with the Citrus Collection, like coffee with your partner or after-school snacks with the kids.  


Bring Out the Citrus Collection Seasonally 

Though we love the Citrus theme all year round, we also love to pop it into our dinnerware rotation and bring the collection out in the spring or summer! As soon as the days get warmer and the sun sets later, it’s time to switch out our beloved holiday serving dishes for something with a little more zest. Welcome the new season by setting the table with these bold salad plates, bowls, and serving dishes. 

Citrus season is typically November to March, so if you want to celebrate that delicious time of year, you could bring out the Citrus Collection then! Enjoy a burst of sunshine by setting out bright hand towels, trinket bowls, and more to celebrate the seasonal fruits we all know and love. 


Perfect Occasions to Use the Citrus Collection 

We love having these beautiful serving dishes and salad plates whenever an occasion comes up. From elevating a weekly meal with our family to hosting events for our friends and family, the Citrus Collection never fails to brighten the table. Set the table with these beloved serving dishes and celebrate every moment in life: 

  • Dinner party 

  • Birthday dinner 

  • Brunch 

  • Backyard barbecue  

  • Citrus Celebration 


Throwing Your Own Citrus Celebration 

What’s a Citrus Celebration, you may ask? As the world defrosts for the spring, so does our desire to host. We love nothing more than inviting everyone over for a warm night on the back patio, making memories over our favorite colorful serveware collection. What better way to welcome in the next season than by hosting a memorable gathering for all our loved ones?  
When the sun begins to stay up later, we love hosting a casual fresh meal of springtime favorites. Lean into the Citrus theme with the colors and find oranges, yellows, white, green, and ecru for a beautiful tablescape. Take your time setting the table and create a cohesive serveware look for your celebration. Choose meals that reflect the nature springing up all around you and invite your loved ones over for a Citrus Celebration. Look at our inspiration and make it your own! 

Decorating Your Home with the Citrus Collection 

Why keep your favorite salad plates and trays hidden when you and your family can enjoy them 24/7? We believe the Citrus Collection can be used as functional and fresh home décor around the house, whether it’s in the kitchen, on your dinner table, or around your home.   
Every home could use a pop of color to brighten up a room, yours included. Try placing your favorite serving tray on the coffee table to hold your remotes and magazines for a peak of that zesty pattern. Put out your stunning orange tray by your entryway to catch your keys when you walk in the door. Enjoy these warm and bold patterns throughout your house all day long.  
Making every gathering memorable for you and your loved ones gets a little easier when you can rely on this gorgeous collection. Mix the serving dishes in with your core items, fill your home with a cheerful pattern, and use these serveware and table linens as much as possible to create a bright and inviting atmosphere for your guests to enjoy. Choose whether you want to use the salad plates all year round or if bringing out the serving dishes when the sun begins to shine suits your fancy. Whatever you choose, know you can create the citrusy tablescape of your dreams with our latest Citrus Collection.

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