How to Celebrate Love Every Way this Valentine’s Day

Love is all around us this season, and we can’t wait to plan for one of our favorite holidays of the year: Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner date with your special someone or throwing an elaborate dinner party for your friends and family, choosing stylish Valentine’s Day décor for your table and home will add a festive touch to every gathering this season. Find inspired Valentine’s Day gifts for each of your Valentines with our helpful tips and tricks. 

Our Valentine’s Day Collection 

X’s and O’s mark the spot this holiday for an inspired pattern on this year’s collection. We mixed the classic Valentine’s Day décor pinks and reds for a bright color palette in our Valentine’s Day Collection that is simply darling. Inspired by sentimental love notes, this charming collection of Valentine’s Day plates and more will help brighten up your home décor, make a sentimental centerpiece for all your gatherings, and welcome in the celebrations of love for years to come. Bring out these festive Valentine’s Day plates every year for your tablescapes or Valentine’s Day décor around the home. 

Spread the love this year by putting out Valentine’s Day plates for every occasion. Set each placemat with heart plates and kiss-themed bowls for your dinner parties all February long. Celebrate small moments throughout your day, like coffee in the morning, with a Valentine’s Day décor mug that excites you. So, whether you’re sending your partner this sweet collection as a Valentine’s Day gift or keeping it all for yourself, unlock the possibilities with heart plates and elegant dinnerware and special designs in our Valentine’s Day Collection. 

Pairing Valentine’s Day Décor with Everyday Collections 

Make your mark with this Valentine’s Day décor, but don’t be afraid to mix and match heart plates with staple dinnerware collections in your home. Each red and pink Valentine’s Day plate can act as the perfect accent item for any creative tablescape you come up with. Learn how to set the table for any occasion, and try layering heart plates on top of regular dinner plates or using cocktail napkins for a pop of color. 

Try our Signature White Collection for a classic, neutral base color for your heart-themed tables. Lean into the pink tones of the holiday using heart plates, pink flowers, and our Blush Collection for a cohesive look throughout the table. Finally, don’t be afraid to elevate your table setting with the timeless and stylish Deco Collection for a glamorous companion to the Valentine’s Day plates. 

5 Reasons to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 

Although Valentine’s Day started to honor a martyr, Saint Valentine, it has become a favorite cultural holiday worldwide for people to celebrate their love for one another. Traditionally, it is celebrating romantic love with thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts and heart plates, but in recent years, we’ve felt inspired to expand celebrations over Valentine’s Day plates to our friends and family. You should celebrate to: 
  1. Show appreciation for your partner

  2. Strengthen your relationship

  3. Spend time with your loved ones

  4. Find an excuse to treat yourself

  5. Celebrate love

Ideas for Valentine’s Day Celebrations 

Whether you’re counting down the days until Valentine’s Day or prefer to give the day of love just a little nod, deciding how to celebrate is one of our favorite parts of this love-filled holiday. Using Valentine’s Day décor for parties with families, drinks with friends, intimate moments with your special someone, and more are all ideal ways to spend this lovely day. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to put your Valentine’s Day décor to the test: 
  • Big dinner party 

  • Fondue night 

  • Breakfast in bed 

  • Dinner for two 

  • Dessert date 

  • Galentine’s Day 

  • Toast for two 

Throw a Themed Dinner Party for Valentine’s Day 

Hosting a themed dinner party with Valentine’s Day décor and heart plates is a surefire way to elevate your experience. What better way to show your loved ones you care than throwing a thoughtful dinner party on the day of love? Discover delicious recipes and cocktails for you and your guests to enjoy over Valentine’s Day plates. 
Choosing a theme can be a simple (or elaborate!) way to have a dinner party feel cohesive throughout the night. Learning how to choose a theme to make your gathering memorable is easy once you get the hang of it. Explore different color palettes, types of heart plates, and other Valentine’s Day décor to nail your celebration. Valentine’s Day symbols include hearts, chocolates, candies, roses, doves, cupids, and X’s and O’s, so browse our Valentine’s Day plates, bowls, and table linens and find memorable centerpieces with these symbols for a creative tablescape. 

Plan an Intimate Fondue Night for Your Valentine 

Fondue is known for being a romantic meal, and our very own Marcie is hosting one this year for six of us over our favorite Valentine’s Day plates. Scale it down for an intimate date for you and your special someone with heart plates, or scale up for an even larger celebration with a full tablescape of Valentine’s Day décor. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the day of love over melted cheese and chocolate? 

Try setting the table with your Valentine’s Day plates and a favorite serving tray, like the Signature White Ruffle Skinny Tray, for the bread, fruits, and meats as a centerpiece before the fun begins. Set each placemat with your favorite heart plate and prepare some special dipping sauces in the Kisses Dipping Bowls to complete each themed placemat. Give the Valentine’s Day gift of a delicious meal over your favorite Valentine’s Day plates. 

Bring Breakfast in Bed on Valentine’s Day 

Start the day right with this simple and sweet idea. Serving up your partner’s favorite breakfast foods in bed with a Valentine’s Day plate is one effortless way to show them you care. Who wouldn’t want to be served a hot cup of coffee in the morning in one of our XOXO Mugs to start this day of love off? Whether you’re serving up a stack of her favorite pancakes or bringing him avocado toast, our XOXO Heart Plate is perfect for serving a thoughtful breakfast with a festive nod to the holiday. 

