Mood Board: Spontaneous ¡Salud!

Let’s Plan a Gathering 

Join me as I share with you what I’ve dubbed Spontaneous ¡Salud! A curated gathering inspired by Mexican cuisine that’s easy enough for an impromptu weeknight dinner or Taco Tuesday, or that you can enhance for a more special occasion like a Cinco De Mayo celebration! 
This done-for-you gathering will be a family favorite since it’s simple to execute yet has just the right amount of festive touches to make it feel like a special occasion. Host your own Spontaneous ¡Salud! gathering with all the fixings and discover the perfect menu for your next weeknight dinner.  


The Inspiration  

Knowing that we typically find ourselves gathered at someone’s house for a family dinner each week, I wanted this particular setting to feel a bit more celebratory yet still comfy and casual. 
I was inspired by Mexican cuisine being a crowd-pleaser and knew that it would make for the perfect menu to serve a large crowd. While scheming the look, I used a few pieces from my current collections of Fundamentals and Iris Blue to arrange a set table that would complement a simple yet lush centerpiece of fresh florals.    


The Mood

There is no set schedule or evening of events at this gathering – just a delicious meal enjoyed in a laid-back setting.  
Using a few décor pieces that I already owned, I designed the gathering with a simple set table of warm neutral tones and a small arrangement of fresh tulips to bring in a brighter color palette. Having one set table allowed for a more casual flow with less prep and more time to focus on the featured menu. 

For this casual gathering, I’m sharing the mood board that I used to bring the vision to life. Use it to inspire and help execute your next weeknight dinner or even as a starting point for an extra-special Cinco De Mayo celebration. 

A Few Descriptors of the Gathering:  

  • Casual 

  • Relaxing 

  • Informal


The Colors

Building off the theme, I chose to feature a few adorable paper mache burro figurines that I happened to have on hand to proudly perched on the bar top with an arrangement of fresh tulips on the set table to bring in a burst of color. 


Featured Hues: 

  • Navy Blue  

  • Marigold  

  • Rust 

  • Soft Green

Get inspired to host your own Spontaneous ¡Salud! evening with this done-for-you curated gathering featuring a delicious Mexican cuisine inspired menu and a casual yet welcoming set table at home!  



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