The Ins and Outs of Children’s Melamine Dinnerware

Throughout our years designing creative tablescapes for our intimate gatherings, we've learned the importance of enhancing every element-- including the children's place settings. Creating unforgettable memories for our youngest family members has quickly become one of our fortes, and it's simple with our decorative melamine plates. Our Mealtime Collection of melamine dishes features fun and vibrant designs guaranteed to bring a smile to your little ones' faces (and a pop of color to their placemat).  
Collect each design in our melamine plate selection, from holiday dishes to special birthday kid’s dinner plates, to celebrate every moment with your children. Whether you use them as seasonal dishes or save them for special occasions, your children will be excited time and time again to use each nostalgic and whimsical design.  

But what is melamine? Why is it the best material for kid dinner plates? When should you set the table with our children’s plates? Join us for all this and more as we discuss anything and everything to do with our melamine dinnerware for kids. 

The Importance of Children's Dinnerware  

Why should our children be left out of the festivities when we set the table? We enjoy planning striking tablescapes for our friends and families, regardless of age. By owning a collection of kid tableware, your littlest loved ones can join in the fun and create unforgettable memories over their special children's plates. 
We all know that getting the energetic ones to sit at the table can be challenging, but with kid dinner plates made just for them and their interests, dinnertime gets a lot easier. By building a complete set of children's plates, you can spruce up their place setting and keep them engaged at mealtime. The playful designs on each melamine plate will be revealed as they eat, giving a whole new level of excitement at every meal.  


5 Reasons to Own Special Children's Plates 

While we enjoy the adorable patterns and colors of children’s plates, the aesthetic is not the only reason we suggest owning specific melamine dinnerware for your children. Owning special plates for your children encourages them to:  

  • Feel a sense of autonomy over their food 

  • Understand the importance of setting the table 

  • Get excited about each meal 

  • Feel included in family gatherings 

  • Eat more to uncover the playful designs 

What is Melamine? 

Melamine is a lightweight and durable material created from an organic and nitrogen-rich compound, making it the perfect material for kid-friendly dishes. By blending melamine resin with strengthening materials, we take the time and care to create melamine dinnerware in every shape, color, and design to elevate your kid’s tableware. 
Melamine is commonly used in dinnerware, whether you're looking for timeless plates for your next buffet-style gathering or kid's dinner plates for the children's table. With endless options for designs and shapes, these shatterproof dishes are dependable for all ages. Use them outdoors at your backyard patio party or inside—melamine dishes work anywhere.  

Pro tip: melamine dishes are food-safe and heat-resistant, so as long as you keep our melamine dinnerware out of the microwave, it's completely safe for your children to eat off them. 


History of Melamine 

Although melamine dishes have been around for hundreds of years, the popularity of melamine dinnerware increased during World War II when it was mass-produced for troops, schools, and hospitals. Nowadays, there are melamine dish collectors who scour antique shops for vintage melamine designs. With certain colors and patterns sought after to this day, melamine dishes never go out of style. 
Be a part of this dinnerware history and build your own appreciation for melamine dishes. Start your children’s plate collection and pass down these keepsakes from generation to generation for all to enjoy. 


Our Melamine Dinnerware Designs 

Our main melamine dishes are designed primarily with children-friendly patterns and use in mind. Each plate is made of sturdy melamine featuring colorful designs and encouraging messages to help engage your children at dinnertime. With designs ranging from Santa’s reindeer to delicious birthday cakes, our melamine plate collection celebrates each special occasion's whimsical patterns and colors.  

Our melamine plates make it easy to celebrate with your children, no matter the occasion. Take home your favorite design or collect all of the melamine children's plates to celebrate life’s moments with these entertaining essentials. Whether you're gearing up to host a children's birthday party or looking to keep them entertained at the table for large family holidays, these kid dinner plates will add excitement to every meal.  


5 Common Questions About Melamine Dinnerware 

Melamine dinnerware has been around for years, and for a good reason. Besides bringing childlike fun to your tablescape, melamine as a material has endless benefits. We’ve answered these commonly asked questions about melamine dinnerware so you, too, can enjoy all they have to offer: 

  1. Is melamine easily breakable?

  2. Is melamine dishwasher safe?

  3. How do melamine dishes handle temperatures?

  4. How do you care for melamine dinnerware?

  5. Where and when can you use melamine dishes?

1. How Easily Do Melamine Dishes Break? 

Many restaurants and homes prefer melamine dinnerware because the material is extremely difficult to break. Compared to fine China and ceramics, which can chip easily or break if dropped, melamine dishes can last longer and go through more wear and tear, making them perfect for your kid's dinner plates. Melamine dishes are shatterproof and scratch resistant, so they can stand the test of time on all your memorable tablescapes. 


2. Are Melamine Plates Dishwasher Safe? 

Melamine dinnerware is considered completely dishwasher safe. While hand-washing your kid's tableware is always an option, you can rest easy knowing that your melamine plates can be popped into the dishwasher without risk. Save time doing the dishes and always have your children's plates sparkling clean in time for the next meal.   


