Chinese Fu Symbol Glass Ornament


$14.99 $23.95

Good luck. It’s a parting phrase, one that wishes someone good fortune as they embark on their next adventure. Our Chinese Fu Symbol Glass Ornament captures one of the most widely seen symbols in China, seen as a representation of good fortune and luck. Whether you’re fluent or want to embrace the culture with this beautiful piece of holiday art, this design will make a beautiful addition to your Christmas tree.

Our Chinese Fu Symbol Glass Ornament features a vibrant red background with the character written in gold glitter. From the Christmas tree to everyday décor, this ornament is sure to become a symbol of good luck in your life!

Spread good fortune with our Chinese Fu Symbol Glass Ornament.

Material: Glass, metal, ribbon
Dimensions: 100mm
Volume: n/a
Care Instructions: Fragile - Handle with care. Store ornaments in their box in a temperature controlled environment

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