Classic Margarita Recipe

Say ‘cheers’ to warmer days with a refreshing citrusy favorite that never gets old...a Classic Margarita. Where fresh lime meets Tequila in a complementary cocktail that only pairs best with crisp tortilla chips and freshly made salsa. This Classic Margarita recipe features all the staple ingredients you know best, but we encourage you to switch it up and make it your own, too. Line the rim of the glass with sugar instead of salt, toss in a few springs of mint, you name it! 



This classic concoction is one of our favorites for sipping outside on slow spring afternoons or summer evenings. While we love a traditional margarita, we sometimes like to switch it up with its equally-refreshing counterpart – the Paloma! If you are more of a grapefruit fan, this is the cocktail for you.


A Few Key Ingredients: 

  • Tequila – We love Casamigos Blanco  

  • Agave – You can also use simple syrup instead  

  • Lime Juice – Use freshly squeezed for the best flavor

As you prepare to serve this Classic Margarita recipe, don’t feel limited by the glass typically selected for this drink. Have fun and get creative with the glassware – we typically pair our margaritas with a short rocks glass, but even a coupe or a highball glass would do the trick as well. 


Classic Margarita  

Serves 1  


1 ½ ounces Tequila (We love Casamigos Blanco) 

¾ ounce agave syrup  

1 ounce fresh squeezed lime juice  

Splash of sparkling water  

Sea salt for rim (optional)  

Lime wheel or wedge for garnish


Dip the edge of glass in salt to line the rim. Add tequila, agave syrup, and lime juice to glass – we like to use rocks glasses or coupe glasses for a fun mix. Stir to combine and add a splash of sparkling water and top with ice. Serve with a lime wheel or wedge.  


Serve It Up  

Orange Tray  
Serve the accompanying lime wedges in our Orange Tray for the perfect citrus pairing!  
Citrus Print Cocktail Napkins  
Pair this refreshing cocktail with the Citrus Print Cocktail Napkins to add a burst of colorful hues.


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