An All-Mexican Inspired Menu

There’s nothing better than gathering with friends and family over a shared meal but throw in a festive theme and you’ll have yourself a memorable evening! When we are planning to host, we’ve discovered the key to a seamless gathering is having a set menu in mind. One of our favorite crowd-pleasing menus to feature is an all-Mexican cuisine and we’re sharing a few recipes so you can enjoy this delicious feast, too. 




  • Queso  

  • Guacamole  

  • Salsa  


  • Chicken Tacos & all the toppings! You could also add a few more protein options like steak, shrimp, fish, or pork. 


  • Classic Margarita  

  • Perfect Paloma 

  • Ranch Water  


  • Mexican Fried Ice Cream 

  • Churros  

Not only is this menu a favorite for many but it is also simple to prepare, flavorful, and perfect for feeding a crowd! 

When we think of serving this All-Mexican inspired menu, our minds immediately jump to a festive evening full of lively music and bursting hues. Whether you are looking for inspiration to simply spice up your weeknight menu or you are planning an all-out Cinco de Mayo fiesta, this menu is the perfect choice for bringing a bit of spice and fun to your next gathering.  


Ideas on How to Best Celebrate with this Delicious Menu: 

  • Cinco de Mayo  

  • Taco Tuesday 

  • Birthday Party 

  • Happy Hour


For Cocktail Hour 

Every great host knows guests are often searching for a refreshing beverage the moment they arrive. While preparing to gather with this All-Mexican menu, we encourage you to gather a few essentials for preparing a set bar where guests can help themselves to a few delicious drinks. A few cocktails that we love to feature at our gatherings include a Classic Margarita and a Perfect Paloma. Each cocktail brings a punch of citrus and refreshing taste that simply pairs best with this delicious menu.  

Don’t forget to include one (or more) bowls of salsa, queso, and guacamole for guests to snack on before the main course is ready... just make sure to have LOTS of tortilla chips at the ready. 


For the Main Course 

Arguably the most highly anticipated course, the main course is an important component to any dinner gathering and thankfully we have a few ideas in mind for this festively themed menu. Our All-Mexican menu features tacos as the main course – always a crowd-pleaser. Whether you prefer Chicken Tacos or Pork, we happen to have two tried-and-true recipes perfectly suited for your next fiesta.  


For Dessert 

Now that the cocktail hour, appetizers, and main course are set, next is to determine what dessert you want to serve. Some may say that every great gathering is topped with a decadent treat, and we completely agree! Leave guests with a memorable note to your All-Mexican cuisine evening with the oh-so-delicious Mexican Fried Ice Cream or even a batch of freshly made churros... yum. 


Whether gathering for Cinco de Mayo, Taco Tuesday, or just looking for your next excuse to gather the girls over for margaritas, use this curated menu to get started on scheming your next event – and feel free to incorporate your favorite recipes into the mix as well. Let us know how you choose to celebrate with this festive and flavorful menu!

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