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Article: An All-Cuban Cuisine Menu

An All-Cuban Cuisine Menu

An All-Cuban Cuisine Menu

When imagining the flavors that come with almost any Cuban recipe, the immediate descriptors that come to mind are: vibrant, flavorful, and diverse.  

When planning a recent birthday to honor Laura, we tapped into her Miami roots for inspiration and pulled together a curated gathering we’ve named ‘Havana Nights’ themed around the Cuban cuisine and cultural influence that was very affluent in her hometown and part of her upbringing.  

In the process of party-planning, we curated a cohesive menu full of traditional (or our spin on traditional) Cuban dishes, and the result was so delicious, we decided to share here in hopes of inspiring you for an upcoming dinner party with your own friends and family! 

Take a look at the courses outlined below, and scroll just a bit further for direct access to the recipes. 

What’s on our All-Cuban Cuisine Menu? 

Wondering how to curate the perfect Cuban-inspired menu? Try these delicious recipes for your next dinner party: 

Our All-Cuban Cuisine Menu Favorites:  



Main Course 


This menu is a hybrid of traditional Cuban recipes along with a few spins on tradition {hello, tomato jam!}, and the perfect mix of cooking methods to make it easy to execute and still enjoy the party... even as the hostess!  

Best Things to Plan for Each Course:  

For Cocktail Hour: Old Cuban Cocktail 

Say 'cheers’ with this delightful and refreshing cocktail that showcases the rich and smooth flavors of aged rum, balanced with the zing of lime and the herbal freshness of mint – that distinct flavor we all know and love.  


For Appetizers: Fried Green Plantains 

These Fried Green Plantains are a delicious option for a snack or side dish, and they have a mild flavor that complements a wide range of dishes, adding a satisfying crunch and texture to your Cuban menu... or any menu! 


For the Main Course: Cuban Sandwiches with Tomato Jam Recipe 

Finally – a sandwich option that has all the favorite qualities of a handheld dish, yet is elevated enough to serve at a dinner party! Enter, our Cuban Sandwiches with Tomato Jam.  


For the Side: 1905 Salad Recipe 

Savory, hearty, and full of flavor, this 1905 Salad will have you reaching for seconds. Crunchy iceberg lettuce combines with julienned ham and Romano cheese to bring an elevated take on your favorite house salad.   

Tips for Curated Menu Planning 

When creating a memorable menu for any gathering, you want to consider a few key factors like: time of day, type of gathering, serving style, dietary restrictions, location, purpose of gathering, and theme.  

With this done-for-you All-Cuban Cuisine Menu, you can also rest assured that it holds additional benefits like: 

  • Complementary Flavors 
  • High/Low Approach 
  • Varied Cooking Methods 

Complementary Flavors 

This All-Cuban Cuisine menu has a balance of flavorsthat includes a mix of bold and subtle flavors, sweet and savory elements, and a range of spice levels. Each dish has its own distinct flavor profile while still complementing the others. 

High/Low Approach 

Who says you can’t serve sandwiches at a dinner party?! Along with the other complementary recipes in this All-Cuban Cuisine menu, our Cuban Sandwiches with Tomato Jam feel elevated enough to plate and serve at a set dinner table for a birthday party, or approachable enough to wrap up in tin foil and serve while tailgating at the stadium. This approach provides a flexibility to make the menu work for a variety of types of gatherings from casual to formal. 

Varied Cooking Methods 

Because you can cook a few key ingredients ahead of time for the recipes included in this All-Cuban Cuisine Menu, or even pre-chop or pre-assemble a majority of the rest, that only leaves a few simple steps to finish up right before you serve your guests. One way to make entertaining a little easier and more enjoyable and one more excuse to take off the table and get hosting tonight! 



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