Chinese Lanterns Glass Ornament


$14.99 $23.95

The Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals in China, and what better way to honor this special time than with our Chinese Lanterns Glass Ornament? This design pairs the color red, representing happiness, with lanterns, which capture the wish for a bright future. This ornament can be personalized and comes perfectly packaged in a matching gift box with ribbon, making it a lovely choice for gifting to those special to you.

Our Chinese Lantern Ornament features a hand-drawn design of vibrant red and gold lanterns, a background of white with black polka dots, and a black and white ribbon topper. From celebrating the new moon with relatives to marking the beginning of spring, this ornament is sure to bring happiness to your home.

Light the way for new adventures with our Chinese Lanterns Glass Ornament.

Material: Glass, metal, ribbon
Dimensions: 100mm
Volume: n/a
Care Instructions: Fragile - Handle with care. Store ornaments in their box in a temperature controlled environment

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