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Article: Mugs for Every Reason and Season

Mugs for Every Reason and Season

Mugs for Every Reason and Season

When it comes to creating a home you love, the key is focusing on the little details. Something as simple as drinking your morning cup of coffee from your favorite mug can make everyday moments extraordinary. Stop missing out on the little moments that can enrich your life by investing in the things that bring you joy.

As you reach for your favorite tea, coffee, matcha, or hot chocolate in the morning, the mugs in your cupboards are a frequented area of your home — so choosing the right one counts! We've gathered our favorite mug designs to give you an inside look at each pattern to inspire you to live surrounded by original designs that will elevate this little moment in your day

The Importance of Using Mugs You Love

At first glance, mugs can seem like a no-brainer item in the kitchen. But, when you own a mug set you love, every sipping occasion is enhanced. With a large-pour mug design, you and your family can welcome the morning and make unforgettable memories while savoring your hot beverages throughout the day. 

Whether setting the table for an intimate tea party or pouring a mug full of mulled wine on Christmas day, you can mix and match your everyday style with seasonal designs to create a look that is uniquely yours. Every time you reach for a mug, you'll be reminded of all the special memories you've made with your sturdy drinkware.

Mug sets are also the perfect grab-and-go gift year-round. From an XOXO Mug for someone you love to classic white mugs, everyone could do with a thoughtful and stylish coffee mug set. Keep a few favorite styles on hand to make finding any last-minute birthday presents or hostess gifts easy. 

What to Look for in a Mug

When choosing the coffee mug set that will work for you, there are five main factors to consider: 

1. Design

    Whether you're a fan of bold, bright patterns or enjoy the clean and simple look of neutrals, we recommend choosing a design that pairs well with your favorite everyday and seasonal dishes. When hosting, the ideal mug set can be put out for after-dinner drinks without sacrificing the look of your tablescape. 

    2. Shape

      The silhouettes and shapes of a mug are an important aesthetic and functional element. Height, width, body shape, and ornamental footing all add up to create the unique and timeless mug set shapes we design. Everyone has their mug shape preferences, so it’s just a matter of choosing one you enjoy drinking out of. 

      Coton Colors Mug Shapes:
      • Classic: with a simple curved handle and sleek overall shape, this is our "original" mug shape — hence the name!
      • Ruffle: with the same mug shape as the classic and a playful ruffle foot that acts as protection for your tabletop; the ruffle is our famous flare.
      • Footed: the footed mug set shape is shorter, with a foot resembling a permanently attached saucer, perfect for a resting teabag or built-in coaster.
      • Tall: with an elongated shape and sleek look, the tall mug sets are designed to fit into a car cup holder, perfect for on-the-go.
      • Latte: featuring a sturdy handle and stout length, the latte mug is perfect for a small cup of your favorite hot beverage.
      3. Size

        When choosing a mug, the size and comfortability are our non-negotiable "musts." As you browse for everyday and Christmas mugs, consider your ideal size—and stick to that as you shop.

        No matter what beverage you enjoy, the generous pour size and wide grip handle on each of our mug sets will help you sip in style while you start your day or wind down your evening. Just slide your hand into our signature comfort handle and settle in to enjoy another drink with family and friends as you linger around the table

        4. Versatility

          The best items in your drinkware collection are versatile and multi-functional, including your mugs. Due to the generous size and easy-to-hold handle, we use our mug sets for more than hot beverages. 

          When we're not drinking from them, we enjoy using our wide mugs to serve a big, double scoop of ice cream {with all the toppings, of course!} You can choose mugs with designs that pair with your bread bowl or salad plate and serve a soup or stew. For more casual events, such as a tailgate or bonfire, hand out your mug set for a laidback dinnerware for serving and eating.

          5. Occasion

            As you shop for mugs with designs, there are two main categories to keep in mind: everyday and seasonal designs.

            Your everyday mugs should feature designs that blend effortlessly with your home décor with patterns, styles, and shapes that help celebrate day-to-day moments. These coffee mug sets should complement your everyday dinnerware and serveware, allowing for easy pairings for any meal.

            Seasonal mugs, whether they feature Spring-inspired designs or Christmas mugs, help you create a festive atmosphere. Adding in these special mugs helps to signal the start of any new season and capture the spirit and style of your home.

            Our Favorite Everyday Mugs

            When we design our everyday collections, we have you and your home in mind. Everyone’s décor is unique — and the mugs should be, too! That's why we've designed a wide variety of mug sets for you to choose from: 

            Signature White Mugs

            For a neutral mug set that never goes out of style, you can’t go wrong with our Signature White designs. A longtime favorite pattern at Coton Colors, both mugs can easily complete a matching place setting or be mixed with other designs.

            With a simple silhouette, perfect pour size, and classic ruffle edge at the foot, our Signature White Ruffle Mug can elevate any tablescape. This mug features a straightforward and stylish look that is perfect for everyday use and special occasions alike.

            If you're looking for a slightly shorter mug set, the Signature White Footed Mug is the solution. With a wide handle and a built-in saucer at the bottom, you can pour the perfect cup of tea for your guests every time. 

