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Article: Set for the Season: Summer

Set for the Season: Summer

Set for the Season: Summer

Welcome summer into your home with our curated table settings. We've carved out some time to design six seasonal looks to inspire you with different ways to gather your loved ones and make memories around the table. From a modern sushi spread to punchy, bright color combinations perfect for patio dinners, use our designed table settings as a starting point for setting a whole theme for your gathering, or buy the entire set to replicate at home for your curated collection of dishes. 
Your table is the place where countless memories are made. Between weekday breakfasts with your children to once-in-a-lifetime milestones, table settings are the perfect way to elevate every occasion. Think setting the table is too hard or too much work? Well, we've done the work for you! Set the table of your dreams with our curated table settings meant just for you. 
Ready to get set? 

What Essentials Do You Need for Table Settings? 

All table settings need at least a dinner plate, flatware, napkins, and glassware, but it depends on the meal. Small bowls, salad plates, scallop plates, mugs, and more may also be necessary for some events. The style and design choices are completely up to the host as long as you have a mixture of these table-setting basics.  

To truly elevate an event, we find that additional table accessories can make all the difference. From exotic centerpieces to whimsical salt and pepper shakers, don't forget to consider the fun tabletop items when designing a tablescape—we certainly haven’t! 

5 Reasons to Set the Table  

In our family, we enjoy setting the table whenever we can! But if you were raised believing that setting the table was reserved for special occasions, this concept can seem foreign. It's time to learn that there are plenty of reasons to create and use table settings in your everyday life:  

  1. Sets the tone

  2. Makes guests feel welcome

  3. Elevates your meal

  4. Celebrates the little things

  5. Cements a theme


1. Table Settings Set the Tone for an Event
We enjoy designing table settings because they can set the tone of any event. From the color combination to the pops of pattern to the shape of a dish, every detail of our table settings is carefully chosen to create the atmosphere we're looking for. Using an entire set of coordinating dinnerware can help an event feel timeless and elegant. In contrast, creative combinations of mix-and-match dinnerware can help a meal feel eclectic and vibrant. As you begin planning your menu, looking at your dish options and brainstorming unique pairings can help set the tone for your celebration.  

2. Setting the Table Makes Guests Feel Welcome

Taking the time and effort to plan table settings is a guaranteed way to make your guests feel welcome and appreciated. Curated table settings are perfect for every event style, from laid-back pizza parties to formal, seated dinner events. With the right combination of serveware, dinner plates, table linens, and more, you and your guests will enjoy lingering around the table 


3. Elevate Your Menu with Table Settings

Show off all your hard work by presenting your menu with a beautiful table setting. Cooking is only half the fun of hosting a gathering— choosing your serveware to present your appetizers, main course, and sides is an opportunity for getting creative and thinking outside the box with thoughtful presentation intended to inspire and delight! Whether setting out a themed charcuterie board or a four-course meal, your recipes will always look even more impressive served on beautiful scalloped dishes and serving platters. 


4. Setting the Table Celebrates the Little Moments

Don't wait for birthdays and holidays to set the table—you also deserve to celebrate little moments in your everyday life. Different table settings can elevate everything from weekend brunch to spontaneous date nights. With unique table settings, suddenly, morning coffee with your partner feels like a treat, and setting the table becomes a family activity. Setting the table gives you and your family an excuse to enjoy your time together, even during mundane moments. 


5. Solidify a Theme with Table Settings

Whether you're an experienced host or a first-timer, using a table setting is an easy way to solidify the theme of an event. Themes are an important part of gatherings, from romantic fondue dinners to elegant bridal showers. Every part of a table setting can add to an unforgettable themed gathering, from the centerpieces to the dish patterns you choose. 



6 Looks for Summer Table Settings: 

Here are the 6 looks we designed to deliver for this summer season, but you could use them all year long! 

The Look: Al Fresco Awaits 
Eating in the open air, or as the Italians say, al fresco, is one of our favorite things to do to celebrate the start of summer. We like to keep our outdoor table settings simple, from the dinner plates to the fold of the cloth napkins. Whether you're hosting brunch in your backyard or planning a picnic in the park, the natural elements and colors we pulled from can create an unforgettable table-setting design.  

Set the table with the simple and classic combination of the Signature White Rimmed Dinner Plate and Signature White 7" Rimmed Bowl. Choose a fun and simple fold to show off the rich Color Block Brass Napkin Set. Here, we've added a few fun touches like potted fresh herbs for the centerpiece and personalized seed packets for table cards (that guests can take home with them as party favors!) to set home-grown garden tone 
Welcome summer and say 'cheers’ to longer days shared in good company with a set look inspired by garden parties and summer soirées alike.  


The Look: Do Not Disturb 
Our Do Not Disturb table setting is one of our favorites this season, perfect for lazy breakfasts or hosting an intimate girls’ brunch. With delicate blues and intricate red accent colors, these plates, bowls, and mugs go together perfectly. Surprise your spouse with breakfast in bed with this stunning dinnerware combination all summer long. 

