Citrus Orange Toothpick Holder



Nothing says summer like vibrant citrus fruit, and there’s no better way to add a pop of white to your table or décor than with this adorable toothpick holder. Shaped like one of our favorite fruits, this toothpick holder features a hand-sculpted design that brings together the natural texture of the fruit. Keep this holder within reach on your bar cart, kitchen counter, or guest bathroom.

Artists hand-sculpt and paint this fun toothpick holder, adding white flowers with plenty of room for storing toothpicks. This toothpick holder will come in handy year-round, from alfresco dining to delicious holiday cocktails.

Decorate down to the smallest details with our Citrus Orange Toothpick Holder.

Material: Ceramic
Dimensions: 2in Diameter X 1.75in L
Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe

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