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Article: Choosing the Right Platter for Any Occasion

Choosing the Right Platter for Any Occasion
How-To Guide

Choosing the Right Platter for Any Occasion

Over the years, we've discovered the importance of having a collection of entertaining essentials on-hand for any occasion. One design that we often use at every gathering is the serving platter. Complete your serveware collection with an array of striking serving plates and you’ll always be prepared to host!   
From square platters to oval platters and everything in between, owning a variety of serving plates can be useful for everyday dining: but how do you determine what serving dishes are right for you? With a little help from us, you can learn how to select the right serving plates for you and your home.


What is a Serving Platter? 

Serving plates are typically flat dishes and trays designed to present and serve food. These serving dishes come with or without handles, in different shapes, like oval platters and square platters, in various sizes, and in endless patterns and colors.  


Why You Need a Serving Platter

Serving plates are one of the 15 basic entertaining essentials everyone needs in their serveware collection. If you enjoy hosting, invest in these versatile serving dishes that suit any menu and size of the gathering as well as different courses, from appetizers to the main course straight from the grill or even desserts! After you curate your dinnerware keep an eye out for different-shaped serving dishes, like a square platter or an oval platter, to dress up your table. 

We enjoy celebrating the little moments, and whether you’re hosting friends for a dinner party or setting the table for lunch with your family, serving dishes are an easy way to elevate any table. Take care in choosing the right serving plates for everyday use and special occasions, and host with ease.  


Serving Dishes as Home Décor 

Besides their primary use of serving delicious meals at the table, serving dishes can be kept on display for unique and striking home décor. Why hide your beautiful serving plates in a cupboard when you could enjoy them all day long? Use small and large serving platters to hold, organize, and corral things around your house, or display them around your home and enhance any room. When it comes time to set the table for your gathering, simply grab each serving dish, give it a rinse, and it’s ready to go! 


Questions to Ask to Find the Right Serving Dishes 

If finding the perfect serving plate for your home seems daunting, ask yourself these questions: 

  • What size serving platter do you need? 

  • What shapes do you like? 

  • Do you want a neutral color or a bold pattern? 

  • Is this platter an everyday item or seasonal? 

  • Can this double as home décor? 


How to Choose the Best Serving Platter Shape for Your Event 

We recommend having a few of each style and shape, so you’re ready for any gathering that comes your way. It’s a common belief that square platters and rectangular large serving platters are perfect for more formal events, like a sit-down dinner or a larger guest list. On the other hand, round serving dishes and oval platters may suit a more relaxed, casual gathering with your loved ones, like a patio potluck or appetizers with your family. 

Pro tip: If your dinnerware is circular, use oval platters. If your dinnerware has more lines than curves, use square platters. Above all else, choose a serving dish that catches your eye and matches your style, and make sure you have options to choose from. 


Finding the Perfect Everyday Serving Platter 

We find that using serving dishes rather than serving straight from the pot or cookware during everyday meals is a simple way to elevate the little moments in our lives. If you’re interested in adding small and large serving platters to your everyday dinnerware collection, we recommend selecting different patterns and shapes that match the rest of your daily dinner plates and utensils. Choose from different oval platters and square platters for anything from pancakes on the weekends to movie night snacks and enhance the memories you make with your loved ones. To celebrate the simple joys in life, look at our everyday serving platters and select the best ones for you and your home. 


Our 5 Favorite Everyday Collections 

Square platters, oval platters, and any shape you can imagine are all staples in our tabletop and home décor collections because we enjoy making memories at family gatherings through serving up unforgettable recipes on our large serving platters. Explore five of our favorite everyday collections that all include striking serving platters designed to coordinate with complementary dinnerware pieces, or mix and match across collections to create your own look: 

  1. Signature White

  2. Deco 

  3. Fundamentals

  4. Iris Blue

  5. Blush


Signature White Serving Plates 

Our Signature White Collection features some of our favorite go-to serving dishes. If you’re looking for timeless dishes that can be mixed and matched with your other serveware, look no further than these large serving platters. With a creamy white hue and uniquely ruffled edges, the large serving platters and oval platters within this best-selling collection are perfect for everyday dining as well as coordinating with your seasonal designs. 

If you’re looking for a medium-sized serving dish that can hold anything from appetizers to the main course, look at our Signature White Oval Platter. For recipes that demand a linear composition, like deviled eggs or pastries, try the Signature White Ruffle Skinny Tray. You could even place a series of small bowls, like the Signature White Ruffle Dipping Bowl, on top of this long serving plate to present dips and sauces to the table—the options are endless. 
These classic serving plates can easily double as home décor. Use the skinny tray as a trinket dish in your foyer or the oval platter as a fruit bowl in the kitchen. When you’re about to host, your large serving platters will be readily available for tabletop styling and serving up your favorite recipes.  


Deco Serving Plates 

The Deco Collection is the pinnacle of glam, with gold metallic accents and a scalloped edge. This collection features one large serving platter {so far!} guaranteed to elevate your everyday meals with a striking look. 

We enjoy the Deco Gold Scallop Platter for its endless versatility, from the first course to the very last. Use this large serving platter in your appetizer course to display accouterments with a matching Deco Scallop Small Bowl in the center. Its size makes it perfect for serving the main dish with a touch of sophistication. Set these serving plates as chargers underneath your favorite dinner plates for an elegant boost. You could even use them to display bigger pastries, like cakes, pies, and quiches, and top them with a glass dome.   
To enhance your home décor, simply display the Deco Gold Scallop Platter on one of our handy Plate Stands to add depth and layering to a bookshelf, or create a decorative plate gallery wall with multiple golden large serving platters! The touch of glam will shine in any room in the house.   


