Blue Crab Glass Ornament



It’s okay to be crabby with this adorable ornament! Our Blue Crab Glass Ornament is a perfect way to bring a memento of the coast into your home. From displaying it on an ornament stand as home décor to hanging it on your Christmas tree, this ornament is an eye-catching must-have for anyone who loves this fun crustacean. Keep it for yourself, or use the included gift box to surprise someone close to you.

Our crab ornament features a bold red background, hand-painted blue crab, and a blue and white ribbon tied on top. From unique shapes to artfully crafted designs, our products are here to inspire you to celebrate every day.

Bring your love of the water into your home décor with our Blue Crab Glass Ornament.

Material: Glass, metal, ribbon
Dimensions: 100mm
Volume: n/a
Care Instructions: Fragile - Handle with care. Store ornaments in their box in a temperature controlled environment

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