Dinner for Two on Valentine’s Day 

For those who don’t want to take part in the reservation rumble, stay home! Not only can you save on your romantic date, but you can personalize every moment of the night. Decorate the home with your favorite Valentine’s Day décor to create a unique romantic atmosphere. Cook a new recipe together as a Valentine’s Day gift. Take the time to create a beautiful tablescape with Valentine’s Day plates and light some romantic candles for your intimate dinner for two at home. 
Ready the table for your mouth-watering courses by setting the Signature White Ruffle Dinner Plate as the simple and elegant base layer for the Valentine’s Day plates. Use a heart plate as a pop of color and pattern for the salad round and clean between courses and bring them back for the best part of Valentine’s Day—the dessert! 

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Sweet Dessert Date 

If you’re not in the mood to plan a full menu for the night, take a little pressure off and focus on dessert. Order take-out from your favorite spot, set your table with heart plates and Valentine’s Day décor, and find a recipe for an extra-special treat to indulge in afterward. Scour the internet for new and exciting sweets for your sweetie to enjoy on a Valentine’s Day plate for an extra special touch on an already special day. 
Eat right from the take-out containers or set the table with delightful Valentine’s Day plates for a perfectly portioned serving and an extra festive touch. In more of a comfy, cozy mood? Snuggle up on the couch to watch a romantic movie with the Hugs and Kisses Mug and make our favorite Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie Recipe. 

Celebrate Galentine’s Day 

Galentine’s Day is on February 13th, the day before its namesake, and was created for women to celebrate their essential female friendships. It’s a full day created for showering your best friends and female family members with the love and attention they deserve. You can set aside the entire day before Valentine’s Day for celebrations of your platonic love, which means two excuses to use your Valentine’s Day décor and heart plates. 

Host an intimate dinner party with Valentine’s Day plates for the gals you know and love by creating a detailed and cohesive look with heart plates and a bright color scheme. Use our Valentine’s Day plates as accent items but feel free to combine mix-and-match table linens with different collections and serveware for a tablescape they’ll never forget. 
Looking for a signature cocktail for your Galentine’s Day celebration? Try making our go-to Vanilla Espresso Martini Recipe for a rich pairing to all that classic Valentine’s Day chocolate. Serve dessert on a heart plate, throw on a romcom, and you have yourself a heartfelt Galentine’s celebration. 
If you’re looking for some extra-special touches for your favorite gaggle of girls, don’t forget the Valentine’s Day décor party favors! For the romantics in the friend group, send them on their way with a Stamp of Love Medium Hand Towel or heart plates to bring the love into their kitchens. 

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Romantic Toast for Two 

Plan a romantic toast between you and your special someone wherever you are this Valentine’s Day. Toasts are often used to mark a special occasion or acknowledge someone in the room and make a thoughtful way to celebrate a holiday like Valentine’s Day. Planning a romantic toast for two surrounded by idyllic Valentine’s Day decor is one simple and small detail on this day of love that will be meaningful to both of you. 
Prepare kind words for one another, eat off our Valentine’s Day plates, grab our Classic Champagne Cocktail Recipe, and toast to your love. Set the scene with Valentine’s Day décor and the Stamp of Love Cocktail Napkins to seal the deal, exchange Valentine’s Day gifts, and enjoy your romantic evening. 


People Who’d Love a Valentine’s Day Gift 

Love is all around us, and everyone deserves a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift as a reminder. We enjoy giving goodies to our loved ones, and you’ll find the list of people you want to get Valentine’s Day gifts for is longer than you may think:  

  • Friends 

  • Partner 

  • Family 

  • Neighbors 

  • Coworkers 

  • Mentors 

  • Yourself 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Friends 

Find the perfect, thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for your friends by pairing our collection with sweets and other goodies. Add rich hot chocolate mix or tea bags to one of our mugs for a Valentine’s Day gift that keeps on giving. Stack their favorite gourmet candy or homemade sweet treat on top of a heart plate for a delicious snack and a décor item for their home. 
Our favorite Valentine’s Day gift desserts come from Coco Chocolatier , Toffee To Go, and Sugarfina. For those friends who love to elevate their evenings, wrap a big bottle of bubbly in the XOXO Large Hand Towel, tie it up with a ribbon, and voila! 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for that Special Someone 

Although your love is enough, a Valentine’s Day gift never hurts. Give a memorable Valentine’s Day gift they can keep enjoying after the holiday ends with the Stamp of Love Trinket Dish. Whether they place it in their foyer or bathroom or on their bedside table, this postage-inspired trinket dish will feel like a love note reminding them that you’re always sending love.   
Learning how to curate a gift is easy with the right steps and inspiration. Put together your own unique assortment of gourmet sweet treats and stylish jewelry and tie it all together on top of a heart plate. Personalize each step for a Valentine’s Day gift they’ll never forget. 

Treat Yourself with a Valentine’s Day Gift 

Show yourself a little self-love with a Valentine’s Day gift for you! Whether you’re in need of a spa day or an extra-special cup of tea in one of our mugs, you deserve a little appreciation and an exciting Valentine’s Day gift. So, buy those Valentine’s Day plates you’ve had your eye on, take a moment for yourself, and remember to love yourself. 

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, and we love hosting intimate celebrations for those important to us. With Valentine’s Day décor to inspire love at each gathering, the fun has only just begun. Use the entire collection on your table or around the house for simple and stunning Valentine’s Day décor. Feel inspired to create your festive plans with your loved ones and celebrate with heart plates and endless hugs and kisses. 


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