Fundamental Serving Plates 

If you’re looking for a pop of texture, the large serving platter from the Fundamentals Collection is for you. Crafted from acacia wood with ruffled edges, the Fundamental Wood Ruffle Platter is the perfect way to bring a unique texture to the table. This round serving plate is perfect for any gathering, from serving appetizers before a family dinner to presenting the main course at your next celebration.  

When you aren’t serving the table, the Fundamental serving plates can be used as subtle décor around your home. Place a large serving platter on your coffee table to hold remotes, or use them as centerpieces at your breakfast table.  


Iris Blue Oval Platters and Square Platters 

The Iris Blue Collection features cool blue tones in organic patterns that loosely resemble the stages of a plant’s growth. If you need a set of everyday serving plates, look at these oval platters and square platters for easy mixing and matching. Use the Iris Blue Drop Large Handled Oval Platter for your large-scale events and the Iris Blue Burst Small Handled Oval Platter for appetizers, small events, or as dinner plates! We've been known to plate a couple of tacos with a side of rice on this perfectly-portioned plate. Finally, bring out the Iris Blue Sprout Square Platter to serve cocktails or corral glasses. 

Iris Blue serving plates are perfect for adding a hint of color to your home. Use the serving dishes as decorations around the house for a bold blue accent, whether you’re adding the oval platters to your bookshelf to using the square platter as a catch-all dish on your bedside table.  


Ecru Quatrefoil Large Serving Platter 

The Ecru Quatrefoil Handled Tray is the star of the show in many of our gatherings. With a light ecru color and subtle diamond pattern, this rectangular platter will bring elegance to your table no matter the occasion. The handles are ideal for carrying your meals from the kitchen to the dining table worry free! 

If you enjoy grilling, the Ecru Quatrefoil platter has an inset rim that’s perfect for containing juices and marinades. For large events, pair with the Ecru Quatrefoil 6” Footed Bowl for an upscale serving set to suit every gathering. 
This beautiful platter is the perfect multifunctional décor for your vanity or desk. Gather your perfumes, jewelry, and writing utensils into one place for an organized look. Spruce up your bathroom and use this elegant platter to hold your lotions and candles. 


Bringing Out Your Seasonal Platters 

We enjoy having a rotation of dinnerware throughout the year, and with different seasons come different aesthetics. Switch out your year-round oval platters and square platters for large serving platters that welcome in each season. Elevate all your gatherings by introducing themed serving dishes into your collection, whether you’re hosting a summertime brunch or a holiday soiree! 


Our 5 Favorite Seasonal Platters 

Try switching out your everyday square platters and oval platters with a platter from one of these five top-selling seasonal collections:   

  1. Citrus

  2. Oyster

  3. Christmas in the Village

  4. O Holy Night

  5. Balsam and Berry


Citrus Serving Plates 

We love looking at these stunning plates in our cabinets and on our tables all year round, but when the sun comes out, the Citrus Traditional Tray becomes the perfect seasonal serving platter for summer. This large serving platter brings a fresh new look into the space with bright depictions of oranges and lemons. Brighten up any tablescape, whether you want to use it every day or to welcome the start of citrus season. Host your own Citrus Celebration and serve seasonal recipes on this colorful large serving platter 


Oyster Collection Serving Dish 

Bring the East Coast energy to your table all year long and invite your loved ones for an Oyster Roast. Or, in celebration of the beginning of oyster season, your summer parties can feature the Oyster Half Dozen Platter. This serving plate is beautiful and functional, holding six oysters at a time for easy serving (and eating!). Serve up the best raw oyster recipe with side sauces, and enjoy displaying this artistic serving dish around the house for classic décor year-round.  


Christmas in the Village Serving Platters 

Plan an unforgettable Christmas celebration for your loved ones with the festive Christmas in the Village Collection. With colorful and nostalgic holiday images of Santa, his reindeer, and wintery homes, these seasonal serving dishes are perfect for your winter traditions. Put the finishing touch on your holiday tablescape by serving up your annual Christmas Eve dinner on the Christmas in the Village Platter. And when it’s almost time to tuck in for the night on Christmas Eve, place Santa’s cookies and milk on the Christmas in the Village Tray. Take these serving plates out every Christmas season for holiday cheer the whole family will adore.


O Holy Night Serving Plate 

Celebrate the birth of Jesus every year with the O Holy Night Tray. Whether you’re serving an intimate holiday dinner or hosting a brunch for your loved ones, you can make memories around the illustrated tale of the nativity scene. Each gold metallic star on this large serving platter will shine brightly paired with your other dinnerware collections for a beautiful annual tablescape. 


Balsam and Berry Serving Dishes 

The dark green and berry red colors of the Balsam and Berry platters bring a festive glow for the entire winter season. Use the Balsam and Berry Ruffle Skinny Tray to hold ornaments you want to display for a festive centerpiece or to serve appetizers at Christmas brunch. Bring out the Balsam and Berry Ruffle Round Platter for displaying holiday candles or storing baked goods.  


Building your serving platters collection is essential for any host. With a carefully selected collection of serving plates, you’ll be prepared to host unforgettable gatherings for you and your loved ones. Enjoy the versatility of serving dishes, whether you’re adding a catch-all square platter to your bedside table, creating a gallery wall, or presenting your favorite recipes at the table! Take the time to choose the right serveware for you and your family to enjoy year-round. 

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