            Iris Blue Mugs

            When you want to add a playful accent color to your table setting, opt for our Iris Blue Sprout Mug. Each design in this collection is created with the natural life cycle of a plant in mind, hence the blossoming flower sprout pattern. The mix of organic inspiration, blue hues, and our classic shape offers a stylish and relaxing feel to any table.

            Crew Collection Mugs

            The Black Arabesque Mug is a new addition to our mug set assortment, featuring an intricate design, bold black and white colors, and a large handle. The Arabesque pattern plays with negative space and repeating curves to create a complex design perfect for enjoying peaceful sips throughout your day. 

            Blush Mugs

            Look no further than our Blush Layered Diamond Mug for a feminine and subdued style. This timeless and elegant design features a blush-pink interior, white and pink geometric patterns, and a comfortable handle. Enjoy your favorite hot drink and relax with this classic-shaped mug.

            Deco Gold Mugs

            The gold accents and tall, functional design of the Deco Gold Scallop Mug will spark your interest. Unlike our other mug shapes, this one is uniquely designed with a handrest rather than a traditional handle. Once you've filled your mug, tuck and wrap your hands underneath the gold, scalloped-shaped rest with a comfortable and take care to ensure your extra hot drink cools a bit before picking up! 

            Switching Out Mugs for the Season

            As mugs are some of the most used items throughout the day, rotating seasonal mugs into your cupboards is a simple way to welcome a new season into your kitchen. Switching dishes out seasonally helps to refresh the look and feel of your home for each holiday or changing season. Play with replacing your everyday mugs with designs, or mix and match multiple styles to create a curated look.  

            Our Favorite Holiday Mugs

            When it comes to the holidays, there's nothing jollier than drinking out of themed coffee mug sets. Luckily, we have designs for all your favorite occasions: 

            Valentine's Day Mugs

            Whether searching for a romantic gift for your partner or looking to spruce up a themed gathering, our Valentine's Day mugs add the sweetest touch. We love (and we mean love!) pouring a cup of joe for our nearest and dearest in our pink and red XOXO Mug or serving hot chocolate in the adorable Hugs and Kisses Mug. Whatever drink your loved ones prefer, our classic, large-handled mug sets are sure to keep their drink warm — and hearts.  

            Easter Mugs

            Our Speckled Rabbit Mug is the perfect choice for Easter festivities. From tea at Easter brunch to completing an Easter table setting for dinner, you can enjoy these mugs all day long. But this ruffle-footed, pastel-green mug isn't limited to just the holiday. With Spring-inspired hues and a speckled robin's egg design, these pieces can work on any table all Spring long.  

            Christmas Mugs

            Our Christmas mug sets are a beautiful blend of whimsical and festive, with different shapes and sizes to choose from. From the extra-large and tall Christmas in the Village Mug depicting Santa flying over the rooftops, to the decorated, classic-shaped Vintage Trimmed Tree Mug, our Christmas mugs complete every holiday tablescape. 

            To coordinate with the signature ruffle detail on our dinnerware and serveware, shop the bright red and green Balsam and Berry Holly Ruffle Mug. Consider serving tea with the short and sweet O Holy Night Mug for a sophisticated Christmas Eve gathering as you tell the annual nativity story.  

            When to Gift a Mug Set

            A coffee mug set can be a delightful present for different loved ones in your life. Between celebrating a new home, stocking up on Christmas mug gifts, and showing appreciation for a hostess, there are countless occasions to gift a mug throughout the year. While many of our gifts can be personalized, there are a few perfect reasons to gift a mug set, including:

            • Hostess Gifts: when someone invites you to a soirée, a mug set is the perfect way to show you care! To find a style that works, consider ones that match the theme of their party. 
            • Housewarming: when your friends or family invite you to their housewarming party, commemorate this special milestone with a coffee mug set. Consider their existing dinnerware and serveware collection and try to find a mug that matches or complements their style.
            • Coffee and Tea Lovers: for anyone in your life who's an avid tea or coffee drinker, a coffee mug set is the perfect gift for any occasion throughout the year! Buy a bold and beautiful design and wrap it up with tea bags or fair trade coffee beans for a gift they'll never forget.  
            • Christmas Mugs: during the holidays, everyone will love a Christmas mug! Take a cue from the season of giving and wrap up a holiday-inspired mug set they can use for years.  

              5 Ways to Display Mugs in Your Home

              1. Line up your favorite coffee mug set on your bookshelf. 
              2. Set out a mix-and-match coffee mug set on your coffee bar for a grab-and-go cup of java.
              3. Hang them on a mug rack to keep your counters clutter-free.
              4. Show a mug set off in a China cabinet to act as décor throughout the day. 
              5. Add a few floating shelves to your space for extra storage and out-in-the-open designs.

              Mugs may seem inconsequential in your kitchen—but we know that's far from the truth. With unforgettable designs in a wide assortment of colors, shapes, and patterns, you can set a table you love with a Coton Color mug set for every occasion. 

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