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Article: A Featured Menu: Summer Farmer's Market Finds


A Featured Menu: Summer Farmer's Market Finds

One of our favorite things to do during the Summer season is make seasonal-inspired foods, throw Summer-inspired parties, and take advantage of everything a Florida summer has to offer. Over the last few weeks, we’ve made an assortment of family-favorite dishes, from desserts to appetizers to entrees, using fruits and vegetables we picked up at our local Tallahassee Farmer’s Market.


Taking advantage of the vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients from your local farmer's market can transform your dining experience into a celebration of summer’s bounty. Hint: we love using Brightland's Seasonal Produce Calendar to inspire new dishes. They post this helpful guide on their Instagram account at the top of each month.


Explore the appetizers and baked goods we've made using locally grown produce from the farmer's market recently and from summers past with these farmer’s market-inspired menu ideas! 


Farmer’s Market-Inspired Menu Ideas 

Vibrant Vegetable Tian Recipe
Fresh Tomato Tart Recipe
Lemon Artichoke Dip Recipe
Our Favorite Key Lime Pie Recipe


Entree options: 


Appetizer options: 


Dessert options: 




Cookware and Bakeware for Farmer’s Market-Inspired Recipes 

From bubbling cheesy vegetable dishes to homemade pies, our cookware and bakeware transfers these recipes from oven to table in style: 


Loaf pans: 

Signature White Ruffle Loaf Pan
Iris Blue Ruffle Loaf Pan
Red Stripe Ruffle Loaf Pan


Casserole Dishes: 

Iris Blue Drop 13 Casserole
Signature White Ruffle Casserole


Pie Dishes: 

8-inch pie dishes: 


9-inch pie dishes:  

Signature White 8in Ruffle Pie Dish
Iris Blue Burst 8in Ruffle Pie Dish
Iris Blue Drop 9in Ruffle Pie Dish
Signature White Ruffle Pie Dish


Whether you're hosting a casual brunch or an al fresco dinner, the possibilities are endless when you let the market's offerings get your creative juices flowing.  

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