Our signature ruffled edge and blue drop pattern of the Iris Blue Drop Ruffle Dinner Plate bring a stylish look to any table. Pair it with the Iris Blue Drop Small Bowl for small sides, like berries, yogurt, or toppings. Our Small Bowl shape has also been known to flawlessly fit a half a grapefruit! Don't forget the matching Iris Blue Sprout Mug and bold Color Block French Blue and Red Napkin Set to perfect the details on this breakfast table setting.  
Go ahead and snooze that alarm to your heart's desire! Wake up to a serene setting that will inspire you to sit and savor a little longer. 

The Look: Keep It Shrimp-le 

Whether you're lounging in the sun or planning a seaside seafood dinner, this look has got it all. This table set will wow your guests all summer with bright and daring color combinations and fun, rustic textures. Set the table with these items and serve a mouthwatering shrimp cocktail or your favorite seasonal salad. 

Feel inspired to serve any of your summery meals on one of our favorite everyday dishes—the Fundamental Wood Ruffle Dinner Plate. The natural wood grain and unique rim offer endless combinations for other serving platters, bowls, and serveware. Set each place setting with the soft, linen, Color Block Navy Napkins 
Sunny stripes set the scene for this simple summer setting. Grab a book sit back and stay a while; this one's a real page-turner. 


The Look: Main Squeeze 

Go all in on a citrus theme for a table setting that's colorful and unique! Elevate any gathering this summer with these lemon shapes and striking colors, from girls’ nights to family picnics.  

This table setting is all about color and depth. Start by setting Pine Color Block Round Placemat at each seat. The Deco Gold Scallop Dinner Plate brings a sleek pattern and gold accent to the table, while the Lemon Platter brings a playful touch. Tie together the green details with the Color Block Olive Napkins for a cohesive look. And don’t forget the elegantly designed Deco Gold Scallop Salt and Pepper Set! 
Dinner for two? Set a fresh place setting featuring statement citrus designs and swap all the juiciest details. 

The Look: Roll With Me 
When it's too hot to turn on the stove, what better meal to serve than sushi? Whether you're rolling each piece by hand or ordering takeout from your favorite restaurant, spruce up your tablescape with this black-and-red look. 

Use the Red Color Block Round Placemats as a bold backdrop for classic white dishes. Set out your nigiri, sashimi, and maki sushi rolls in the center on the Signature White Ruffle Skinny Tray. Let your guests serve themselves by filling their perfectly portioned Signature White Rimmed Salad Plate. Give each guest a Signature White Ruffle Dipping Bowl for any soy sauces or chili pastes you have on hand. Serve traditional Japanese green tea with your meal in the Signature White Footed Mugs. 
Take your takeout to the next level with this mod set featuring a vibrant mix of colors that complements the beautiful hues of fresh sushi. 
The Look: Palm Summers 
Bring a down-to-earth vibe to your table this season with the green, brass, and wooden combination of the Palm Summers look. Using some of our favorite dinner plates, table linens, and glassware, you can bring the jungle to the comfort of your home. Perfect for any occasion, from formal to casual, this table setting is a must for any eager host.  

Set the table with the Sage and Brass Color Block Round Placemats for an inviting color palette. The combination of the Fundamental Wood Ruffle Dinner Plate and the Palm Trinket Bowl solidifies the earthy theme with natural wood grain and shapes inspired by palm tree leaves. Serve up your menu on Palm Mango Wood Small Rectangle Boards. Complete each place setting with the Color Block Brass Napkin to tie in the color scheme.  
Step aside, Palm Springs... Palm Summers is here and set for the season. Frilly fronds and complementary brass and sage hues complete this seasonal look. 

When Should You Set the Table? 

Now that we've introduced you to these summer table settings, you may be wondering when it's the right time to try them out. You can set the table for any occasion, from casual get-togethers to plated dinner parties. Perhaps a certain look inspired a celebration, or you're intrigued by the idea of enhancing the small moments throughout your day—whatever the reason, you can always use these looks to set your table. 

Occasions for Summer Table Settings

For us, summertime is full of hosting fun and exciting celebrations for our friends and family. This year, we'll be setting the table with our seven looks to impress on these popular occasions: 
Backyard BBQs 
Patio dinners 
Pool parties 
Father's Day 
Movie nights 

Try Our Delicious Done-for-You Menus 

Now that you've got the ideal table settings, you need memorable menus! In addition to publishing our many tried-and-true recipes for you, we also curate the complementary dishes into done-for-you menu ideas to make hosting and entertaining that much easier for you. 
An All-Mexican-Inspired Menu 
A Thai-Inspired Menu 
All-Grill Menu 
Whether you're discovering individual dinner plates and serving platters to add to your collection or want to buy a complete table setting, our summertime looks are designed to spark your inner designer and maybe even give you a reason in and of itself to host. Use creative color combinations and awaken new possibilities within your style. From making your friends and family feel like honored guests to learning to celebrate the little things in life, it's time to get set for the season and welcome summer with a new tablescape that speaks to your style. 

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