3. Do Melamine Dishes Handle Temperatures Well? 

Melamine dinnerware handles temperature extremely well, so the melamine plates should remain safe to touch even when serving hot food. We enjoy using our melamine dinnerware for any meal, from our Go-To Green Salad to piping-hot main courses. Feel safe knowing your kids won't be at risk of burns when handling their favorite children's plates as you serve up each course.  


4. How to Properly Care for Melamine Dinnerware 

To prolong your melamine dinnerware's lifespan, we suggest avoiding using serrated knives, harsh abrasive cleaners, or putting them in the microwave. In general, stay away from anything that could damage the protective coating on melamine plates. These special caretaking tips will help our kid's dinner plates last you for years. 


5. When Should You Use Melamine Dishes? 

Feel inspired to use melamine dishes anywhere and everywhere you'd like, from outside entertaining to inside dining. With their hard-to-break material and versatile uses, you can set any table with melamine dinnerware. As long as they fit your tablescape, our melamine plates can be part of your everyday dinnerware collection and special occasions.  


How to Use Our Children's Melamine Plates 

Our kid's dinner plates are an easy way to include children at the dinner table and in our celebrations. With place settings and melamine dinnerware designed just for them, you can include them in any family traditions and gatherings—without the risk of breaking your traditional dinnerware. Invite them to help you set the table and create inclusive tablescape designs the entire family will enjoy. From adding a pop of color to the kid’s table to making summer gatherings and parties even more festive, these vibrant plates are the perfect blend of durability and design.  
Mix and match our melamine plates with your everyday dinnerware to spruce up place settings for your youngest guests at any meal. From holiday gatherings to celebrations or weeknight dinners, these vibrant kid dinner plates are an easy way to elevate memories throughout the year. Pair with our Signature White Collection for a timeless look or with a matching seasonal collection around the holidays.   


3 Occasions for Our Melamine Plates 

We enjoy enhancing the little details for celebrations, and that includes the kid place settings at our gatherings. Set the table with melamine plates for your children on these three occasions: 

  1. Birthdays

  2. Thanksgiving

  3. Christmas

1. Birthday Melamine Plates 

Birthdays can seem like the most important day of the year for a child—so why not treat them as such? Our birthday-themed melamine children's plates are perfect for every meal on their special day, so whether you're buying one for the birthday girl or a collection to be used at the birthday party, the festive birthday cake designs are sure to make the day all the more memorable for them. 

Wake them up bright and early with morning pancakes served on the Blue Happy Birthday Cake Melamine Dinner Plate. Serve up a birthday cake or cupcakes for the classic must-have photo of blowing the candles out each year with the Pink Happy Birthday Cake Melamine Dinner Plate. Whichever plate you choose will become a keepsake tradition that brings birthday joy for years to come.  


2. Thanksgiving Melamine Plates 

With so many place settings to make and tablescapes to design, we, like other families, often create a kid's table for Thanksgiving. But that doesn't mean we skip decorating and creating an unforgettable Thanksgiving celebration our children will remember for years. With Thanksgiving melamine children's plates, designing a festive and stylish table for your kids is easy. 

Whether serving up appetizers before the main menu, turkey and stuffing, or pie and whipped cream for a dessert, our Thanksgiving Turkey Melamine Dinner Plate is the perfect kid tableware to use. Elevate the kids' table annually with these themed plates and create that tradition for you and your family. 


3. Christmas Melamine Plates 

As Christmas rounds the corner, we use our holiday kid's dinner plates for every gathering and festive get-together possible. From cookie decorating to gingerbread house building to Christmas Eve dinner, our Christmas children's plates are the perfect way to enhance that holiday cheer for our kid's place settings.  
As you decorate the tree together, why not enjoy your Christmas cookies on the Calling All Reindeer Melamine Dinner Plates? With fair skin and brown skin options for Santa, your children can feel the holiday spirit as they enjoy their meals off these cheerful melamine plates. Learn the famous reindeer names and enjoy each meal of the season with festive kid dinnerware.  

Tell the tale of baby Jesus every Christmas Eve with the Christmas Nativity Melamine Dinner Plates. As you prepare for the holiday season, your kids will enjoy eating off these treasured kid dinner plates in excitement for the big day. Create festive memories for your little ones with these special melamine dishes. 


Adding Children's Plates to Your Dinnerware Collection 

If you've been carefully curating your dinnerware collection, you may not know how to add children's plates. Our melamine dishes may not match your aesthetic entirely, but you have to remember the joy that your children will have when they eat off plates specially designed for their passions and celebrations. Making a kid's place setting as special as an adult's is part of the fun, so adding these kid dinner plates will make your collection mean more to all ages in your family.  
With lightweight designs and bright colors, these melamine dishes can be used over and over again, brought anywhere, and packed with ease. Our melamine plates will be enjoyed by each generation in the family, from your kid to their kids and so on.  
Our children’s melamine plates are a simple way to make mealtime more fun for all ages. Enhance your children’s time at the table during family gatherings with fun designs and bright colors. Help create celebrations for your children to remember year after year with our safe, shatterproof, and vibrant melamine dinnerware. Whether you’re searching for holiday dinnerware or everyday children’s plates, melamine dishes are a must for your kid's tableware collection. 

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